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Learn How To Talk French On Line

Finding out ways that can directly assist a student to enhance their grades and memorizing abilities is a difficult task. To help keep a pace using the changing program structure and shrinking preparation time, it is crucial that students learn how to read faster. read more Line up these cards and t

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Data loss is one of the most common problems of all experienced by computer users, and it may either be caused by accidental deletions or formatting of the storage media or by factors beyond the user's control. Almost all of us have unknowingly deleted important files before or fallen victim to a

Search through InDesign Documents with PageZephyr Search

Once you have installed PageZephyr Search, the program will search through your hard drive to locate and index any Adobe InDesign documents that it finds. This allows the documents to become searchable so that you can look for specific lines of text in your presentations, no matter how old they a

Convert Files from Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress

ID2Q, or Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress, is an extension for QuarkXPress that allows users to convert any content created in the popular Adobe InDesign publishing suite for use in QuarkXPress. Fast and easy to use, it converts all elements accurately and reliably in order to ensure that no importa

School Of Dragons Codes And Guide

School connected with Dragons areas many emphasis on your human/dragon connecting method, and also a part of the item is comparable to quite a few personal dog video game titles as you deal with the dragon’s numbers of happiness in addition to hunger. This past is often a basic subject involving p

Superb Ideas That May Increase Your Locks Making It Stand Out!

We all want to possess a bouncy, healthier brain of hair. Regrettably, for many, regardless of what they generally do, their hair just appearance uninteresting and lifeless. Anxiety not, there is certainly help available! The useful information and facts in this post will enable you to eventually ge

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Let Your Why To Be Able To Lose Weight

Ask any current or ex-smoker what whether they've experienced anything like this in you will discover.However, you better take a seat. They may tell everyone about this sort of feeling & far more.Avoiding alcohol and smoking are also good approaches to help your skin's presentation. Smoking

Hearing Calling Ringing In Ears Is Just In Places You Think You're Listening To Sounds Within Your Ears Should There Be Absolutely No This Sort Of Appear With Regards To You. It Is Common To Believe You Happen To Be Paying Attention To Buzzing Or Even Ring

Besides art work tradition and the human race your Denver has a variety of exciting issues to accomplish. If both you and your kids are looking for enjoyable with areas, backyard along with zoos then the Co has a lot of them. You should have a picnic celebration in country wide areas or even check o

Right Now Some People That Have Ringings Hearing Possess A Good Need To Grin. You May Attain Dealt With Of Tinnitus By Performing Some Standard Steps. The Problem Wherever Folks Pick Up Buzzing Tones Inside Their Hearing Is Called Ears Ringing. There Are M

Your measures manufactured by Jones Coleman to be able to cure ringing in the ears have been simple to follow. Individuals which had the issue regarding ringing in the ears eliminated humming within the hearing soon after going through the ringing ear


One inch 200 folks have Ears ringing really who's has an effect on remarkable ability to guide typical lifestyles.Ringing in ears will be experiencing appears in the absence of an outside resource, you may have what you consider is actually Ears ringing much more truth your appears are very generall

I Possess Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- As Well As Ears Ringing. Medicinal Marijuana Is The Simply Issue I Have Discovered Which Enables Management The Outward Symptoms Of Such Disorders.

The information in this article will be, preferably, to be utilized by tinnitus remedy individuals much like me, who may have the best prescription for medicinal marijuana.Nearly twenty years previously, I was usual virtually for

Almost Everyone Has Experienced Ringing In Ears One Or More Times Inside Their Life.

Many cases are generally mild along with temporary yet there are individuals who have extreme instances that go on for entire time. Other folks may go through intermittent episodes of ringing in ears. Utilize information on this page to put a conclusion to your ringing in ears. Even though the r

Sharon Drummond And FlickrListen To This. Irritated? Upset? Only Pleased It�s Over? Here�s Precisely Why.

Your HearingSoon after examining the outcome of a This year study, scientists have theorized that the human hearing is particularly constructed so that:Seems inside [a certain] array are usually zoomed as a result of physiology with the the ears; these are practically even louder to all of u

Ringing In Ears Is Observed A Lot More Inside Older People Than Adults. Apart From Their Age- Older Persons Happen To Be Prone To Encountering The Damage With Their System Systems- Specifically Their Particular Senses. Chances Are They Have An Altered Odor

If you have got somebody with your loved ones that's regarded the parent, you'll have to take additional care for them after they begin to present ringing in the ears. The following offers you among the best ringing in the ears solutions regarding older people:

One Of Several Adequate Regimen Varieties Of Support Tinnitus Sufferers Test Is Employing A New Ringing In The Ears Masker.

Ringing in ears maskers tend to be devices that will create looks that are lead to for you to smother in the calling inside the ears produced by Ears ringing. Many individuals in reality employ Ringing in the ears maskers with out realizing it. Masker Ringing in the ears İf the continual ringin

Meniere's Condition And Ringing In The Ears

Meniere's ailment is called or perhaps categorised being an abnormality from the inner ear.Normally, there's a trouble with your movement of body fluids inside the inside the ear that may get a result of inflammation or possibly a constraint on the tiny capillary vessels. Meniere's illness can h

Have You Been Among Those Those Who Have Been Recently Upset With A Audio In Your Hearing As Well As Brain Just Like A Swishing- Ringing Or Roaring Sounds? That's Not One Other Compared To Ringing In The Ears. Ringing In The Ears Is A Phantom Audio That Yo

Ringing in the ears is often a characteristic of some form of ear-related issue just like decrease of reading, hearing contamination or even an ear canal harm. This may exist in different parts of the ear and some typical causes of ears ringing tend to be loss in reading, prolonged coverage energeti

Are You One Of Those Folks Who Suffer From Been Recently Annoyed By Way Of A Sound In Your Hearing Or Perhaps Brain Just Like A Swishing- Ringing Or Perhaps Roaring Noises? Which Is Not One Other Than Tinnitus. Ringing In The Ears Is Often A Phantom Sound

Ringing in the ears is generally a sign of some form of ear-related issue similar to lack of listening to, hearing contamination or perhaps ear harm. This could appear in the different areas of the particular ear and a few normal reasons behind ringing in the ears are generally loss of experiencing,

Pulsatile Ringing In Ears Has Experience Through Merely A Little Cross-section Regarding Ears Ringing Sufferers (3%) To Be Precise. What Exactly Is Pulsatile Ringing In The Ears? Hear The Pulse And After This For Your Ears Ringing In The Event That Both Ar

The pinnacle and also throat include blood vessels that tend to be places tha

Neuromonics Tinnitus Remedy Is One Of The Newest Treating Tinnitus That's Been Exhibited Being Great At 90% Of Sufferers Who Were Considered Excellent Individuals Regarding Treatment.

You probably have already been attempting to take down ringing in ears signs and symptoms with no success, this particular remedy could be right for you! This isn't the conventional teaching remedies that numerous workplaces supply, neither is mtss is a standard listening to support or perhaps ringi

Have You Been Some Of Those Those Who Have Been Recently Upset By A Audio Inside Your Hearing Or Mind Just Like A Swishing- Buzzing Or Roaring Noise? That Is No Other When Compared With Ringing In The Ears. Tinnitus Can Be A Phantom Appear Which You Listen

Ringing in ears is often a symptom of some sort of ear-related condition just like loss in reading, hearing an infection or an hearing injuries. This could exist in the various aspects of the actual ear canal plus some common reasons for ringing in the ears are generally decrease of reading, long pu

Ears Ringing Focus Enable How You Can Arrived At Obtain The Much Better Remedy- Let's 1st Request The Particular Calculate Which Will Get Ringing In The Ears?

Ringing in the ears is going to influence any individual, yet it is a greater amount of

There Are Lots Of Unique Types Of Hearing Lower. Some Kinds You Are Born With- Other Folks Happen With Time- Yet Somehow Other Folks Happen Suddenly When You Find Yourself Uncovered To Blaring Appears.

Among the kinds of experiencing lessen is actually ringing in the ears. Acquiring relief can be difficult occasionally, yet it's probable. This is any audio which comes from inside the ear canal, not really through the out-of-doors. There are several types, however the most popular sort is the s

You Cannot Cure Ears Ringing And Soon You Understand What Causes It. Ringing In Ears Can Be Quite A Sign Of Your System Experiencing Yet Another Condition. Detaching The Beginning Will Certainly Typically Take Away The Ringing In The Ears. A Couple Of Dail

It may possibly surprise recognize which huge numbers of people in the world are generally not well with ringing in the ears. In your U.Utes. on your own, around Thirty five zillion folks suffer from ears ringing and a phoning seem inside their ear. For the large number of these individuals, his or

Health Conditions Speculate That Nearly 3 To 5 Of All The So-called A Thousand Persons In The United States Tend To Be Functionally Hard Of Hearing Leading To Eight That May Twenty-two Many People Away From A Thousand Are Really Closed Captioning Solutions

Wouldn't it be great to have songs, effective discussion, together with your much-loved Tv in laptop or computer shows/movies 20 decades with immediately with no fabulous assistive assistive hearing device . Feel in it. And when the specter of ringing in ears also will not likely period many of us,

Hello There Viewers.I Have Already Been Exceptional 'joys' Involving Ringing In Ears Within The Past 28 Decades.

Ringing In The Ears- Just Like Cancers Or Coronary Disease- Is Just One Of People "modern World" Wellness Disorders It Looks- Will Certainly Live On Directly Into Almost All Ever- The Way It Had Not Been A Widespread Overuse Injury In Less Complicated Inst

Taking into consideration this particular, it should not be also earth-shattering for any person to understand and then that ginkgo biloba pertaining to ears ringing, tinnitus miracle from a sapling which survived your ice-age, may be the circumstances nearly all respected plant based treatment.

They Were Randomly Sent To A Good Acupressure Massage Therapy Class And A Manage Team. Jetski From The Idea Via Vibrating- Which Minimizes Its Capability To Pick-up Looks. In This Sort Of Treatment The Actual Tinnitus Is Actually Crook By Some Unnatural Au

Minerals such as magnesium, present in environmentally friendly envir

Flickr/return The SunIf You Purchased An Automobile Outdoor Camping Cross For You To Coachella- Great Job. Pertaining To $85 A Lot More- You Obtain Double The Actual Event Because Resort Heathens.

They�ll be shelling out his or her mornings seriously trying to find a taxi cab delay underneath a couple of hours as well as wondering precisely why that they didn�t have a hotel nearer to the shuttle range. You�ll always be investing the one you have determining between the slip-n-slide alon

Before You Handle Ringing In The Ears You Must Determine Cause Of It. Ringing In Ears Is Usually An Indicator Of Your Body Fighting Yet Another Health Problem. Eliminating The Cause Will Most Likely Heal The Actual Ears Ringing. Several Common Factors Behi

Were you aware that a new collosal number of people in the world h

Learning To Very Best Manage Ringing In The Ears Can Be Hard- At Best. There Isnrrrt Gonna Are Sufficient Helpful Tips And Also Specifics To Create The Particular Long-lasting To An Conclude. That's The Reason These Pointers Had Been Put Together- To Provi

Should you suffer

Its Heal Has Been Launched Following Finding Of Its Will Cause Thereby Your Sufferers Can Get Rid Of It Before Long.


Seeking To Hearing Phoning Treatment Method? Buzzing Ear Or Typically To Be Able To Because Tinnitus Is Usually A Common Hearing Condition Getting. Some Individuals Explain Ringing In Ears Like A Hitting- Whooshing- Hissing- Calling- Along With Beeping App

12. Cleansing the tinnitus symptoms hearing together with plantain or perhaps a calendula infusion frequently facilitates minimizing this kind of hearing disease. Dry out the two ear effectively with a cotton ball and hang dry organic cotton both in head stay away from chill.The main one th

You Can't Treat Ringing In Ears And Soon You Understand What Has Started This. Tinnitus Is Usually An Indication Of The Body Struggling With Yet Another Illness. Removing The Origin May Normally Eliminate The Ringing In The Ears. A Few Regular Reasons For

Did you know that an amazing number of individuals on earth are ill together with tinnitus? In america alone, close to Thirty six million folks are unwell along with ears ringing and a calling appear within their hearing. For the majority of of these patients, their particular ears ringing will stil

What Exactly Is Pulsatile Tinnitus- Pulsing Ringing In The Ears? Very Little Is Basically Told Individuals Concerning Ears Ringing.

One and only thing that everyone commonly comes to will make out there is actually it's signs and symptoms. Most of the purchasers have no idea something like the specific instigates of the pulsing ears ringing. Pulsatile Ringing in the ears Emedicine Many families in addition may actually a com

Begin Using These Ways To Give Up Smoking Right Now

Using tobacco can be a pungent, costly and hazardous practice. Besides using tobacco endanger your daily life, additionally it endangers the life of individuals you adore.Stop smoking cigarettes to have a healthier daily life and hang out with the individuals you adore. Stick to the great as

Karty Kredytowe

Czywiesz, że są korporacje zajmujące się nadzorowaniem twoich długów? Jeżeli okaże się, że nie spłacisz swojego długu na czas upowszechniają te informacje w formie raportu kredytowego.Nie dobra historia kredytowa może prześladować cię przez długi czas i w większości wypad

Czym Jest Kredyt?

Życie w pełni samodzielne może okazać się wesołe oraz podniecające, niemniej jednak oznacza to również przyjmowanie nowych obowiązków majątkowych. Decyzja o tym, co zrobić teraz, jak zarządzać swoimi finansami oraz jak pożyczać pieniądze ma wpływ na twoją przyszłość - lepszą

Kredyt - Podstawy

Czywiesz, że są spółki zajmujące się nadzorowaniem twoich długów? Jeżeli okaże się, że nie spłacisz własnego długu na czas upowszechniają te informacje w formie raportu kredytowego.Zła historia kredytowa może prześladować cię przez długi czas i zazwyczaj trwa to latami.

Życie Na Kredycie

Życie na własną rękę może być wesołe i ekscytujące, ale znaczy to również podejmowanie nowych obowiązków majątkowych. Decyzja o tym, co zrobić aktualnie, jak zarządzać swoimi finansami i pożyczać pieniądze ma wpływ na twoją przyszłość - lepszą bądź na gorszą.Czyw

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Topics will incorporate: total station f

3 Most Amazing Netgear Universal Wifi Range Extender Powerline Edition Xavnb2001 Changing How We See The World

You'll be asked to

There Are Several Unique Kinds Of Experiencing Reduce. Some Types You Are Born Using- Other Folks Happen With Time- Yet Somehow Other Folks Happen Suddenly If You Are Exposed For You To Loud Looks.

One of many types of hearing reduce is ringing in the ears. Acquiring relief can be hard occasionally, but it's probable. This is virtually any audio that emanates from within the ear, not necessarily from your out-of-doors. There are numerous kinds, but the most typical kind is the appear invol

Dealing With Tinnitus- Or Even Ringing In Your Ears- Could Possibly Be Challenging Especially If It Requires Serious Times When That Disrupts Work- Your Relaxing Time- Your Day-to-day Activities And In Many Cases Your Current Snooze.

If you're a audio fan which loves deafening music from your ipod device, or you like to visit loud shows, or if you have confronted high in volume noise in your function, maybe you have greater likelihood of experiencing ears ringing. Regrettably, there isn't any solutions pertaining to ears ringing

Tinnitus Is Noted Much More Throughout Senior Citizens Than Grownups. Apart From Their Age- Seniors Already Are Susceptible To Battling A Decline Of These System Programs- Specially His Or Her Feels. Certainly They Currently Have An Altered Odor And Flavor

Taking special care for that senior an affiliate your house whom relates to tinnitus daily is essential. If you have in mind ringing in ears solutions for elderly people next read the listing below:One. Seek out any suggestion associated with grime along with ear become within the the ears.

Ears Ringing Signs And Symptoms Take Hold Of Humming- Buzzing- Along With Calling Disturbance That Folks Generally Hear Persistently. There Are Numerous Conditions You'd Probably Perform Inside Dealing With The Sort Of Tones Due To This Problem And You Wil

If you're impacted by ringing in the ears and you ha

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How To Heal Ringing In The Ears However There Is No Cure Or Fast Solution That Will Aid The People Who Have Via A Few Things I Examine Within Ringing In Ears To Not Pick Up The Particular Tones Within The Head.

The good news is ringing in ears is obtaining a lot more focus and also a new study is currently bringing about place in an attempt to take in a ringing in ears treatment. Even though researchers always search for the solution, ringing in ears affected individuals may submit the reassurance of under

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The Particular National Ears Ringing Affiliation (ATA) Is Often A Non-profit Corporation Which Is Dedicated To Locating A Remedy For Ears Ringing. Your Quest Affirmation To The Firm States That ''the United States Ears Ringing Association Exists To Avoid R

The corporation has spent greater than $5 million to find ringing in ears brings about and treatments. If you suffer via ringing in ears or it's an issue near to the cardiovascular, you will get involved along with secure the U . s . Tinnitus Affiliation. For the ATA web site web site there's a list

Your Elements That Leave Ringing In The Ears Usually Are Not Fully Recognized.

Approximately 80% of people using ears ringing can effectively dismiss that and also document just that they have it, however ignore it. Ringing in the ears The main ringing in the ears are: Humming, buzzing, buzzing, whistles from the ears, clicks within the headsets.These kinds of and other un

Having Problems Choosing The Right Ringing In The Ears Therapy?

Everyone's learned about the

If You Determine To Get In Touch Please Be Sure By Way Of Thanking Her On Her Period That They Offered To All Of Us Only At Examiner With Regard To Responding To Questions. Jetski From This Through Shaking- Which Usually Reduces Being Able To Grab Seems. C

It, alone, will not be which successful, however if you simply will use a mix of herbal products together with it, namely, China foxglove and also China yam among others, cornus may be quite effective. Here is the essentials of tinnitus hypnosis as it is simple to perform and is completed yourself i

İn Relation To Ringing In Ears There's No Easy Reason. You Can Use Numerous Sounds Linked To Ears Ringing And Also Individuals Suffering From The Trouble Can Fall All Inside The Use Of The Aboard With Regards To The Types Of Appears Qualities Pick Up.

Ringing in the ears Assist Message for

This Beverage Gourmet Coffee Is Usually Manufactured By Getting Rid Of The Specific Cooking Coffee Seed Starting. Plenty Of Internet Site The Actual Experiments Including Espresso Are Good Use Of This Cocktail. Numerous Strengths Are Caused By Espresso Ing

Weight-loss Using Green JavaOne of several in

Because There Is Simply No "set" Variety Of Signs Or Symptoms- Treating The Disease May Also Change. Blood Is Generally Likely To Avoid The Capillaries- And Slowly Alternate From Our Prime Force Veins To Lessen Ones. Speak To Your Medical Professional Conc

A German-Swedish research implies that Internet-based self-help working out for ringing in the ears is as successful because party treatment. The extented calling seem noticed in the hearing is termed while ringing in ears. A variety of items can cause ringing in ears, which include blood pressure,

Precisely What Is Tinnitus?

The word 'tinnitus' arises from the particular Latin word for 'ring

Ahh- The Sound Of Quiet All Night To Fall Asleep Easily.

Understanding How To Finest Take Care Of Ears Ringing Can Be Difficult- With Best. There's Not Planning To Appear To Be Sufficient Information Along With Specifics To Set The Particular Enduring With An End. That Is Why These Pointers Have Been Compiled- T

Should you suffer from from frequent ringing inside the

Whenever Your Ear Think That They May Be Prepared To Expode Together With Sounds And No-one Surrounding You Is Aware Of It Is Usually Quite Difficult.

I am talking about Tinnitus and also I want to invest time to show you more info o

Rest: Rest Ends Upward Demonstrated To Obtain Effective In Controlling Ringing In The Ears Results. Try Meditation For Quite A While On A Daily Basis And Discover If This Assists In The Low Your Blood Pressure Level And So Reduce Your Ears Buzzing. Relievi

Because has been our own custom, we advised the wait staff which your ex and that i would preserve their own institution for several hours but that we would pay these people for the moment. Not like the woman's typical cheery frame of mind, Katherine's otlandia attitude had been significant and also

White Noise Ears Ringing Maskers Are Usually Electronic Devices The Generate 'white Noise' In Quantities The Could 'mask' The Looks Of Tinnitus In Your Thoughts.


Ahh- The Noise Of Stop All Night To Rest Easily.

I don't forget the idea rather effectively. However that was ahead of I purchased Tinnitus taking part in within a blues-rock band with no ear protection. Today I live with constant phoning inside my ear. I state ear plural since I have got two distinct continuous substantial regularity tones. 1 for

Free Backgrounds, Templates, Slides and 3D Objects for PowerPoint

Podium for PowerPoint is an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint, one of the world's most popular slideshow presentation suites. The Swiss army knife of PowerPoint tools, this user-friendly add-on features a wealth of useful functions including tools and templates to help you design professional slide

Struggling With Tinnitus? Find Out The Genuine Reasons For Ears Ringing That The Pharmaceutical Drug Companies Are Hiding From A Person.

Your nervous feelings of the headsets assist the function

We Were Holding Randomly Allotted To A Great Acupressure Massage Team As Well As A Manage Party. This Prevents The Idea From Moving- That Decreases Its Capacity To Get Sounds. In This Type Of Treatments The Ringing In The Ears Is Disguised By Some Unnatura

Nutrients including the mineral magnesium, seen in environmentally friendly green vegetablees (as well as magnesium mineral citrate nutritional supplements) could be of assist if the health condition allows you to give a magnisium supplement have it through meals. In the final you may make an improv

Thomas Coleman's Ears Ringing Wonder Is Among The Most Favored Applications Online Which Likely To Enable You To Get Rid Of Your Ears Ringing Naturally.

Ears ringing Miracle is actually Over 250 internet pages of comprehensive information about ringing in ears and also the information to the remedy. Prior to planning this kind of publication Thomas Coleman study hundreds of publications, and also investigated diligently to spot the best option for e

Mollypop Via FlickrThe Ear-splitting Screech Of An Chef's Knife On A Cup Jar Has Been Identified As The Particular Worst Seem Towards The Man Ear Through Experts That Researched Your Brain's A Reaction To Distressing Sounds.

Tinnitus Is Not To Have Unbelievably Concerned With- But It Surely Can Have An Effect On Your Own Life Styles Or Even Be Caused By Nearly Anything Considerable. In A Lot Of People- It Could Be Obtained By Just Expecting Your Seems To Completely Disappear F

Mention your ringing ears for t

Tinnitus Is Not To Have Unbelievably Concerned With- But It Surely Can Have An Effect On Your Own Life Styles Or Even Be Caused By Nearly Anything Considerable. In A Lot Of People- It Could Be Obtained By Just Expecting Your Seems To Completely Disappear F

Mention your ringing ears for t

The Way To Rectify Ringing In The Ears

However it's incurable or even magic pill that will assist those who have problems with ringing in ears to be able to not pick up the actual sounds within their head.The good news is tinnitus is receiving much more attention along with new research is currently occurring in order to find a ringi

What Is The Heal To Continuing Panic Attacks?

Panic disorder is caused by a variety of variables and will be able to seriously-impair a person's total well being. Even though anxiety attacks linked to the ailment are occasionally established by a number of activates, there is normally no chance of realizing when 1 is going to happen. However, i

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Programs information products i Work Courting Shop Media Video clip Men and women Noises Sports activity Technological Life Style Reports Functions Food along with Drink NewsTestimonials Functions Dishe

Perhaps You Have Experienced Creating A Constant Ringing In Your Hearing That Isn't Received From Exterior Resources? You May Have Ears Ringing. This Condition Is Actually Brought On By A Variety Of Elements. It Could Possibly Be A Result Of An Excessive A


Hearing Calling Ears Ringing Is Precisely In Places You Think You Might Be Hearing Sounds Within Your Hearing When There Is Absolutely No These Kinds Of Sound With Regards To You. It Is Usual To Believe You Might Be Listening To Humming Or Buzzing Noises.

Besides fine art tradition along reverse tinnitus scam with the human race the Denver includes a various intriguing problems to perform. If your children want to have satisfying at recreational areas, yard along with zoos then the Colorado has many all of them. You'll have a picnic celebration with

One Certain-hearth Stuff That Could Make You 're Feeling Larger Should You Be Sensation Straight Down In The Deposits Concerning Your Ringing In Ears Is The Fact It Could Be More Serious. Tinnitus Is One Thing You Could Obsess With Along With. There Are Nu

I Have Got PTSD- As Well As Tinnitus. Medical Cannabis Is One Of The Simply Thing I Are Finding That Helps Manage The Symptoms Of Such Ailments.

The knowledge in the following paragraphs is, if possible, to be

Understanding How To Finest Handle Ringing In The Ears Can Be Difficult- With Finest. There Is Not Planning To Appear To Be Adequate Information As Well As Facts To Set The Particular Long-lasting To An Finish. This Is Why These Tips Was Gathered- To Provi

Should you suffer via frequent calling within the the particular hearing, be sure you speak with your personalized medical doctor about the medications that you'll be making use of. Lots of people will not are aware that a number of different prescription drugs could cause ringing in ears. If your o

Mollypop Through FlickrThe Ear-splitting Screech Of Your Knife Over A Goblet Container Has Become Identified As The Actual Most Severe Sound Towards The Human Ear Canal By Experts Which Analyzed The Brain's Reply To Unpleasant Tones.

People who paid attention to some 74 mp3s while wearing their mental faculties exercise measured through a great MRI scanner rated the noise of a pay on a glass because second most severe noise, followed by chalk on a blackboard.The particular scans revealed that unpleasant seems provoked a stro

If You Do Have A Constant Ringing In Your Ears- Also Referred To As Tinnitus- You May Well Be Already Be Experiencing One More Illness As Well As Illness That Might Be One Of The Main Factors Behind Tinnitus.

There is numerous reasons for the particular sounds you happen to be reading, and there can be a cure, based on the sort of ringing in the ears which you have.Target Ringing in the earsGoal ringing in the ears, which generally is actually the effect of a technically curable condition, no

I Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- As Well As Tinnitus. Medicinal Marijuana Is About The Merely Issue I Are Finding That Helps Management The Signs And Symptoms Of These Ailments.

The information on this page is, if at all possible, to u

Dealing With Ringing In Ears- Or Perhaps Ears Ringing- Might Be Tough Especially If It Calls For Serious Instances When That Interferes With Your Projects- Your Regenerating Time- Your Daily Routines And Even The Rest.

If you are a audio

Avoid Being Scurred My Own History Regarding Ringing In The Ears (tinnitus)I Have Done Lots Of Analysis About Tinnitus (ringing In The Ears) On The Internet And Let Me Save A Little While Through Scanning This. If You Might Be Truly Frustrated By Ears Buzz

To Avoid Tinnitus- You Need To Understand This Disorder Really Consists Of.

Ringing ears can be technically referred to

Ears Ringing Is Much More Frequent As Compared To You May Picture. Ears Ringing Is Much More Common Can Be Individuals Midst To Afterwards Life Than In Young Folks- Consequently Elevated Tinnitus Attention May Occur Coincidentally With Other Age-related Co

Modifications in the levels i

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Helping graphics designers to finish their products in desktop publishing suits for Macintosh computers, PDF2DTP makes it easy to convert PDF files into either Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress formats. An affordable solution, it allows users to move content from PDF files into editable formats so th

Major update for the .Net Open Source Reporting Software Seal Report

A major version 1.6 has been published for the .Net Open Source Reporting Software Seal Report. The product offers now a complete framework for producing every day reports and dashboards from any database. The product focuses on an easy installation and report

Seven Ways To Treat Red And Irritated Skin

It will need approximately Ten pounds of aloe leaves to make 1 gallon of 100% Aloe

Dealings With Tinnitus

Dealing with tinnitus, or vibrancy in your ears, Crataegus oxycan

Curative Tinnitus With Tinnitus Miracle

The audio in his ears isnt departure to license him to nap or center on whatsoever ease up dependable results.Psychologically this trouble would hold a crushing burden more or less the patient. A cervix personal combat injury or peradventure a judgment combat injury could really wellspring be t

Tinnitus Venous Sinus Problems

Own you of all time had a frigidness and experienced that stodgy steer spirit when you learn this tenuous reverberant and non much else? That is a combining of tinnitus and fistula problems. Tinnitus is the vibrancy sound, sinusitis caused the close intuitive feeling and the wooden-headed mucous cyc

Tinnitus Miracle -- Treatment For Tinnitus

Dylan Marlais Thomas Coleman's Tinnitus Miracle is one and only of the well-nigh popular programs online that so-called to aid you to decimate your tinnitus in a rude way of life.Tinnitus Miracle is 263 pages of comprehensive data on tinnitus and the inside information to its therapeutic. In

Tinnitus Miracle -- Handling For Tinnitus

Thomas Coleman's Tinnitus Miracle is unity of the well

Tinnitus Miracle -- Treatment For Tinnitus

St. Thomas Coleman's Tinnitus Miracle is ane of the just about democratic programs online that supposed to assistance you to eradicate your tinnitus in a innate way of life.Tinnitus Miracle is 263 pages of comp information on tinnitus and the details to its remedy. Before designing this rese

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How To Get A Fabulous Wifi Extender Yahoo Answers On A Tight Budget

Your wireless access point or route

How To Get A Biotin Skin?

Chronically-dry skin is normally a signal you're dehydrated. It is very popular in South East Asia where it's consumed with an almost daily basis. Some immediately head for su

Gisd For Great Sex

It has two cores that may handle approxi

The Lazy Man's Guide To Baofeng Uv-5r Buy

These campaigns is frequently handled by anyone in the office

O Czym Uczęszcza Wspominać Przy Zamawianiu Obrączek?

Dokonali płytki przekaz, w jakim staramy się ująć najistotniejsze spraw, jakie o uchwycić pod notkę przed przywozem.

Clarifying No-Hassle Methods For Pocket Planes Cheats Swift Secrets In Pocket Planes Cheats - Updated Details For Pocket Planes Cheats - An A-Z Deciding Upon Sensible Advice For Pocket Planes Cheats An Analysis Of Core Aspects Of Pocket Planes Cheats

Sony Steals Controller Designs? - Chicago Video Game -

How To Use Instagram To Marketplace A Genuine Estate Listing

What globe do you reside in if you don't know how to use hashtags? The phrases after each end of a publish can help you preserve your online existence. A hashtag of #bandname could allow your fans click said word and discover a selection of limitless pictures, satiating

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" These have higher rates than mortgages, require higher deposit and are usually forced to be repaid within a much shorter stretch of time. The state of Kansas permits lenders to produce title loans for any period for about seven days although n

Exercise Suggestions To Put You On A Way To Greater Well Being

It can make no difference regardless of whether you're trying to take off a couple pounds or operate an entire marathon, health and fitness is important. Starting out may be the hardest a part of any health and fitness regime. This informative article consists

South Korean Children Navigate Rocky Road To K-pop Stardom

Nine-year-old Kim Si-yoon has no time to throw tantrums.She wakes up at half-past seven for school, followed by hours of voice training, dance lessons and cram school before crashing into bed at midnight. Kim is a wannabe

Apple S Contract Bargains

Yοu almοst certainlʏ spеnd plenty of time studying articles thаt is scrollable in your iPhone, however, you miցhtn't realize about this characteгistic. When you've scrolled down on a page, yօu are able to come Ьack to tɦe most effective by simply tapping the ѕtatus bar of your pҺone. Тh

Efficient Strategies To Help You Stop Smoking

Although herbal vaporizers vaporization it's extremely not likely that anyone who smokes doesn't know that it's bad, this doesn't make laying off any less difficult. If you want to giving up smoking, you could simply need a good force in

Hair Loss Solutions Both Males And Females Can Use For Fast Natural Hair Growth

Contrary to popular notion, herbal blends have experienced business at a long work-time. Many ancient medicine men also been using them effectively remember to effectively treat complaints. Even if offer been around for some time, involved with essential to order blends that are apt a person. This m

Know About Normal Eating - End Up Being Help You In Weight Loss

So do you know the liver cancer symptoms? Normally, people won't show signs that possess cancer at the early stages of fl citrus. If any signs appear, it could include abrupt and unplanned weight loss, sudden regarding appetite, pain on top of the abdominal region, yellowish color on the eyes and sk

Samsung service center - Marathalli

My Samsung Galaxy S4 fell down and the camera broke. Firstly I chased the Samsung Service center Marathalli for 2 onth to just get the S4 camera. When asked about the charges, they informed it would be 4k. Finally after 2 months they got the S4 camera in stock. When I went to get it changes, the

Monitor and Control File Access in Real-Time

What is the file access? The file access is an I/O operation to a file, there are two types of file access: read access and write access, read access will not change the file, write access will change the file data, file information or file security. To access a windows file, you have to invoke t

Suggestions To Getting The Best From Your Health Insurance Coverage Bucks!

No matter if you have your overall health insurance coverage with the company which you benefit, a privately held policy or even when you are uninsured, gaining an understanding about health care insurance, how it operates and ways to get it is vital. This short article will give you that informatio

Manpower services from Vietnam

Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Jsc., (VMST) is one of the leading agency supplying manpower services from Vietnam. With experience over

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Health And Nutritional Primary Advantages Of Almonds

Find the cafeteria hours and cash nearest shops are. Content articles have food intake plan, you will to know when however use it and once the cafeteria is closed. When you have specific food requirements (ex. vegetarian), you'll have got to find out where the nearest and most economical shops are.

Gaining Energy And Shedding Pounds By Forming Habits

Fruit is what our bodies were used for. Very little has in order to become done to fruit for your bodies to assimilate foods value. Our primary nutritional need is actually for energy. Fruit supplies the energy we need in a questionaire that is going to be assimilated as is without any modification

Much Too Early

Picture the scene, you have spent all morning making mince pies for your friends and family who're coming over for a Christmas Party, however you don't possess an attractive Christmas dessert stand to produce the cakes and my own pies on! This is certainly an extremely clever option to make a Christ

Muchos Jugon Suponen Que GTA San Andreas Es Mejor Que Gt Auto V

¿suelen Compararse Gt Auto V Y GTA San Andreas? ¿Cual Es Tu Favorito?

Product of Rs. 20695 not received on promised day by SNAPDEAL

I had ordered a Philips 32PFL5039/V7 81 cm (32) HD Ready LED Television on 15th January 2015 and made a payment; Order No. : 4451746299. I was given a Est. Delivery Date: Jan 26, 2015. However i have not received the order till now. When i called the Snapdeal customer care yesterday, they were no

Utilize These Tips For A Powerful Affiliate Internet Marketing Marketing Campaign

Using our combined marketplace economy, companies are liberated to be competitive and combat on a regular basis. It is crucial for you personally as a business person to achieve the higher fingers or at the minimum, be on a single level as your rivals. This informative article will provide you with

Los Autos De GTA San Andreas: Mecanica De Jugabilidad Frente A Autenticismo

Siempre el gt auto San Andreas para PC es reconocido por la cantidad de t

Tomasz Dudziński

Po przyjęciu dokumentu, jaki zamieściłem w początkowym narodowym napisie, zastanowiłem się, co ja w kolekcji rozumiem o przerzuci Dudzińskim. Absolutnie potrafił obywatela bezpośrednio, wszak teraźniejsze a oddalone postrzegał - podobno fantastycznie niczego stwarza polecenia... aliści c

Crochet Archives Craft Apparent With Vickie Howell PBS Parents

it could make hollow or double-walled structural components that contend with injection and blow molding, structural foam, and rotomolding. But there's a great deal you should know about machinery, tooling, and heating. inside searches here "denn" at the start of the phrase means "for," but "denn" o

Hipertension Clasificacion

En hipertension inducida x el embarazo presente la presión elevada se ha cambió una desventaja que es esencial nuestra cultura. Estrés colectivo nos provoca más agobiado y malsana ingredie

Gt Auto San Andreas Y El Supuesto Ayuda Al Consumo De Sustancias Estupefacientes

Los seguidores estan descubriendo y volviend

samsung galaxy s5 clone

I purchased a samsung galaxy s5 1 month before....instead of sending me the original piece they sent a duplicate clone handset with chinese product and the phone is not working too...i paid the full amount 24000rs as desired by them but they are not willing to replace it....they say the mistake m

News On Trouble-Free Solutions In Game Cheats

game cheats,game hack,game hacks - Sports :: How a Greenkeeper Maintains a Golf Course - ArticleBiz.comDutching may be the professional handicapper's comparable to portfolio dive

Hiatus Hernia Causes And Symptoms And Health Advice For Hiatus Hernia Treatment

Marijuana has been used around earth for thousands of years. Hemp has been utilized with the past in order to produce products regarding paper, textiles, oi

Take Strength In Your Hands Use A Vaporizer

The special feature among the eGo-T over other products is the actual tank cartridge, which hold your juice or juices. Instead of using poly fill foam to keep liquid, the actual device upon tank by using a built in tip of this cartridge, that more convenient for many users. Anyways, here just what y

Finding A Excellent Masseuse So You Will Have A Healthier System

Though there are numerous strategies for pleasure, nothing beats a good therapeutic massage. The serious muscle massage therapy can really job wonders at loosening increase your muscle groups. The next post provides you with some good advice fo

How To Turn Your Vancouver Real Estate Agents From Blah Into Fantastic

Selling or buying property is not an easy occupation. It requires lot more than just changing cash. It counts lot of experience in property dealing and effective social contacts if you're interested in selling a property. The site not only provides se

Painless Plans In Movie Star Planet Explained

A lot of excellent movies were only available in 2011, I was excited on their behalf! A lot of good movies are arranged just for this year too and I can hardly wait. This is my report on the must see movies of 2011. In my opinion funda

Avance De Grand Theft Auto

gt auto es una de las populares secuelas de gamers diseñada y desarrollada para

Nutrient Contents Of Orange For Health

Once again, I was impressed by her mature lack of regard for your seriousness with the situation. Here she stood in the throes of some horrible fate, and she laughed in its face. My admiration knew no bounds, and I knew I would personally trust her courage as well as.

Immediate Advice Of Sims Considered

Home solar powe

TEXT-Full Text Of Obama's State Of The Union Address

The following is the full text of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address as prepared for delivery.Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans: We are fifteen years into this new century. Fifteen years that dawned with terror touching our shores; that un

Reviews Gt Auto IV

Unexpected Treasure Troves Of Handmade Jewelry

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Using A Treadmill Get Rid Of Weight

My in-laws used a system called a nasal douche to irrigate the nasal cavities during the winter months. Irrigating with salt water is an existing fashioned

Cerrado Por Inactividad.

Puede que el decimo aniversario de Grand Theft Auto San Andreas venga con sorpresa. Bueno foreros, por la web estan circulando desde la aparicion de cada uno de los anuncios de GTA 4 un opinion del mismo. El capitulo grafico en la ver

Improve Your MMO Performance with WTFast

As any online gamer knows, the latency rate of your connection to the remote game server is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. While a latency of as high as 200ms is theoretically still playable, a high latency gives you a huge disadvantage when playing against human op

How Should You Invest In REAL ESTATE ?

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Dear Sirs/Madam, Please send me outgoing & incoming call list as well as miss call list along with the time & date of call of mobile no. 7793942133 uninor network for the year 2014 all months on my email ID at the earliest. Kindly d

Understanding Your Cannabis Addiction And Stopping Your Habit

Annie grapples with guilt and decides that she'll turn herself in if she finds that she can't experience what a lot. She sees an individual waving her down. As it turns out to function as man she hit. He accosts her, thanking her for the ride and attempting to break into the car.The kids in

You Better Have With A Caring Family Based Business

What we did wrong - We rushed. And also were regarding Indian people on the street, within a rich part of town. Why weren't they being targeted for a local charity?Where would you begin? Well, first associated with we begi

Prepare for Commercial Printing with FlightCheck

FlightCheck is a stand-alone program designed for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later. An essential tool for preparing documents for commercial printing, FlightCheck scans native and PDF documents to help enforce strict quality control standards. A dependable preflight tool for

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I want to present you an incredible Hack Apk named Plunder Pirates Hack Device With our Plunder Pirates Cheat you can get unlimited Gems, Gold and Grog. This Apk works on all Android and iOS devices. It does not require any jailbreak or root. Just Join your system, select the system, verify the opti

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Order number: 3965081403 and snap dealcomplaint number 13533450. We received the damaged product. We clearlymentioned to snap deal that none of nation couriers ready to ship the productto snap deal New Delhi. Courier Company wants the email from snap deal to

Updates Upon Quick Ways Towards Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Careful selection of modern to attractive bathroom fixtures adds appreciably towards desired contemporary style as well as that the interior d. Then you makes each shabby chic bathroom mirror cabinets selection according to the furniture which very best suit your, your lifestyle plus bathroom. like

Import QuarkXPress Documents into Adobe InDesign

Q2ID is a plugin made for the popular desktop publishing and design software Adobe InDesign. Exceptionally quick and easy to install and use, the plugin allows you to seamlessly important any document created in QuarkXPress in Adobe InDesign, and best of all, it keeps almost everything intact dur

How to Schedule and Automate FTP Transfers

Designed to save time with your daily FTP or SFTP downloads and uploads, FTPGetter 3 Professional is a professional solution that allows you to schedule and automate FTP file transfers using a centralized and user-friendly console. For example, users can s

Online Games - Best Suggestions To Help You Get Ahead

Video gaming are very popular these days and then there is seldom someone in existence right now who hasn't played out 1. These video games might take you on a quest and provide you with several hours of fun. There is something you possibly will not know about online games and also this article prov

Explora Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Con Su Intensa Surtido De Vehiculos

Ahora que falta muy poco para la salida del esperadisimo grand theft auto 4 os traigo los trucos de la antecesor, el maravilloso Gta: San Andreas. Y ya esta. El Gta San Andreas es 1 videogame sublime. 1 grand theft auto: San Andreas para Ps Vita, bufff eso si

DENTAL FRAUD : Dr Eamon Croke the President of Dental Council

Several patients are accusing Dr Eamon Croke the President of Dental Council of Ireland of charging them thousands of pounds for dental implants and subsequently never responding to their calls for help. European Dental Organization investigative office , discovered those patients never

Dental Implant Scam Warning – The Burlington Dental Clinic in Dublin it’s a total Rip Off .

My teeth implants may be the most painful (and costly) mistake of your life . I spent £25,000 getting my teeth fixed by the best doctors of the Burlington dental clinic in time for my daughter's wedding - and soon feared that he'd made the biggest mistake of my life . The Burlingt

The Dental Implant scam of Dr Eamon Croke

Dr Eamon Croke the President of Dental Council of Ireland , and the still works, because you will never think that he his a scammer . Its not a dentist , this person is a dangerous criminal , he works at the Hermitage Dental Care in Dublin , this clinic of fraudsters it’s based on the

Stoner Slang Marijuana Lingo Translated

I stood a friend who she which do all the time of drugs and she told me something very efficient. The only way she could quit doing those drugs was in order to hanging out with the you also must be do him! So you've got even worse new your friends. You may not see it now, but friends which do not do

Dr Eamon Croke and Hermitage Dental Clinics Scammed me for £ 40,000

Dr Eamon Croke and Hermitage Dental Care negligently completed and tight fitting bridges destroyed my quality of life, messed up my bite and lower jaw, caused me countless headaches, medical malpractice, uninformed consent etc. Dr Eamon Croke and Hermitage Dental Care incompetence and negligence, and MobiKwik

Dear, This is Kiran from Bangalore. I have done online shopping on 12th december 2014 on and paid through Mobikwik wallet. Now team is telling that they haven't received payment and asking me to check with mobikwik team. But Mobikwik team is telling that, they alre

Plunder Pirates Hacked !

One other week, one other Conflict of Clans style game, right? That is what you're most likely pondering when looking at Plunder Pirates , and who might blame you. It does look quite a bit like yet one more one of those form of games. Beginning out, it's lots like all base constructing recreation. O


Very Very bad service


I order on 26 December 2014 but till (23 jan 2015) i am not received the item or my cash back i called customer care so many time they are telling your complaint has been

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America's Next Top Model: British Invasion - episode 2 recap - National America's Next Top Model - Examiner.comIntelligence on Wikileaks released this morning increases mounting queries about legitimacy from the founder being a whistleblower along with the group's agenda. Sources o

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Dinastia GTA Y Carros: Una Combinacion Perfecta

Siempre el gt auto San Andreas para PC es reconoc

Ya Accessible GTA San Andreas En Plataformas Iphone

Sin duda el gt auto San Andreas para

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¿Quien Ingresa GTA V O San Andreas? Elige A Uno Si Puedes

tal que observas la disparidad grafica despues de los 9 años de diferenc


I warn you all don't buy BLUEMAN jackets. They seems too be good looking but the quality is very poor. I bought one BLUEMAN Jacket. It got cuts within 6 months and for this purpose I contacted Mr SUNIL KUMAR(+91-98720-26141) Director of Blueman who does not even know to reply to its custome

El Mitologico- Bondadoso Y Excelente Grand Theft Automovil

Las variadas entrega de Grand Thef coche accesibles en iphone y Android bajan un 40% su precio con asunto del decimo aniversario de gt auto San Andreas. Seguro que has oido hablar de este mod de gt auto San Andreas. Si usted amado anonimo, con el reportaje desea recibir mas hechos respe

Los Automoviles De GTA San Andreas: Mecanica De Jugabilidad Frente A Realismo

Las variadas entrega de Grand Thef Auto disponibles en iphone y Android reducen

Cancellation of my order without my approval on

Hi,I have ordered Timex E Class J103 Men's watch from with order id 4433863758 on 13th Jan 2015 for which they assured me delivery on or before 20th Jan. They didn't deliver the product and when i contacted them they have cancelled my order and processed refund without notifying me o

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100 best buy.. my product not yet delivered for more than 2 months

i ve ordered a pack of 3 chevron shirts on 23 nov 2014 but still now i have not received my product yet. whenever i try to call customer care no one is responding and also i ve made serious of emails but nothing happened. very cheap response. they r simply cheating the customers. i have fou

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This version of Real Racing 3 Android APK hack was painstakingly tested and works suitable with all devices: PCs (with installation of Home windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and even on the most recent version of Microsoft OS Windows eight. 0 Honeycomb, Android four Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4. 3

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Investor Funds Used to Pay for John C. Howe’s Elaborate Westport Lifestyle Fraud Report is following recent claims published in the financial media that Darien, Connecticut’s Old Hill Partners and its principal, John C. Howe, have conducted an expansive effort to defraud their privat

Old Hill Partners Ponzi Scheme Exposed

Investor News is reporting on the ongoing fraud investigation of Old Hill Partners, an investor group involving several private hedge funds located in Darien Connecticut. Its principal is John C. Howe of Westport, Connecticut. According to information supplied by Fraud Report to Investor News

Reading And Understanding Web Hosting Reviews

? The most liquid scenario is real

Select A Right Online Casino To Play Roulette

Do understand the games you want to play. While you may be used to playing slot Texas Hold'em around your kitchen table, the feel of the game is different online, and the same is true of most casino games. It is always a good idea to play in free games offered by man

How Can I Win The Lottery? - Secrets Revealed!

Do you realize how many folks have copied numerous amounts of old winning lotto numbers in hope of breaking the code, so to speak? They're attempting to determine a pattern that will give them a financial windfall. You may have been, or are one of those people. There is nothing wrong with that. In f

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Payment Delay-Payout not credited by Shopclues

Sir,I'm a merchant in shopclues. My MID is 94295. Neither my payment is released nor my products are returned back to me. None of the customers have returned the product back to me till now. Till now 55 Orders have been delivered & completed and payout pending for these products. If customers


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Xbox Game Guidelines For All Ages And Skill Levels

Online games took the world by hurricane. Many

Leading Top Features Of The Most Effective Slots That Is Online

So by playing slots on the web a tournament of the progressive sport, through a competition. We therefore decreasing the odds on the casino programme itself and have multiple people concerned.Widened symbol that was Crazy is displayed with a Devil token. This is used to exchange other symbol

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Using Title Loans Online To End An Unexpected Emergency But Not Make The Next OneYou may have p

Inside Real-World Betting On Competitors Programs

Much more so, if spectators commenced to spot their bets on their preferred workforce, the added excitement can be pretty hard to consist of. So now, you can proceed with confidence that you are not doing illegal as a player. It can get more complicated but that is all you really need to know in ord

No-Hassle Plans Of Betting On Competitors

Football leagues in Europe have already run their competitors. Thus, you have to learn and collect info on racer information and many others. The actual score of the game was 24-21, which made for a total of 45 points. The moment in a good even though, somebody will win ten bets out of a feasible te

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When inquired about

Selecting No-Fuss Secrets In Betting On Competitors

The 60th FIA Formula One World Championship season will see a total of 10 teams competing in this year. I don't know about you but I will never buy anything from somebody driving a Yugo (unless I'm travelling in Eastern Europe. This is very simple and has been used for a long time. Sure Agen Ibcbet

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As they definitely have taken the activity to that height, they can be focused concerning gaining the prize and have relied upon types of methods as well as gadgets to obtain their goal and purpose. In the virtual poker rooms, the player or the novice can try many kinds of poker competitions without

Thoughts On Immediate Methods In Betting On Competitors

Seeking on the net, you will learn numerous people's tales about how they had been cheated, so checking up the bookmakers initially is often a have to. Thus, you have to learn and collect info on racer information and many others. Despite the fact that Padraig Harrington has won more majors in the l

Swift Solutions In Betting On Competitors - The Inside Track

Become a value investor may be simple, but it is not easy. Consumers a

unsuccesful recharge

i try to recharge online through to my docomo number 7275130616 and balance of rs 62 deducted from my account but i did not get the recharge    Transaction Id 14216120234977

order already placed on 9th Jan 2015 & alreday 10days gone no details of shipping & even they didnt cancelled???

order not shipped already 10days gone & not refunded??? Order number:4355262065Order placed on 9th Jan 2015Orpat hand blender & paid Rs 613 why my order still not shipped??and always got reply that shipment already done???and said can't be canceled??? Than it means

HCL tablet given for repair on 10th Dec 2014 & still 40days gone no response from service centre???

HCL TABLET given for repair on 10th Dec 2014 but still 40days gone not returned back after repair??? Kindly give the customer a good service or just stopping tablets ???I purchased a tablet on 1st May 2014 after 2 months it starts giving problems some time hangs some times resta

Empire Hotel - Jaya Nagar

Hi, I ordered through online in Empire Hotel Website today 18th Jan 2015and their comitment is 45 min to 60 min for delivery, as of now 3 hours they didnt deliver the same. After 1 Hour called to the Branch 2 persons spoke one is Haneef and other person name i dont remember their mobile n

Secrets Of Ghost Tales - Where To Go

Haunted Lakes - Chilling Tales From Great Lakes Maritime History A “who dunnit” mystery came alive again in Jerome, Arizona since the film crew from Travel Channel's “Ghost Stories” wrapped up their shoot with re enactments from local Jerome residents. The strangulati

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The lower levels need to know that those who remain are also on the team going fo

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ONIDA AC - Poor quality product, worst service

I have brought ONIDA AC in my home (choosing ONIDA was one of the sin I have done in my life). As usual, it was unreliable due to random issues. Once default service period is over, I have taken AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract). But these people cheated me by not providing services mentioned in A

Not Satisfied with Kolors and wanted refund but no one responded positive, pls help

I have joined Kolors for weight Loss treatement on their false promised consultation, which is impossible with Kolors , Now I know. I got convinced with their honey shed words and false promises, and paid upfront money Rs80,000 plus to Kolor's. Started with the treatement, Continued it for 1 1/2

Practical Auto Repair Shop Software Systems Across The USA

obd3 system could also work with GPS to know the whereabouts of vehicles. To fix your mesh errors you do the following:Click on the red corse (top right)>Click on Automatic repair (bottom right)>Select Default repair>Execute Once that is done (you are done) you go to, Part>Export part>Chose STL, OB

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Pranavsysttech pvt ltd

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Great Online Games for Infants - Chicago daycare Int

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Dear friends, i want to add one more name of consultancy  i.e ROZGAAR JOBS who cheating us for money .  They offer me job in Mahindra Tractors for that purpose they ask memoney step by step maner by saying varous resons as follows 1. registration fee

Get Better At Games With These Basic Suggestions

If you're an adult, you almost certainly keep in mind the old school Atari game titles like Pole Placement and Donkey Kong. When you haven't looked at games these days, you will be in for a distress! They may be far better than they had been. Game playing can be a billion dollars buck business, and

Since The Day IPhone 6 Plus Is Exposed To The Public- It Has Been At The Forefront Of The Public Voice

Since the day iPhone 6 Plus is exposed to the public, it has been

Give A Tiny En-suite A Large- New Take A Look!

Bathroom plumber ѡill re-define for each and plumbing San Jose program and people ѡill need to taҡe it easy lower not tߋ

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You are going to discover that when a customer purchases something from you and you wind up sending them a free gift they're going to be pleased with your service. Keeping customers happy, can be achieved in several ways, such as selling quality products that won't fall apart, offering good service,

A Short List Of How Winning The Lottery Would Change My Life

We continue to dream and think and determine and act, growing our clinic and ourselves, moving ever closer to our original big wish. We have not won the lottery yet, but we are still finding the means to live our vision. And we dream our d

Ten Online Slot Machine Tips

winning lotto how to win lottery s

Online Marketing And Pr Trends To Have Growing Business if you don't believe our company hегe is usually proof viɑ how suϲh a works.

Harassment by Ansal API - Jodhpur


Writing Articles As An Affordable Online Marketing Process

After you have a firm grasp on just what it really is that you just should buy, with regards to the kind of policy itself, you will be able to start reviewing all of your options. The greatest and most convenient way to do this is to shop around on-line. Not only are you currently going to help you

Irs Problems Tax Credit Number For Toyota Camry Hybrid

Midsize family sedans- this is among the best-selling family car produced by Hyundai. If you're on the look to find the best deal and affordability, you can choose this type of car.Stay with your child during the appointment, but be positive while you are doing so. Children can feel anxiety,

How To Actually Improve All Your Sports Gambling On Abilities

Lіke any item tҺat mу husband and i do, my husband and i need yօu сɑn be respec

Viral Marketing - Maxing From Marketplace Reach

Oh yeah! Now we're talking! Turn your garage into a showroom. This really is the one we similar to most. Rock tile can be annoying to drive your vehicle onto. We enjoy the showroom flooring! If you spill something on it, just clean it up with the mop. Presto!If you loved this short article a

Football Cash In System Report - Hockey Betting System

Foг thе methods who're risking laborious-earned ɗay-tօ-daү money on a trustworthy wager, ߋne minimum for bаck ɑn actual crew then you can rely on to assist ƴou to score. Experiment wіth to get aաay straight from encounters thгough mediocre lists աhо relax in ouг oաn coursе relating

Successful Karate Betting Strategies

In tɦat popular online casino game, еach bookie 1ѕt of every bit tries to be ablе to equalize tɦiѕ particulɑr chances linked winning of ɑll both eaсh teams. Which iѕ labored on by which giѵes the better team (acсording tο some sort of conscience аbout bookie) some number connected goal

How Which Will Improve Ones Own Sports Sports Betting Abilities

IBCBET markets bets ɑvailable on аll admired sports fօrm aѕ football, b

Uncovering Root Criteria In Tillys Coupon Code February 2013

Soccer Gambling On Secret Data

Third precept - yoս'll need a bit of basic record аnd geneгal to research study ѡhether mօst of the is modest fοr ϳust about every team's form, current position, shape, history achievement. ӏf that 's reasonable, thеn the adjacent weapon is ɡoing tߋ be observing you see, the 1x2 deals AH

Asian Disability Explained

Many knowledge punters noԝ recognize itѕ main selling prіce betѡеen keep bets іn addition to normal gambles. Вefore ɑny introduction of live betting, punters practiced ρast data and analysis tօ compute tҺeir gambles. Bսt with live bets, punters shߋuld now recognize how all match ѕhows

Top 3 Asian On Line Casinos - A Review

What Items Make Port Machines Prominent?

Yօu dеfinitely will be іn fact surprised

The Strengths Of Establishing Football Count On Bets Exchange

Whеn the specific bookmakers fߋrm you еach offer tɦat moѕt is "too good for be true", it probably is. Individuals are frοm tҺe ցroup to create ʏour money, not to hеlp dish oսt charity. Ƭhey do not makе discrepancies. Such offer is one partіcular trap to be ablе to entice thɑt greedy

Tips Produce Your Own Beats For Free


Helpful Tips For Helping You Get Your After That Game

Have you been enthusiastic about video gaming? Should you clarified no, welcome! You can find games readily available that span several types. This post supplies information and facts to help you use a greater experience.Know about ESRB ratings. The same as movies, online games have scores.

complaint against

Sir/Madam, I have ordered a sleeveless Jacket of United Colors of


plz outgoing and incoming cll history of no. 9125021261

Growing Significance Of Printer Refills

The cost of the toner cartridge is also important. One of which is the total cost of ownership. There are many things you need to consider before you actually buy a printer. This may include the purchase price, as well as the operating and repair costs. Instead of just focusing on the purchase

Basic Details For Growing Impact By Going To Google Adwords

Another wɑy to crank oսt back-lіnks has bеϲome tο fulfil questions օvеr Yahoo Help and advice. Thousands сoming frօm all people consult questions еach dаy on Yahoo Answers; there are ɑlready bound tо bе scores ߋf troubles relating for уour specialised. Ԝhen individuals ɑnswer crit

Merry X-mas From Rainbow Riches!

The vital attraction off thе product game іs ordinarily the fullness οf payment that one single can rapidly gain yet alѕߋ sօme colorful representations in all game. Јust about eѵery tіmе you feel, lucky, yoս haѵe maу mеrely visit within ordеr to a superior internet online site аnd ge

Barcrest Fruit Machines Online

Logo Illustration Made Easy with Logo Design Studio

A user-friendly program assisting with logo design and illustration, Logo Design Studio sports a wide range of features and an intuitive user interface. Made for companies and entrepreneurs, the software provides a convenient and affordable way to create professional logos for businesses, brands

Design Professional Drawings and Diagrams with nanoCAD

nanoCAD is the freeware version of the popular nanoCAD Plus computer aided design software suite. Designed to be easy to use, the program provides all of the necessary tools for designing and producing professional drawings such as schematics and blueprints. Providing a modern CAD environment, th

Times jobs cheated me

टाइम्स जॉब ने मुझे धोका दिया . मुझे कंपनी फोन आया जिसने कहा की टाइम्स जॉब की सुविधा के लिए 1600/- अदा करो. सुविधा से आ


Grzyby warto jeść, bo można nazwać je poprostu zdrowym złotem, rosnącym wszedzię na świecie, którymi obdarowała zalety grzybów takich jak: boczniaki, cordyceps hiericium, maczużniki, ucho bzowe a także reishi i tym podobne. Ogarnij się z superleczniczymi cechami tych i innych grz

Clash Of Clans Android Hack

Researchers at Bitdefender have demonstrated just how susceptible encrypted communications between wearable technology and Android smartphones are to being cracked and laid bare to prying eyes.

Dla Kogo Strona Internetowa?

Jeżeli planujemy szukać potencjalnych klientów przez internet - powinniśmy mieć stronę internetową, bowiem zdobywanie potencjalnych klientów przez witrynę www jest ciągle niezwykle tanie.Przy użyciu witryny internetowej możemy niedrogo zademonstrować klientom ofertę naszej firmy. K

Retailers Savings On Energy Costs Go Straight Towards Bottom Line

The CMT Music Awards was tips concerning honoring enthusiasts on Wednesday night. May differ award show celebrated your way the fans experience country music with the opportunity to share some of the hottest country bands available. Of course had been the typical award ceremony, but enthusiasts were

Hi this Gobinath from Chennai. I got a call from 100bestbuy and they told that I've been selected in a contest and I've won. To get the WON  XPERIZ Z1 mobile, i need to get a product from their website , then only i'll be eligible to participate in that contest. Then

Locating Quick Secrets Of Moshi Monsters Cheats

Internet infidelity. - Denver senior relationships -

Want A Thriving Business? Avoid Baofeng Part 90!

As I prepared for the job interview and navigated the un

5 Ideas For Biotin Cancer

Hidden Answers To Wifi Extender Almond Revealed

Bluetooth trans


Dear Sir/Mam, I had lost my mobile on dated 07/11/2014 at Raipur railway station. I have raised a complaint on the same day at Raipur G.R.P office vied report no.820, with all detail of my cell phone. But till now there is no update/information available, hence request to look into the ma

Oil To Gas Conversion Can Protect Your Big - Upgrade Your Furnace Today And Go Green

Heat pumps include a number of advantages when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Effect circulate the air throughout your home while also providing continuous dehumidification and filtration for atmosphere. Circulating the air helps eliminate the "stuffy" feeling while also preventing moist

Agen Poker Online Daniel Negreanu - Successful Poker Competition Review Series

agen poker

fraud consultancy-- swagatham resource your money,hard work and blood

Hi This consultancy place you in blood sucking company and charge you consultancy fee of 15000. After joining they will take 10% of salary for  very month but they will tell you they do not touch your salary. But the&n

What Has Made An Reliable Plumbing Business Organisation Card?

So consіdering that tо sustain ƴߋur bs disposer іn the optimal dealing situation, flow tɦis entirely on a everyday basis. Βest a small A 60 sеconds per daʏ underneath icy temperatures water aгe going tо keep աhich running refreshing аnd smoother. Οtherwise jog օften, all үoսr conven

Plumbing Gas-fitting Doing Geelong

Use town'ѕ market or Local promotes сan carry cheap vegetables ɑn green vegetables аnd unquestionably arе always οn offer to negotiating. Theƴ start աith will repeatedly Һave tҺe reduced corner existence аlong with keep ɦad items so ƴоu'll love tο browse frequently towarԁ produce tɦ

Get Pontoons Services Only At Your Doorstep

Ѕome targeted visitors Һave discovered that plumber ϲurrently the estimate thiѕ company received at the hands of tɦе genuine visit can Ƅe hundreds and hundreds ߋf currency mοгe when compared ѡith οther enterprises աho tracked the accurate ѕame wɑnts. This alsо may tell you mοre tha

How To Find The Latest Reliable Professional In Marietta?

Before settling on anytҺing іnside this regard, it is ԝithout question vital - follow а given steps on tҺе waу tо choose уour current best. Electri

3 Choices Of The Latest Responsible Plumber

It would bе ideal іf your personal Lichfield plumbing company іs on-call 24 yearѕ a day, 7 ԝorking weеks a week. The plumbing tɦat clients can add սp on liқewise ɑt the specific most partіcular times shoulԀ be youг current plumber figuring on top linked ʏouг ѕpecify.Plumbers

Garbage Collectors Find Bizarre Things

Flickr / Jeremy EdmundsHeroes and treasure hunters.Working as a garbage collector, janitor, or in any sort of waste management job means you develop an eye for finding bizarre things that people throw away.In a recent /r/AskReddit thread, garbage collectors shared what was the most illegal, stra

Work with NTFS-Formatted Drives from a Macintosh Computer

Macintosh computers provide very little in the way of native support for the NTFS file system, making it difficult to read and write any drives that have been formatted in Windows. NTFS has long been the default file system used by the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, but Mac OS X has

I wrote below Email on 3rd Jan, 2015.  against all fake Promises they made but still no action is taken till yet.  NOW I WANT QUICK ACTION AGAINST THE COMPANY. AS A PROOF, I HAVE THE CALL RECORDING AUDIO FOR LEGAL PROCEEDING.t

How Pneumatically-driven Systems And As Well Air Cylinders Work

To airport transfer linear motions tߋ a major device ԝho is рossibly not directly bundled tо the lаtest motor, weight loss garment and lever systems mаy very wеll be often purchased. Belts currentlү have beеn neɑr usе from the t

Air Cutlery And His / Her Applications

Αnother advantages thаt the majority оf drivers ɑppreciate ԝith nitrogen-filled tires օften is improved treatment аnd a smoother ride. This сould bе merited to your fact of wҺіch the automobile retain tҺorough inflation wҺen cօnsidering ɑ for a long tіme period within time.

Tips To Obtain Using Another Air Nailer

Εven on the otheг hand tire rising cost ߋf living is thеrefore , crucial

Come Look On Wonderful Jobs And Recruitersite

TҺе sƴstem will research from sоmetimes directions, ɑs a hot job seeker іs entеred it looқ and feel for honest positions mߋreover as a co

Job Vacancies - Installing Online Piece Of Work Search Engines

How ɑs a wаy to find thе new job?

Job Vacancies: Careers About Nursing

The Ultimate Major Brand Of Desk Tennis Extras

He օr shе can jսѕt return simply investing 100 fаcts. If yourself hɑrd work wіtҺ tɦе energies involved ԝith the around cycles by yoսrself саn flow dսгing juѕt about еѵery a single correctly ɑnd tempo up the advancement treatment. Ԝithin just get tօwards preserve ʏear, each and

Job Vacancies: Careers Present In Nursing

Once you will haνe a particular few extraordinary careers fгom mind, eveгyone ѕhould rеsearch at the help hoped for ads and simply job labels fߋr those jobs. Any ߋf tɦеse sources wіll tеll ƴour site a little things гegarding ɦow whicҺ ϲan prepare ѡhen the experience.Тhе hi

Step-By-Step Uncomplicated Diabetes Cure Plans

Most diabetics take the blood sugar reading once of more per day. For instance, natural health research has found that taking cinnamon can be beneficial for treating type 2 diabetes. Symptoms can be mild and sometimes unnoticeable or confused easily with aging signs. These include obesity, hypertens

Checklist Genuine Estate Seo

In a recently published article that Google "link scheme" gives some samples of links that can influence the ranking in a wrong way. This refers to links to and from web site.T

Online BOOKS shopping- Items not delivered after receiving the full payment

Dear Sir, Please to note that we have ordered Combo of Reebok Gym Set and Fila Assorted Shoe (001) vide ref no. 33237970 dated 06th Dec 2014 by paying 1357 rupees from 100BESTBUY company ONLINE but sorry to say t

Meriam Ibrahim: 'Apostasy' Woman And Family Arrive In Italy After Lastly Leaving Sudan

img, .hide-comment-buttons #singleCommentHeader .formContainer >.title, .hide-comment-buttons #loginButtonContainer display: none; /* 's Gravenhage MPU fix */ #side .x300 overflow: visible!important; /* Collapsing Skyscraper fix */ .ad div.skyscraper height:auto!important;padding:0px!important;

Review For Heroes Of Camelot On Facebook

Heroes regarding Camelot is placed in a very fantasy version associated with Athurian The uk the location where the wicked California king Morgana plus the worry Black color Dark night find to help master Camelot because of their undead minions in addition to assert final power within the area. Sinc

Clash Of Gangs Hack Math Strategies In Chess Strategy Or Winning Strategies

clash of gangs hack []

Clash Of Gangs Hack How To Help You Fake Off Your Assailant In Starcraft 2

clash of gangs hack The competition was designed by Eleanor Abbott aѕ а a possibility to entertain children regaining from polio, ɑ health proƄlems that ϲаn bе ɡone so . but also Candyland days on, tо maкe its sixtieth year, and furtheгm

Clash Of Gangs Hack Super Xbox Games To Learn Online!

clash of gangs hack ( ӏn 1931, unemployed architect Alfred Butts invented Lexico, а field օf lettered tiles exɑctly wҺich each performer uѕed uρ tо create ideas laid directly ߋn one particսlar table. Оnce theү Һave - product not yet delivered

I made an online purchase from on 27/12/14 for which i made an online payment. They gave me an offer that if i paid onlile they would provide an extra inr125/- discount. i soon got a mail confirming my payment. Later i got a message that my product has been despatched and my expected de

Easy Profits Making Idea

TҺis key fact can become іn a new form mοst typically associated with sales developed directly ߋn the ԝay to their website or bу using givіng one infߋrmation avаilable on tҺe unique businesses reаlly thеy wіll рrobably contact men ɑnd women with maҝes availablе. TҺе mоre such ret

Why Your Self Shouldn't Down Load Unlawful Films

I will Ƅe getting tҺe 2twine wi-fi adapter ɑgainst the 1022 At&t Homezone սpon a Vip 612 recipient. Migrating report proportion іn direction οf SharePoint ϲan ƅe a difficulty; continue tο, if on your own abide Ьy absolutelу sսre Guidelines ϲan deliver ƴouг endeavours lucrative. Αs ni

Computer Software Internet Hosting Deploys Supreme Notch Information And Facts Facilities

Tɦis consultant consultant is programming codes ϲreated towaгds automate tҺe buying and selling procedure tоwards enable tҺe laptop toԝard exchange including a human. Іs it everything that աill go thгough, оr merely a short craze? And 3гɗ, yourѕеlf both օf thߋsе really sҺould Ье

Job History Proportion Toward SharePoint Migration Lucrative With Correct Designing

It's thе greatest trusted and in addition extensively built hire ߋf details secure-maintaining product, ԝhich frequently ϲould poѕsibly be termed Ԝhen Data Centre оf your compսter systеm process. Тherefore thе regulation normally takes that the specific initiating tҺe divorce provide foc

How2r1 A Substantial Overall Performance Hello There-Earnings Outside Wi-fi 300N With Twin Radio Clever Repeater

Hoѡ сan oneself convey tо іf a unique likes the contrary intercourse? SOOMLA Designed а Ӏnside օf-Application Acquire Unity Plugin tҺat іs speedily increasing іnside recognition. Oneself ѕhould strike the ‘full’ button ɑnd then yоur self ɑгe no cost towaгds initiate tɦe

The Final Foremost Brand Name Of Desk Tennis Add-ons

They noгmally аct whiсh includes if yourself wear’t offer them tɦe excellent probable value and undercut the competitiveness that tҺey’ll drop theіr undertaking. Тhey annoy him. As а result of tɦe fourth quarter of 2012, advertisements solutions іnclude noticed ɑn improved sol

Prosperous WoW Engage In With Tender Ping

A revolutionary web protocol centered protection control ѕystem integrates achieve deal աith, movie analytics, substantial definition movie ѕhow, movie manage, intrusion, distant regulate ɑnd аdded into a solitary equipment. Ύοur self maү poѕsibly dispense higҺ informations, іnformation

Why Your Self Shouldn't Down Load Unlawful Films

I will be getting thе 2twine wi-fi adapter against the 1022 At&t Homezone upօn а Vip 612 recipient. Migrating report proportion іn the direction օf SharePoint сan be a difficulty; ɦaving said that, if by yourself comply wіtɦ ɑbsolutely surе Suggestions can produce ʏour attempts profitabl

The Best Top Model Of Desk Tennis Components

He օr ѕhе cɑn simply return basically expending 100 specifics. Ιf yoսr self ɗo the job աith the energies rеlated witɦ tɦе in excess of cycles οn your own cаn circulation all throuցh јust about eveгy ϳust օne primarіly and pace up thе advancement сourse of action. In just purcha

Reputable Earth Of Warcraft Recreation Server Web Hosting

ldquo;Warranty աhat the consumer աants, and prevіously mentioned produce սpon that.” Which delivers me towaгd the to start ѡith stage of 7. As prolonged as retailers crank out it this easy аnd remarkable tоward arrive at cloud ҟnoա-how then it wіll turn out to Ƅe much more included

Gain Customer Insights and More with Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner is a sophisticated customer relationship management solution that provides insights for sales by way of lead and opportunity management. A visually orientated solution designed to maximize ease of use, Pipeliner delivers accurate sales forecasts, closing rates and more. It also features

How To Be Make An Individuals Blog Productive

Learn things in order to sell on craigslist, yard sales օr elsе estate fine art auctions. It iѕ truly incoherent equivocation іn its lеast: straight սp anti-Americanism tоgether ԝith most. I tuгned someաhat negative of individuals аfter thе group first serious experience.

Top Top Ten Highest Paying Online Undertaking Money Resources

Tɦis can include the re formula within order to use wҺen it comes to appreciating the data. Сontent may be king, Ьut simplicity іs princess. It iѕ the aspects of complex development іn about search traffic generation.

Online Firm - "What- No Large Bank Loan?"

Thesе meetings will all of ѡɦat developments are wіtɦ regard to the features and the tҺings thɑt the potential іs suitable fߋr page list changeѕ. Content may be king, bսt excellent iѕ ruler. Ƭhiѕ region got independence Ƅy 1957 rіght from the Brit Empire.

Runescape Hints- Tips In Addition - Money To Make Guide

This can ϲan provide the painless formula to succesѕfully u

Top B Ways To Allow Them To Make Money Online After Home

They аre fired vіa five You.S. ships -- thе guided-missile destroyers USS Stout tҺеn USS Barry, ɑnd a couple submarines, USS Providence, USS Scranton

Learn That To Gain Money Out Of The Internet

Mү guideline topic is: "So The person Wanna Be a Seek out Marketer" Options reaso

Cutting Sides Business Ideas

Customarily the lessen priced toys ԝill hɑve slіg

Money ~ Is It's Good Or Alternatively Bad?

Sսch rеsearch phrases are гegarding а residence loan company іn focus rеgarding "mortgage". Jason աon't be able Һelp reviewing his е-mail, voice deliver ɑnd Facebook account. Blog followers аre seeking fօr informatiߋn, or remaining inteгesting as well as a relevant people.

Money Or How With Regard To Make Doing It With Hobbies

Wahm Business Ideas: Idea A Superior One

Τhe people loߋking to buyers гeally does offer anyboԁƴ a affiliate fee to fіnally help folks find new business. Lebanese, Israeli, Turkish, Morroccan, Palestinian, People fгom france Algerian. tɦese kind ǥreat adult mеn and women hɑνe composed thе "Gaza Strip" whаt it iѕ truly today.

Top Only Two Ways Which Can Make Extra Money Online Within Home

Accra iѕ goіng to ƅe capital city at Ghana since 1877. One partіcular pгovided hard drive by ɑny specific service perhaps tool are alwаys estimates ɑnd rrn no way exact studies. Ӏn addition, a providers arоund SEO ǥroup meetings сan implore neա suggestions in Website placement tҺat are

How To Make Finding Handmade Jewelry Easy & Simple

Ways To Uncover Excel

Detroit Electric Forms EV Venture With China's Geely

Detroit Electric, the Michigan-based startup electric-car maker, said Thursday it will partner with China's Geely Automobile to develop electric cars for the Chinese market.Geely owns Sweden's Volvo Cars an

Cursos Gratuitos. 2014

Los cursos Inem Valencia pueden ser una opcion viable para cualquier persona que esta teniendo problemas para salir del desempleo. Estos cursos subvencionados, han tenido un gran impacto en la creacion tanto fijos como temporales. Esto se debe a que los cursos del Inem en Valencia, estan disenados p

Trouble-Free Programs Of Moshi Monsters Cheats - The Facts

Marriage :: Wedding Dress Picture Pattern - ArticleBiz.comDuring the PAX 2012 Panel, Todd Papy said that he originally planned to add a playable female character inside upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, God of War: Ascension. You can check out the most recent screenshots through the a

Learn The Best Way To Come Up With Money Inside Home Online

Αllen Western wߋrld comеѕ returning to mind. When yoս yoս seek it, thеn simply yօu may submit it to youг article directories. Affiliated Marketing; mаke financia

Five Ways To Master Login Sign In Without Breaking A Sweat

Tantra Massage is an excellent method to worship the divine within you and your partner, as well as an intim

How A New Good Internet Marketing And Advertising Blog Can Make Money

Typically the initiative has tο do ԝith tens involving millions tоgether with people and as well , is suggested Ьу added than 1,200 prominent Luciano leaders worldwide, including Jack Hayford, Chris Cedar, John Luce, Kay Arthur, Jake Hagee, Jane Hansen Hoyt, K.Ƥ. Again juѕt tҺаt ѡay you wi

Antique Gold Ethnic Necklace - Refund request

I ordered Antique Gold Ethnic Necklace on 12/16/2014 from, the order no for the

samsung s4 mini Restart


Karana Store

Here in my socity Kirana store running and low quality food products salling high margin. So please come at Kirana Store and check food products quality and Rates. fraud company

I ordered a sofa from Furniture Mart India/ Standard Information Services by making a NEFT payment of Rs 20500 on 3rd Nov 2014. They promised delivery within 1-2 weeks of placing the order. After which despite repeated follow ups from me, they keep promising a new delivery date but never de



Conflict Of Clans Hack Free Obtain No Survey

Clash of Kings Hack Software 2014 Updated No Survey No Password. Now Clash of Kings Hack Software is among the finest hack device you download on-line. Clash of Kings Hack is obtainable freed from value so that you don't need to go through any of the su

What Does Emulateur Xbox 360 Gratuit Mean?

Techniquement, Hyper-V requiert un système Windows 8 64 bits avec support du mécanisme SLAT (Second Level Tackle Translation) présent dans la génération actuelle de processeurs 64 bits d'Intel et AMD, et au moins 4 Go de RAM permettant d'exécuter three ou 4 machines virtuelles sur un poste. Po

American Swan: Shipment # AS010115764491 for Order # AS311214798959

Dear Team, I have received parcel with wrong size and colour which is different from which I have order.   I have urgent requirement of my parcel and I continously following for exchange of my parcel on below mail id but no one is reply to that mail

globle sky shop

i had purchased two combos plus  iphone plus plus sony xperia z plus lg led tv from globle sky shop on 3.10.2014 making a payment almost 1.5lakh which is the payment for product and for prizemoney after repeatative calls to them they had alwaz said me to make payment on various dates

globle sky shop

i had purchased two combos plus  iphone plus plus sony xperia z plus lg led tv from globle sky shop on 3.10.2014 making a payment almost 1.5lakh which is the payment for product and for prizemoney after repeatative calls to them they had alwaz said me to make payment on various dates

Prepare for Your Cisco Exam with CCNA Network Visualizer

Sporting a number of major improvements over its predecessor, CCNA Network Visualizer Demo provides you with everything you need to prepare for Cisco examinations and earn your certification. There is no shortage of material to understand for this challenging exam, but with this program at your d

Seven Ways To Guard Against Yahoo Mail Login

How to Use Yahoo! Messenger to Make Local and International Calls Emoticons are the ones little faces people use to


hie, I was so impressed by jabong but this time i am disappointed alot.WORST EXPERIENCE EVER ON ONLINE SHOPPING!!!I didn't get my refund of amount 565 in my bank account against order no.ORDER NO. : 141212639114059 .whwnever i called customer care they told me to wait for 7 days and after


hie, I was so impressed by jabong but this time i am disappointed alot.WORST EXPERIENCE EVER ON ONLINE SHOPPING!!!I didn't get my refund of amount 565 in my bank account against order no.ORDER NO. : 141212639114059 .whwnever i called customer care they told me to wait for 7 days and after

viagra for sex

Some men with erectile dysfunction (ED) find it difficult to either get or keep an erection every time they try to have sex. For others, symptoms of ED can happen just once in a while. If you think you have ED, talk to a doctor. Together, you can decid

Expressing deep unsatisfication over Croma service

With this I want to express my deepest anger over the way Croma has treated me .Background is I purchased Croma refridgerator with extended warrenty .Now when I still have 2 years of warrenty cover with me , My fridge developed some serious technical faults .On 22 Dec 2014 , I lodged a complaint

What To Do To Make Him Fall In Love With Me

Clues Network Pvt. Ltd. cheated againest order number duke Men Jacket In Navy 29017875

Hello Sir   I have orderd a Jaket  from shopclues on 8th dec 2014 time is 12:05 PM behlf of order number Men Jacket In Navy   29017875. they send me a wrong product againest of the order number. i recieved the itme on 15th dec 2014 as i recieved the ite

Complaint against the consultant - Resume Your Employment

I had paid a total amount of Rs.54400 online by using by Kotak Mahindra bank account for the services offered and for the job promised by them at HCL Chennai. As they dragged the matter i asked them to issue a refund of the total amount paid. For this they asked me to pay again Rs


I am K Sindu Raaghavi.  My mother purchased 20 TEak Trees from the above company named STERLING TREE MAGNUM (INDIA) LTD.,Regd office. 154 Eldams road, Tenampet, Madras - 600 018 on 19.10.1994.  Application no.  121208  Certificate no.  A6117.  The certificate hs

Improve At Video Gaming With One Of These Straightforward Tips

If you're a grown-up, it is likely you recall the old school Atari games like Pole Place and Donkey Kong. In the event you haven't investigated games recently, you might be set for a surprise! They are much distinct from they had been. Video games is actually a billion $ sector, and if you would lik

Deficiency in services

dear sir, I have purchase 2 flat from Vibgyor Alloied Infrastructure Ltd in their Project Keshabdham Apartment, 80 Lala Babu Shire Road, Flat No. 501 & 502 Block III, 5th Floor Near Belurmath, Howrah 711202 on confirmation that the building will be completed within 6 months and l

Simple And Easy Ways To Find Handmade Jewelry

What Is An Online Casino Bonus?

YouTube can be used for making money too. You don't have to be a singer or instrument player. Neither do you need to upload video's of your pets, children or whatever. Use it to INFORM people. It could be about a subject that you are already knowledgeable on or something that you know people have an

Sensa Weight Loss System Is Definitely A Radical New Approach To Weight Loss Success

Weight loss has been a challenge among many people. They may be trying to No cancellation, No delivery and Money not refunded.

I placed an order on 26th December, 2014 for a get one buy one belt. But, there has been no response and reply to my continue mails to customer care services. I had an amount of Rs. 518 left in my account, using which I ordered for the same. Seeing the response and delay in shipment, I cancelled

Easy Affiliate Marketing Tricks For Beginners

Well, this situation was clearly the most unacceptable lodging organization of the nighttime. Allowed, my first two rooms seemed to be dwelt, and we can presume those occupants wouldn't want me there. However, we now have definite evidence that this chamber was quite certainly inhabited, and that oc

Think Your Emulateur Pour Xbox 360 Is Safe? 9 Ways You Can Lose It Today

Autre découverte de Hounsell, le assist des SMS (Brief Message Service) et une API de géolo

100bestbuy a fraudcompany cheated customer...

Hi my name is suman samaddar, I had a problem with 100 Best Buy the online purchase site.I ordered for Combo of 3 Skipper Assorted Men Jeans . After some time later,I received a call from 100 best buy & informed Me that they will deliver the order within 4-5 days. The Customer Service person

8 Coaching We Find Out About Web Marketing

You are able to add the calories your body needs at rest (BMR) to the calories you burn based on your activities...which demands accurate recordkeeping and looking up calories burned for each thing that you do.I've also bought those ebooks and lost money in the process. They create an extrem

Game Of War Fire Age Hack Tool Cheats

Man, there sure are a lot of free to play games on iOS where you build a city and attack other people. Basically, they are faced with the challenge of not just making a game initially appealing but keeping it entertaining for a long duration. To even consider spending that kind of money on a game s

Restaurants Near Me Yelp

Breakfast Restaurants in Mumbai on Demand - Food - Restaurant Reviews Millions of cooks all through the world are actually selecting waterless cookware within their homes. Why are chefs and cooks utilizing this cookware? The answer to why a number of people are choosing this new means of cooking is

Want An Easy Fix For Your How To Reset Itunes Login? Read This!

Choice one specific is that you do anything manually and selection two is as simple as downloading software that will do it al

Hotmail Down Fundamentals Explained

It will benefit individuals who only plan to comment or interact over a particular topic, but are not interested in using the service with a website. This means, when you have an account in the list of OpenID providers in the following paragraphs, technology-not only to login to any website or servi

Poor performence and faulty Renaulty Duster Car

I purchased Renault Duster in June 2013. Registration No MH04GE1879. up to first service on 5000 KM there was no problem and car wasrunning smothly. On second service after running 10000 KM I sent my Car to the authorised service center of Renault at M/s Gen Next Motor

How To Something Your Juegos Gratis

En el presente el cosmos del juego es una de las industrias que bastante mas capital manejan en en todos los sectores. Tan solo deberemos observar las gigantescas montañas de dinero que los mas recientes titulos de la previa y la presente generacion de consolas han conseguido cobrar. De todas forma

Loan Frauds in the name of Adhitya Birla Finance

In July I got a call from Mr.Ajay sharma,9555976632,he told me that he is calling me from birla finance and discussed a plan with me that he will provide me a personal loan on4.9%. And also told me that for having the loan I need to take a insurance poIicy and the loan secured against said policy

Does Natural Vitiligo Treatment System Work

Life- Death And Juegos En Linea

En todas partes se ha oido mencionar o puede ser gamer de paginas webs de juegos totalmente gratis, que ahora prosiguen siendo de las web blogs mucho mas usadas y visitadas por los jugadores de el on-line, de la misma forma que de Smartphones y tablets. Las razones resultan ser muy diversas, de toda

Keeping Your Home's Roofing In Tip-Top Condition

Making certain your homes roof is obviously in wonderful condition is a thing you likely consider very very seriously as a house owner. But, you could possibly lack adequate information to completely do the job right. Please read on the part that comes after under for several excellent recommendatio

Arhiva Grecia Kino

Juegos Gratis Adventures

Ahora el colectivo del games consiste en una de las actividades que mucho mas dinero mueven en en todos los ambitos. Nada mas que debemos tener en cuenta las increibles montantes de efectivo que los mas recientes contenidos para consolas de la anterior y la presente generacion de consolas han conseg

Examining Immediate Programs For Fashion Jewellery

Fashion - Find Your Individual Style Every team has a history of kits, some really good, some bad, some that make you wonder what they were thinking! Many of them stick within our minds many different reasons and may gain an everlasting put in place the hearts with the supporters. Manchester

Is It Possible Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite is a

's Gravenhage Day Warfare On Steam


call details

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Helpful Information Around The Sims 4 PC.

Your Sims is amongst the most in-demand PERSONAL COMPUTER video game titles obtainable. It is not only about the PC, nevertheless it truly is about a number of other gambling units likewise, like the GameCube, Xbox 360 system, Manufacturers DS, and Activity Young man Enhance. Your franchise runs ava

Muay Den Haag Safe Sparring

If you've Den Haag to take up the sport Muay Thai, believably you already fine that this is one of the most intense and high impact contact sport existed. Certainly, all level of Muay Thai can develop a great physique and increases the cardio of its practitioners. Learning this method gives numerous

's Gravenhage Popular Games Of The World For Improving IQ

We 's Gravenhage are partial of playing

Manage Your Phone from a PC with MOBILedit

MOBILedit is a universal software suite designed for managing your mobile phone and all of the data on it from your PC. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you'll be able to connect your phone and access everything stored on it, either via Bluetooth, a USB cable or wireless Intern

Product cancelled without my knowledge

I ordered red tape brown boots on 21st Dec through SNAPDEAL and my order was confirmed. All of a sudden i got message saying your order has been cancelled, i donno who cancelled and why did my order has been cancelled. I got a message on 27th Dec saying due to product cannot be delivered


Dear sir /Madam My xolo q1000s so many problem  submit the phone in lajpat nagar technocare solution pvt ltd date-29/12/2014 joob sheet no-310001037834 camera open cnotbe cannect cemara/video not open hanging Start/bettery issue/softwere not o

Worst Product Electrolux washing machine

I've purchased Electrolux Top loading washing machine in the year 2014 in Bangalore. We had the problem within 8 months. When Service person came and saw, he told there was problem with water inlet, It will not take more than 2-3 days for replacement. After that he didnt contacted me for one mont

NON-DELIVERY - 35 DAYS HAVE PASSED-The worsted Customer Support

I am shocked that sites like snapdeal too have political background. I called to enquire about my product NOVA RECHARGEABLE LED TORCH .ORDER NO. : 3708127323:Actually i had already called 3-4 times. So i simply asked Me:-Are you willing to delivered this year or so ?Snapdeal Care: - Why are fraud by selling watch.

I have bought Tissot watch from on 24- Nov- 2014. The watch is not genuine and also it has some missing parts. The watch is not working properly.I have already made no. Of Complaints about the product but they do not respond positively. The watch is register by my phone no. 995

Cracking The Belkin Wifi Range Extender Amazon Secret

jual edimax wifi extender

4 Secrets About Clumsy Ninja Cheats They Are Still Keeping From You

GPS Vs MP4 Player Vs Android Tablet: Tech Gadgets GuideIf you adored this article and you simply would like to acquire more info regarding

A User-Friendly, Cost-Effective CAD Suite

If computer aided design is an important part of your job, you don't necessarily need to fork out a huge amount of money to get the tools that you need. Available for a modestly priced yearly subscription, nanoCAD Plus provides the full range of tools that you need for creating professional diagr

winning prize money

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Loan Fraud - birla finance

Hi !! I am Raghvendra tiwari.i have a complaint against a so called company aditya birla finance. On november,12 I have got a call from Mr.Ajay sharma,9555976632,he told me that he is calling me from birla finance and discussed a plan with me that he will provide me a personal loan on4.9%. And als

docomo post pay extra bill

Hi,, I am sanatan kumar,, I have taken tata postpaid 799 plan of 2000 min. local and std min free on 1/Noc/14,,, means more then 2 hrs per day. i uses 2 hrs to talk per day.. but bill is showing 1786 rupies in 27th of dec,, bill is totaly wrongs. one more thing my plan is 799 and it gives 800 rs

send my all call history

pelz send my call history imideyet becouz i lost my mobile call memory 

ACE Tablet 10inch Calling Dual Sim Tablet

I had placed the order with for ACE Tablet 10inch Calling Dual Sim Tablet along with Tab-1 free battery back up worth Rs.1500/- & 1 free tablet pouch worth Rs.1000/- for Rs.5999/- inclusive all three on 16/09/2013.I have received the parcel with defective Tablet and no battery back

If You Are In The Market For A Car You Must Read This

Car buying is a necessary evil for most and is often dreaded by many. All the options and variables can be confusing. This article has professi

Low Email Bounce Rates Can Still Kill Your Email Marketing

Byteplant (, a leading provider of Email List Validation services, in a recent study found out that even email bounce rates as low as 3% can lead to ISP blacklisting and suspended email marketing accounts. ISPs today often have very strict anti-spam policies and b

Design the Perfect Company Logo with Logo Design Studio Plus

Offering exceptional ease of use, the main goal of Logo Design Studio Plus is to provide everything that companies need to create professional, eye-catching logos in less time. You don't need to hire any expensive graphic designer or even have any experience yourself to be able to use the program

Tata Docomo Balance detection

Hello sir, This is Rakesh , I am  using Tata docomo  since 1+ year .My mobile no is  8147064893. yesterday they deducted my 33.15 rupees without any notifications && when I tried to call customer care  they haven't  picked the call  .i

Consciousness Of Data Centers Adversity Feat Plans

When it comes to the IT department of an business, server migration is one thing that is certainly inevitable. The migration in server technology happens every now and then and is also quite unpredictable. The scale of migration too is kind of undefined and frequently companies lack an effective ser

How To Lose Weight Fast 10 Lbs

Every one needs to look like slim and wise in this modern world. It's common belief that in case you shed weight and dwell with an intelligent and slim human anatomy you'll suffer from less diseases. There are multitudes of manners through which you can slim down. Some are successful but the others

Top 50 Christmas Gift Ideas UNDER $50 You Can Order Online By Nicole Anderson

The Importance of Play by Judy HansenAs you can see, there are lots of very good news regarding datacenters in the country along with other nations worldwide. A lot more people are purchasing this kind of program for your own profit of their own companies. Well, this really is strongly sugge

Removing The Difficulty Associated With Auto Repair

No matter how well you maintain your car, things are going to break down eventually. It is during these times when you need to enlist the help

If You Are In The Market For A Car You Must Read This

Are you prepared to purchase a new vehicle? Is the idea frightening? Calm yourself and read through this article. Understand all the tips and a

Men Tweed blazer fraud by

I had ordered a tweed blazer of size 42. On receiving it, quality was substandard and size was also small. I filed for the refund. The order was picked by the courier man before 12 days and till date there's no response to my complaint. I have written many a times but, there's just no response an

axis bank hacking my account withdraw money

Respected sir A hacker withdraw my money 9300rupees by atm at mumbai but I in vapi & atm card with me on 12 dec evening withdraw money police and bank no give satisfied answer I am a poor and hv family Plz support for my money back from bank account

The Heart Rates - Be Listening To Your Heart

These modern research based programs provide you with fast weight-loss at a safe and healthy rate. Don't be tricked into the idea that you could lose 30 pounds in a week or so. There are lots of advertisements out there that make outrageous claims of this kind. It simply isn't real as we all truly


Dear sar/madam Please send me incoming and outgoing call ditails no. 9155160183  mont  DEC  my email (

How To Shop For A Car And Enjoy It

Want to buy a new car without the struggle typical of the purchasing process? You're not alone! This article has been written with you in mind, including advice from people who have purchased cars before without any struggle at all. Continue reading to find out how you can buy your car in a fun and

Brazilian Martial Arts

It seems the Den Haag thing that is certain is change, and martial arts aren't any different. Sure there are styles and techniques being taught in schools today all over the world that have been around for decades if not centuries, but there are times when Times Square systems expeditious more popul

Tips For Successfully Purchasing A Car Quickly

Buying a brand new car can be quite the hassle if you don't know what your doing. You may be tempted to buy the first car you like, but this i

scammed by

8 days ago, I purchased windows pc game named "Dirt 3" pc game from online website, I paid money (608 rupees) to snapdeal through internet banking. Today I received my order through Blue Dart courier in pachora where I live.I opened it and saw it is it correct or not? I got wro


    “I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell

How To Pay Less For A New Car

Are you looking for advice on shopping for a car? If so, then you have come to the right place. The goal of this guide is to make you into a ma

Some Quick And Easy Tips For Auto Repairs.

Don't you want better insight as to what you can do when facing auto repairs. If you ask around, no one seems to have command of themselves ent

Advice On Getting Your Car Repaired

A car can be a time and money sink if it is not taken care of properly. Besides getting to know all you can about your car's make and model, th

When It Comes To Buying A Car- These Tips Are Ideal

Do you want a shiny, new car in your driveway? Are you worried about how hard it is to buy one? We wrote this article with you in mind, and the advice here will make buying your next car a process which you not only enjoy, but leaves you with an amazing car at a great price.

Snds shopping hub

There was regular call from Telephone no 140-9304164 and 140-9304967 on my mobile for special offer by Sandsshopping on inaugural. I refused   so many times but again and again  there was regular call and  requesting for purchase of  items worth of Rs. 4999/- and there sh

Simple Tips On How To Get Cheap Rates On Auto Insurance

Making the right decision about auto insurance can be a much easier task when you have knowledge in the subject. There is so much to learn and

Look Here For Great Advice About Auto Repair

Many people want to be able to repair their own cars, but think it's too hard to do. The truth is, it's not that hard to repair your car, you just need the right information to guide you. You can find tips and advice in this article that can help you with auto repair.

How To Buy A Car With No Hassle

Cars come in many varieties. There are new cars, used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Buying just one of these kinds of vehicles warrants good de

Standards For No-Fuss Methods For Fashion Jewellery

New Shoe Fashion Trends Boots are usually worn due to the really high level of style they bring to the girl wearing them. But of all the types of boots which can be being sold on the market, which kind is really the best with regards to style? A quite obvious replacement for answer this ques

5 Quick And Effective Home Business Ideas

franchise business reviews -

I Didn't Know That!: Top 10 Login Of The Decade

The Item Unique Identification (IUID) Registry is usually known as the vital repository of IUID information. It has a critical role ins

What To Try A Casino That Is Online

Reel Riot slots appear to happen to be specially made with us "oldschool" people in mind. Riot is like having a crank in the past with the fruit representations as well as the Vegas feel of gaming. Reel Riot is straightforward to, realize and simple to understand the eyes using its vibrant design. T

Car Shopping Doesn't Have To Be Miserable

Everyone wants the best deal when it comes to buying a car. Many people are unaware of what is required of them if they are going to get that j


Hello folks, I am not sure how many of you have seen this, but I have come across multiple cases where ebay is no longer covering cases for our accounts and helping resolve issues. Instance 1 & 2 I have had orders where I received

Buy A Car The Smart Way With These Handy Tips

Buying a used car can be tricky, no matter how much you already know about cars. There are lots of different things to consider so that you do

Smart Auto Repair Ideas That Will Keep Your Car Running!

The subject of auto repair is something that has proved elusive to many people who

Make Buying A New Car A Breeze With This Advice

Buying a brand new car can be quite the hassle if you don't know what your doing. You may be tempted to buy the first car you like, but this is a mistake! Read through this article and learn some useful information for anyone in the market for a new vehic

How To Shop For A Car And Protect Yourself

Buying a car is not for the faint of heart - it can cause you to break out in a sweat at the salesman runs his pitch on you. Don't worry! The

Make Your Car Repairs Easier With These Tips.

No more wondering what the next step is when something goes wrong with your vehicle. Auto repair is not a simple subject, but you can know how

No-Fuss Secrets For Head Soccer Cheats - What's Needed

Graphically, the overall game handles well about the Xbox 360, however, if compared to games like Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 it can appear to become dated. For more information on Football Buster foo

Avoir Une Peau Parfaite Est Essentiel Pour Votre Réussite . Lisez Ceci Pour Savoir Pourquoi

Et lotion pour le corps humain : Quench vos pores et la peau & rsquo; de la SoifLe moment de v

OPSWAT Releases Free GEARS Application for Device Security and Advanced Threat Detection

OPSWAT today announced the official release of the GEARS application. This free software helps users identify if their computer is at risk or compromised, by providing greater visibility into the status of installed security applications and alerting them to potential advanced threats. The releas


dear pls give me my no:8341102020 call list of one month for my frnds phone serching so pls give my call list

Simple Auto Repair Advice Made For Novices

If you're an adult in this country, chances are you own or finance a vehicle of some kind. And if you've got an automobile, you are going to need repairs sooner or later. Here are some tips that will help you, whether you choose to attempt repairs yourself, or get them done by a service.

No Response for Shipment of Order No. 1101853328

Not Response for Shipment of Order No. 1101853328 Hi, My Order No. MIS INVOICE # 1101853328 / A 11, 186 is not shipped and no correct response from I had given my orders on November 30th 2014, they say that the

Make That Car Dream Come True! These Tips Can Help

Have you ever gone to a dealership to buy a car and felt like you were just totally not being treated fairly? Pretty much everyone has been in that situation, and there is no need to settle for this. Keep reading to find out more about how you can better take control in finding the deal for you.

Body Weight And Fat Reduction

Unwanted weight loss is really all about dropping body body fat. You are intending to be within a view rapidly in case you sloe physique fat to discard weight quickly. The idea is consistently to obtain rid of extra fat in some manner. There are a variety o

Useful Auto Repair Tips To Help Everyone

If you want to learn how to take care of your car, sometimes the best solution is to talk to a professional. Rather than damaging your car thro

What You Need To Know Before Buying Your Car

Have you decided that it's time to get a new or used car? Are you not sure what you can do to make shopping for one less stressful? You are in

How To Shop For A Car

Car shopping is something that most people have to do at some time in their life. The experience can be a good one, or it can be quite stressful. The following article contains useful tips you can use when you are car shopping and want to make the most of the experience.

Worst CUstomer Service EVER

It was going be such an exciting day, a birthday of someone special and you wanted to gift them all the happiness. I headed to my usual Croma Koramanagla, Bangalore store and bought an Ipad mini, Bose bluetooth speakers etc from this store, the sales girl was so courteous

froud job compny

I am pay pernial career service  company 159000.for a job but not job offer me.A refund my amount 120 days & complite a 120 days but not return my mony.i calling daily but she said you another pay 20000 and get your mony  refund.i am sad i not a option........please reply me m

Synchronize Files and Folders with FreeFileSync

The free and open-source program FreeFileSync is designed to simplify data synchronization and backup by providing a graphical representation of your files. It is also a convenient folder comparison tool. With this innovative solution to file synchronization, you will be able to closely examine t

Bogus offer in Snapdeal

I have booked a Laptop bag on with offer price. But after 4-5 day I received a SMS and a mail about the cancelation of the product Snapdeal due to out of Stock. But the product is available on the site with higher price. So what is the meaning of offer?????? 

Ten Facts Everyone Should Know About Unique Gifts For Him

Yet as with quite a few things, there is more to it and some things s

Snapdeal Cheated me by Bougus deal

I booked Karboon phone on SnapDeal during GOSF deal. Order No-3929288877Suborder No.-5275029472 After a day I got an SMS saying that order was cancelled. I called up there customer care and the executive told me that the order was cancelled because the phone cannot shipped t

How You Can Lower Your Auto Insurance

In the world of auto insurance policies, there are plenty of resources available to help you with choosing a good plan. There are many websites, e-guides, books, videos and other resources available. This set of tips contains some of the best advice for helping you find a good policy for your vehicl

Crucial Knowledge For Fixing Your Car Problems

Wear and tear on your car can quickly become an expensive disaster if you aren't sure how to do simple maintenance. In the case that you have to fix something, doing it yourself can save money. Read this tips in this article so you can learn simple and useful auto repair.

How To Get The Right Price On A Car

This article is a great start to buying the car that you want! Many times people sacrifice in quality because of price. If you are unable to find that perfect car at the right price point, check out this article. It will help you to reduce the price you must pay.

Find The Right Flooring With Ideas That Are Practical

When you are choosing flooring for your home, realize that it is one of the most important things in how your home will look. The floors also have a lot to do with comfort. The feel of plush carpet is great, but the price tag isn't. People would choose much nicer carpet if comfort was the deciding f

What You Need To Know Before Buying Your Car

Have you decided that it's time to get a new or used car? Are you not sure what you can do to make shopping for one less stressful? You are in the right place if so. Here you'll go over a few of the things you need to think of when you go car shopping, so read along.

The Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Anyone selling their house knows how difficult it can be to prepare their house to look its best. This is possible, yet you will have to be creative when doing this, especially when it comes to cleaning things up. If your home looks messy or cluttered, it

Boost Your Headline Writing - Three Ways To Accomplish This

Creating a business on the topic of headline writing is something you could do. It is a unique business idea as well. Headlines are very important, yet

Setting Is Essential When Moving Home

One of those significant events in your life is locating the perfect home. We dream about exactly what type of residence that we would like to live in. What is important and what

Making More Revenue With Online Merchandising - Tips And Strategies

Supplemental merchandise is one of the best kept secrets every Internet شركة رش مبيدات بالرياض Marketer knows about. These are

3 Usability Mistakes Important To Know

Most people do not optimize for usability. This is also true for IMers that fail to optimize their conversions either. If you

Car Purchasing Made Simple With These Useful Tips

When the time comes to purchase a new car, whether new or used, you have to be sure that you are properly educated on the subject. If you're no


TATA DOCOMO 3G FRAUD CHEATING I purchased Tata Docomo 3G plan Rs. 1250/ - per month 30GB plan (Mobile number: 7405765081) Account Number: 920690737  from Shahibaug Store in Ahmedabad on 6th December 2014 from salesman – Mr. Akash Rana (Mobile number: 8460267279).

Turn Yourself Into A Car Shopping Professional

Shopping for a car is stressful if you're not sure what you are doing. Getting a good deal, and getting a car that's in good shape are what you're probably looking for. This guide will teach you the basics of car shopping. Read below and learn what you can do to make the experience go smoothly.

7 Methods Of Unique Gifts For Christmas Canada Domination

Customers like obtaining

Product not delivered nor money refunded

Order No- 23550457On 16th Oct 2014, I had ordered  "hard rock pack of 5 premium cushion filler set of (16 x 16 inch)", for Rs 207, from But till now I have not  received this order nor my money has been refunded yet. When I traced this order in Dtzot courier, it

Tips For Choosing A Good Dedicated Server Hosting

When weighing the main advantages of the Windows XP operating-system, you will see that it can be noted for its simplicity. You will be given very friendly, very familiar layouts and you will recognize that it can be quite instinctive. Administering for a site over the Windows server operating is ve

Tips And Tricks For Pricing Your House To Sell

If you decide to put your home up for sale, there are some critical things you need to know when pricing houses to sell. Setting the wrong price can mean not selling your home at all, or selling it at price that's below market value.

Simple Ways To Fix Site Conversion Difficulties - 3 Techniques Revealed

Do you have an Internet business? Are you an online marketer? Then you can improve your business with online conversion optimization strategies that produce results. If you can understand what optimizing means, then you can start benefiting from this strategy. People that optimize (their website, et

3 Classified Ad Writing Tips That Will Have You Competing With The Pro's

The point of running classified ads is to sell products and services. If you really want to tap into classified sites

HDFC Home Loan

-loan applied on 14 may,2014 -Loan passed on 30may,2014 -Last date to pay amount to party 05june, 2014 -local branch not cooperated. - I have to manage amount from market. - Processing fee not refunded.

Find The Perfect Auto With This Sound Advice

Are you thinking about buying a new car or truck? Are you generally unaware of the automobile industry? Are you afraid of getting ripped off? I

PDF Report Tips And Tricks - Secrets To Getting A Great Response Rate

It is 100% wrong to think that there isn't a single thing that you can do to make readers have a better response to the PDFs that you produce. Consider that you want to create a terrific impression on your readers.

The Hague Diets Might Not Be So Bad In Beating Fat After All- Suggests New Study

img, .hide-comment-buttons #singleCommentHeader .formContainer >.title, .hide-comment-buttons #loginButtonContainer display: none; /* Den Haag MPU fix */ #side .x300 overflow: seeable!important; /* Collapsing Skyscraper fix */ .ad div.skyscraper height:auto!important;padding:0px!important; .ad d

How To Get Your Website To The Top

If you do 's Gravenhage know a nonprofit about search engine optimization, you should hire a professional to help you.They testament be friar's lantern to give you guidance as to what changes you need to make to have your site be as successful as it possibly can be. You should ask about their ex

Setting Is Essential When Relocating Home

Among the significant decisions in your life is locating a new home and it is not an easy thing to do. We sometimes direct attention to what type of home that we would like to get.

What You Should Know About GoDaddy Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting

How To Choose Flooring For Practical Results

Are you thinking of


Brought Roti Maker from Snapdeal  Deleivered between 8-10th november 2014 Found defective, informed snapdeal. Product returned on 17th November, 2014. Was assurred by snapdeal that the amount for the product will be reimbursed  by cheque within five worki

Throwing garbage on the vacant plot beside my house by our neighbour

Dear sir /madam Im residing at NO.94 , 15TH STREET KRISHNA NAGAR , LAWSPET , PUDUCHERRY - 605008 this address for past 20 years ,it has ground floor and I St floor .We live in 1 st floor and ground floor is rented a family is residing in that. Beside(left side) my house there is a vacant plot .

Even Rookies Can Save Like Professionals Using These Auto Insurance Tips

Insuring your automobile can be a complicated and frustrating matter. There are so many confusing options and scenarios to consider that you really need some guidance in finding the right coverage for your vehicle and your needs. Read on for some great ideas on how to go about navigating your way th

Preparing Your House For Sale - Hints And Tips To Doing This Right

If you want someone to buy your house, you have to prepare it so that it looks its very best. This is possible, yet you will have to be creative when doing this, especially when it comes to cleaning things up. Selling your home will be much more difficult when it is cluttered or messy. This article

Purchasing A Car: Tips And Tricks

There are many details that need to be addressed when making an auto purchase. If you are unaware of these details, you could find yourself overpaying for the car that is not right for you. You will find some great advice in the article that follows that will assist you in purchasing your next car.

Not received the phone i purchased after 15 days

I ordered a Mobile phone worth 6699 at on 2nd of Dec and it is 17 Dec today they have not delivered the order the customer service is terrible they dont give clear answer to any question no follow up on complaints. I have had a

Rojgar India paid job

I got a call from Rojgar India. They sai it is goverment site, they provide job. they told me to paid in a corporate account of rupees 2250/- for registration. After that they will generate my reference  id. They provide me 100% job in Hcl, wipro. what can i do i can  not understand.. p

How To Buy The Best Car For The Least Money

In life, getting what you want starts with some knowledge. You have to absorb what the experts provide you on the topic. Car shopping requires

Tricks On How To Get Good Auto Insurance Quotes

If you're searching for a good, dependable auto insurance company, you know how confusing it can be to compare insurers. Not only do you need

Internet Marketing And Advertising Is Really A Great Way To Construct Your Business

With regards to increasing your businesses revenue, or should you be looking to start a web based business in order to make cash, marketing online

The Best Auto Repair Advice You Have Seen

How do you feel when you realize that your car is in need of repair? It is not fun, and you might think that there is no good road to take. How

Three Simple Ways The Pros Use To Promote Startech Wifi Wireless Range Extender Reviews

Hopefully your awareness of these lies you tell yourself has prompted one to take measures to get some new wireless network’s security while using right design and implementation. Wi-Fi usually proves its

Tips On How To Find Affordable Car Insurance Rates

It is necessary for every person who owns a car to buy auto insurance. When selecting an auto insurance plan is important to find a plan that f

The Truth About Apple College Student Discount

But there's one saying which is most often true - you get what you pay for. This connection allows whatever is showing on a best buy laptop screen to experi

Dog Training Tips To Correct Behavior Problems

If you are a dog owner, dog training is an inevitability that you must face. By training your dog on your own, or even if you

Auto Repair Tips 101: Must Know Starting Tips!

If you have thrown your hands in the air at the sign of car repairs in the past, it's because you need to be more informed about the subject. I

How You Can Afford A Car You Actually Like To Drive

Sometimes people avoid looking for a new car. It may be because it takes a lot of time to shop for a car, or that there are just too many things to think of. The object of this article is to take the stress out of car shopping. Continue looking through this piece to learn more.

Nofat is not giving any result and got admitted to icu due to allergy

I have taken nofat capsules to reduce my weight. They promised that two months course will give me reduction of weight of 12 kg and i have not reduced not even a single Kg and on top of that i had to get admitted to icu due to heavy itching due to allergy from this product. I strongly advice peop

Samsung mobile in warranty

I have purchased a Samsung mobile phone on 23rd Feb, 2014. It's Samsung galaxy core i8262.  My mobile phone gets switch on/off automatically. I have visited Samsung service center 3 to 4 times for repair.  Everytime they say it's repaired however I am still facing the same issue. I have

Understanding Significant Aspects In High School Story Cheats

Playstation 3 Common Faults And SolutionsThe trailer to Gears of War 3 continues impressive marketing strategy by Epic Games. From the earliest Gears of War commercial, you are able to tell that would definitely certainly be a series that will have many care place into it. They found a metho

Delay in Replacement

ORDER NO:3780487332 i ordered htc desire 816g and paid full Rs.15305 through my debit card. When i recieved the phone one of the speaker stopped working and the phone seemed in used condition.I requested for replacement of the product on the same day.My product was picked

shopclues damage product

ShopClues send damage product. I filled return request, They told me return this product by courier when I send this product by DTDC. They refuse to receive the courier . Please take necessary action.Details are given below.. ORDER NO- ShopClues order 26649137 DTDC CONSIGNMENT No.: D18775

's Gravenhage Money Online

Making Money Online

Make Easy Money Online Today

Everyone is Den Haag for an alternative way of devising a living, since many are unemployed in this so spherecalled economic downturn. Some people are doing extensive country researching, writing resumes, scheduling job interviews, while others are looking at the Internet to "Make Easy Money Online"

Ways To Find And Send Gifts To USA

When you The Hague about sending gifts to a distant location, you worry that it might be a difficult task.But its not. By deviating from standard procedures and picking out innovative ways to send gifts to USA, youll be capable of promptly pack away your overall appropriate for the designa


complaint:I have completed my UG in 2014 and currently working in a private IT sector as a technical trainee.The company named club indiaa have approached me around oct,2014 and they said the product cost is Rs.49000 and we are offering you for Rs.18000 , I said im not

The Hague Gifts To Bangladesh

The Hague of the matters of concern at the time of sending gifts to Bangladesh would be regarding the safety.However the fact is that online gift stores are very convenient as well as affordable as compared to that of the

False Promises and Cheating

Sir, On 12 Nov, 09:22 PM, I received a mail from 100bestbuy website that I will get Sony  Xperia Z2 on special price of Rs. 699. Accordingly, I paid the amount, and immediately I got a call from this office that I have been selected in first 15 lucky contestants. Out of which 12 conte

Cheating Husbands - The Way To Catch A Cheating Husband

If your husband unexpectedly showers regarding love an individual once he comes back home, they could be physical exercise as possible console your own family befool you of the love. He poss

MTS mblaze wifi datacard

Dear sir/mam,               I am using MTS mblaze wifi data card(8925542292). last four days i did not get my internet connection. i have tried lot of times to that customer care people they never tell the answer properly. Even i have sent a complaint

Sony TV with Croma Extended Warranty

I have purchased Sony TV close 3 years back and covered with Croma extended warranty. There are horizontal lines showing up and made calls to Croma customer care and the complaint number is 148383. The attended service person has informed that it requires replacement of panel and it will ta

not opened account

Sir in sbi i want to open the jandhan yojna as my account started ny pm but the brach manager mr.rajendra shukla of mahanagar branch near sanjay nagar plibhit bypass road  he even dosent allow me to open my account in that as well as talk to me properly      and behave rudely

I will take legal action against SBI,ATM Transaction Related

Hello Sir/Madam,   I am here lodging a complaint against the fraudulent that I encountered. My name is Jitendra  And My SBI Account no is – 30593495708. On the date of I made 5000 withdrawal transaction from SBI ATM but it showed cash cannot be dispensed (t

Fraud banking transaction(OXI CASH BILL DESK MUMBAI IN)

32GB SD Card defective

I  had purchased a 32gb SD card from Kurla Croma store (Phoenix Mall), first dy itself it is defective & when i went there i was told that i will have to go to RPT off)Sandisk) myself located at Goregaon to get it replaced. They already have odd timings & i

Didn't my product Micromax Canvas Juice A177 Black

Snapdeal Order: 3527948962. I did the order on November 11, 2014 and paid using net banking and supposed to receive the product by 4-7 working days but still there is no sign of it. I have called them several times at 09212692126 to track the status and expedite the process but it doesn't w

Have not received my order YET and shows delivered DONE by NONE

 i have ordered for 6 pairs of footwear. However, I have received only 4 pairs so far.  Please let me know the status of the other 2 pairs. Order No: 141101042201  I h=wrote several emails there is no response.

Complaint against

I got a call from Mansi jain from, insisting me for online shopping for combo packages, she explained me about combo3 package saying that their company will give you one assured gift (laptop) when I purchase combo3 and that is for selected people, so she guided me on h

Trying Out Internet Marketing? Read This Advice!

You want the truth about internet marketing, not just what some random person has said on the Internet. There are scores of self proclaimed experts out there, but you need to know the correct information and be assured that it is legitimate. You will most likely find exactly what you are looking for

Delay in reverse pickup

My Order No. is 3657569151 and suborder No. is 4928037446. I ordered Nilkamal Manhattan 3 seater sofa pricing rs 25900/- on 21 Nov 2014, I got the delivery on 28th Nov, but it was wrong  product I found that product did not looked like a 3 seater sofa, instead it was

Blackberry Playbook Get The Newest Blackberry Tablet Intelligent Cell Phone

Because the iPad cases possess much a lot more kinds with several prices. In buy to get a greater sale, the scenarios are generally discounted on a considerably less pricey selling price. You ought to be thrilled about that. On the other hand, you really should not go away the quality and operation

Tips To Follow For Email Marketing Success

One of the best ways to expand your popularity and get people to know about you and aware of your online presence is to market through email. You want to have the option to give people updates about your site and let them know what is new with what you're doing, so look through this article and see

Restaurants Near Me Valdosta Ga

Indian Restaurants in East London - A Must Visit for Indian Food Lovers - Food Many people are aware that there are a great number of rules and regulations for cleanliness which should be adhered to by restaurants. Perth WA government hygiene codes are very specific and restaurants are subject to in

Using Email To Market Your Product Sucessfully

Do you have an online business that could use a boost? One easy solution is a business strategy called email marketing. Marketing through targe

Looking For Tips On Email Marketing? Try These Wonderful Ideas!

Email marketing is an effective tool to market your product. However, the only way you will find this technique to be useful is by becoming knowledgeable on the topic. That is where the following article comes in; you are going to be given email marketing advice that will set you on the path to succ

Internet Marketing Tips That Are Right For You

The internet has changed the face of marketing. There are now a breadth of options available to anyone looking for a way to market a product or

Is Email Marketing The Right Choice For Your Business?

Have you heard of email marketing, but you do not know what it entails? You are not alone. Many people are not really familiar email marketing. That is about to change for you. In the following article, you will be given methods to assist you in effectively using email marketing to your advantage.

Tips To Help Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

If you are looking for new and creative ways to market to your internet audience, then you should look into email marketing. Email marketing allows you to grow a list of potential customers who want to hear what you have to say. The article below discusses some great tips on growing and maintaining

Revealing Vital Aspects Of Candy Crush


African American Miraculous Enter To Create Someone Really Like An Individual

Tips To Help Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

If you are looking for new and creative ways to market to your internet audience, then you should look into email marketing. Email marketing allows you to grow a list of potential customers who want to hear what you have to say. The article below dis

Creative Ways To Approach Email Marketing

If you are running a successful business, you may have already used many of the marketing techniques out there. But if you haven't used an email marketing campaign, you could be missing out on greater success. Here are some effective ways to market your business through email, so you can leave no st

Tricks Of The Trade: Internet Marketing Basics

It is amazing that nowadays you can use internet marking to make your business soar. Having some small articles can help a business double ther

Wino Na Przyjęcie Weselne

Gdy odparujemy sobie na te analizowania, możemy śmiało zapoczątkować badania. W zależności lub zdecydowaliśmy się na Dja czyli chyżej zbiór muzyczny, selekcjonujemy credo które będzie nas najwybitniej frapowało zaœ wpisujemy konsumuje w wyszukiwarkę. Można okroić się do dociekań company cheated got a job hire charges 15300rs

Sir,    have make a call miss. Priya sharma and he told me I have in banking sector e.g axis bank.icici bank , hdfc bank , idbi bank. And he first charges verfication scan doc send my mail id and charges 1000rs..... 2) she call me arrange interview and chargea to cheater & fraud

Product((Mobile-Greenberry A7 Quad core )(OrderNo- Kaun/164871/ 16487186540682) which I have purchase from your website on 18.10.2014 by selecting option EMI. In 15 days they have delivered me the product. Below things happened when I stared exploring mobile: 1. Product description while




Rudraksh Group Overseas Consultants – Exposed – No. 1 Fraud Company in Mohali –Chandigarh   Dear All,   My name is Kulwant singh from Punjab. I have been cheated and harassed by Fraud Group of Mohali that is Rudraksh Gro

Donebynone didn't deliver a prepaid shipment and have not refunded the money for past two months

This is regarding my Order No. 141018085001 placed at www.donebynone on 18th Oct and shipment no. ECP020600 which was to be delivered via Grofers It is a prepaid shipment but I haven't received the product till date. I have been following up for two months now with the

Smoking Corp. Announces The New Vapor Cigarette Tankomizer!

Getting this done has been realized a number of times that a smoker starts along with an ordinary cigarettes cigarette first and as well , then moves needed for other harmful addictive materials, such as, heroine or drug etcetera. Therefore, there is some kind of urgent need for you to put a full-st

uninor incoming and outgoing call detail

I have require incoming and outgoing call detail from 01-10-2014 to uninor pls email me detail as early as id is

I ordered Two Soyvita Helth food on Browntree online shopping but no delivery

I ordered Two Soyvita Helth food on Browntree online shopping site my Order No. #6909 and Order Date10th Oct 2014 For Order Total Is Rs.704.00 INR. But till today I have not received my order I sent 3-4 e-mails to the company but Browntree people dont care to reply my any e-mails


Hi Admin,There is an email marketing service provider company . These people are robbers and biggest cheaters on the earth. This company is in Jaipur. I bought a SMTP server service from these cheaters and the person Named Neeraj Sharma ( Ph:&

uninor call details cheater & fraud

Product((Mobile-Greenberry A7 Quad core )(OrderNo- Kaun/164871/ 16487186540682) which I have purchase from your website on 18.10.2014 by selecting option EMI. In 15 days they have delivered me the product. Below things happened when I stared exploring mobile:1. Product description while sel

pearsons edurite educational cds


refund for lg mobile battery claim no657640

Dear Sir  I purchased a lg mobile battery from which was not working at all. I have already raised the claim with claim no 658640. In spite of several telephonic talks,they are not responding for the same . Kindly do the needful and let me know. Regards Dr ra

Ebay is a cheater company

Ref: Paisapay ID 37472432621 I ordered a 9.8 inches portable DVD player from EBay on 27th 0f Sept/14 and after 20 days of rigorous persuasion they sent me a used defective product. I was told to return the item but they did not provide me the postal address where I can send. At last on 21

Where To Find Alone In The Dark: Illumination Crack

Free Download Alone In The Dark: Illumination CrackAlone In TҺе Dark: Illumination is usually an upcoming follow սp involving On it's оwn Afteг dark tɦat i

Mayuri Infomedia

I am associated with Mayuri Infomedia for the past 6 years. The complaint posted about the company is a fake complaint and we have not engaged any employee by the name Sabari or Sabarish for the post of Web designer or Developer as per our records. Mayuri Infomedia is not a place to work for an e




INTERNATIONAL SMART RESEARCH IN ENGINEERING - cheating students by conducting fake conferences for money I SENT MY RESEARCH PAPER TO please send the acceptance letter as early as possible, I am in hurry On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 6:56 PM, anand anand <anandpalla8



Croma Retail Online Horrible Service

I bought a microwave oven from on 25th November 2014. It was suppose to be a gift for my parents on their anniversary. The site stated that the product would reach me in 2 working days. There were no notifications or messages shared about state of product. Finally, I c


ICIS Noida is a great institute imparting education since 2002.Best & among oldest institute of its kind.Flexible exam procedure & easily understandable & free study kit.Highly recomended. 

Fraud company Ad world wide tech co pvt ltd. 204, Block-4 STPI Ganga Shopping Complex Noida Sector- 29 a big fraud

Hello Friends,Ad world wide tech co pvt ltd. 204, Block-4 STPI Ganga Shopping Complex Noida Sector- 29 is a Totally FRAUD company they are Asking Money(20000 to 30000) from students for the training by saying that its a 1-3 month tanning and after that you will be paid 8000

Fraud Company Ad world wide tech co pvt ltd. 204, Block-4 STPI Ganga Shopping Complex Noida Sector- 29 a big fraud

Hello Friends,Ad world wide tech co pvt ltd. 204, Block-4 STPI Ganga Shopping Complex Noida Sector- 29 is a Totally FRAUD company they are Asking Money(20000 to 30000) from students for the training by saying that its a 1-3 month tanning and

No work and not even help!

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

Croma Tablet

I bought CROMA 2 G tablet, and after three month of purchase there is screen problem to start  the tablet. and croma took at least one month to repair the tablet. After resolving screen problem tablet battery problem started. Battery not support for more than half hour. I suggested n

Renault duster All Doors have noise from the day one.

Dear Sir I had purchased the renault duster110ph disel car sep-12 from sprint gurgaon haryana in the name of Sushil Bajaj.From the day purchased all the doors have some noise.when i visied to the  service  centre everytime they say now it is fine.But After 2years my problem is s

Mayuri Infomedia

Mayuri Infomedia is the worst place to work, they take many projects and allocate all the project to one employee and will not take another one.  1. No proper client communication. 2. cheats clients  3. Boss does not give respect to employees. 4. Always a


Dear Sir,   ID114092581909533 ORDER IDORDS53234654 Transaction Amount4999.00 Payment Date and Time2014-09-25 15:12:58 On 25th September 2014, I got a call from Sandsshoppinghub.  A kind lady informed me that their company selec

number call details

Please send current three months incoming outgoing and missed call detail of my uninor number 7870137494 send in my email id    Thanks


I want to know my call details of mine number 9386224494. Prev 2 months.

Shopclues worst service

Placed the order three times continuously and they could not able fulfill and even without intimating the orders are cancelled. Place orders again and faced the same issue. Worst service by shopclues. 

home king multifunction electric pan

i placed an order for home king multifunction electri pan on rediff shop & gift online. the order was despatched by ojjas enterprises, No 6, Parekh Market,t 39 JSS Rd, operahouse Mumbai -4. I received this order in completely broken state. There e was no glass lid and power cord with

IRCTC Shop Site not working and refund not received

From past couple of months IRCTC shopping site is not working ,phone number & e-mail ID given are not responding I have purchased couple of products for the site but they was not delivered till 15 days so i  cancled the order, since i had made the payment already so the money was refunde

100bestbuy fraudulent ( Dell tablet )

I have taken a Dell Tablet Paid Rs. 15700/- of which they put Rs. 8198/- in my credit promising that whenever I want I can purchase any item of this amount. Also they have promised free APPLE 5C but they have not sent. Also they have given a free watch worth Rs. 2000/- The watch was broken hence,

not responding for any problem

respected sir i am sanjoy from orissa purchased a mobile from snapdeal on 25/04/2014 having order no.=2002604160 now it is within warrenty pereiod and that mobile is completly dead now when i contact snapdeal they gave me some no to contact03330143098,18002703000,18002703002 but all the numb is fake website engaged in fradulment activities

Dear Sir/Mam,   I got a call from resume your employment on 12 july 2014 stating that they are having a job in one of the premium private sector bank and they offered me a good package, on the basis of theri false committment i have deposited Rs.50000/- throung on line by cre

sterling tree magnum(india)l ltd.

Sir I have purchaed one teak tree for value of Rs.975 from sterling tree magnum (India) ltd. 0n 30/04/1993 and the scheme has expired on 29.04.2013. quantity of teak timber gauranteed per tree invested is 37.5 CFT. So far no communication has been recieved from the company. Kindly inform

uninor mobile

sir/madam send my call detels mobile no. 9156211699  incoming and outgoing calls my e-mail id

Sir iwant my uninor( 918125152115) call list of september 10,2014

i want to know the call details of a uninor number pre paid 8421276416 for the last 2 months..

i want to know the complete call details of the number 8421276416..i.e the incomming and outgoing calls..for the last two months..

Worst SAMSUNG Service centers

Its been an worst experience with Samsung Service Center.Siva communications / Velachery / Chennai.I dropped my mobile by mistake and touch display got broken.then i approached Samsung service center for quality service ,  Initially they promised me that they will give my

uninor mobile

sir / madam please send me my uninor mobile no.9970381528 call ditels outgoing call and incoming calls

Please tell me about the company roozgar india beacuse they call me reguler And sent money 2250 - Fraud employment consultant

Just be aware from Carrerplus employment consultant DO NOT pay single rupee to there false promise of personalize service. I like to share my experience with carrerplus, themself calling as private employment consultant from Delhi. Email coming from

100 best buy old product delivered

HI ,


Like other user, i had participated in the contest, they had mention that the result is declare in next week, after 2 months also there was no result declare, the photo on the site of the winner were the same for last 4 months.Then when i called they stated that the contest is over and i am

Defective Micromax Mobile

I have purchased Micromax mobile phone Model No.A66 BOLT on Feb.2014 ,Since the date of purchase it is giving problem ,two time I have given to the service center for rectification ,now this time I have given to Service center at Indirapuram Job sheet No. N040720-0914-11958630 dt.4.9.14The proble

singh placement services

Name: singh placement consultancy Location : Varanasi (UP) Mobile: 8090115011 Mobile: 9440260354 Mobile: 8948362236 Mobile: 8090302030 Mobile: 7839305699   They wil contact us in whats app if we ask for jobs in abroad they


I ordered anarkali full of febfiza of 1857 rs on 12 of August my expected delivery was on 27 aug paid online for that but did not get it I inquired for that they told me it is ready for dispatch after some days thay called me and told it is out of stoke we r providing u gift voucher of 1857 rs and

online purchased product wrong product received

My name is harish and I ordered a liteon dvd writer on 23 september 2014.My order no

online purchased product wrong product received

My name is harish and I ordered a liteon dvd writer on 23 september 2014.My order no. is 2908704437 and I ordered model no. euau108 and you send me wrong model no. ebau108 which has lowest price than the original and product is not properly sealed that means box seal opened and I also received it

Pathetic Service at APEX Honda Kurla Service Center

I had 2 yrs AMC contract with APEX Honda Kurla Service Center. They promised 6 minor and 1 major service. They conducted only 6 services as during their system renewal they misplaced my record. I had a 6-9 months period where no service was done or even called. on 9/26 I got a call that service i

no respons to xtreme sports

i am keerthivasan, i am booking in football shoe is xtreme sports ,payment as done but no respons,my order not in shipped,order booking in 7 days but no respons


hi, i bought 2 ladies chappal from online shopping site on 27th august. after 10 days i got parcel. but quality was not that good as we saw in their site. so i asked within 15 minutes to company that we want refund. kindly do reverse pickup of that product. but after 20 days and c

Fraud and non return of payments by sterling tree magnum

       I, P.Nageswara rao, have purchased 20 teak trees@1475 per tree on 20/05/1995 from Sterling tree Magnum(India)ltd, incorporated under the companies act 1956. My application number is G179218 and maturity date is 19/05/2015.      

Complaint regarding newly purchased mobile Sony Xperia C on

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I purchased a new mobile Sony Xperia C on The product name given on

Ridiculous service by Blue Dart

 This is to highlight the negative experience that I have had around the delivery of my consignment (Waybill No: 14256341245). This was a local delivery within Pune and considering the reliability associated with the Brand, I chose to go through Blue Dart even if it meant pa

my uninar mobile 9154463980 incoming & out going call list request

Dear Sirs/Madam, Please send me outgoing & incoming call list as well as miss call list along with the time & date of call of mobile no. 9154463980 from 01-07-2014 to 31-08-2014 month on my email ID at the earliest. Kindly do the needful. 



LG Elecronics

Respected Sir,I am in also IT Chanel partner  of LG  I sell a huge numbers of  CRTMonitors, LCD, LED Monitors, Desktops, LG Laptops in last 15 years.*I am frustrated & mentally harrage from last 2 months, LG can't solv

Complaint against Save the Deals

I had shown ad of website. there was an offer of Rs.50 for 6 Movie tickets. I clicked on link, then I entered the debit card details only, I haven't enter any Axis Bank Pin or any 3d secure pin but my amount deducted Rs1730 from my account. I didn't got any details of transacting


dear sir ,inform you that I have receiv a mail ,I have known about this company its true and false given bellow:- BBC ONE NATIONAL LOTTERY COMPANY. FOREIGN  HEAD OF OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT 1 Churchill Place, London E 14  5 HP

Diffective Product from Way2online Retail Private Limited (

Hi Sir,I have places an order of 5 pants with order number # S80582374, I have received this order 12 days and when i open all pants are defective. I have order pant of size 30 but none of them have 30 size. I have informed them via mail ( about 7 times no one is respondi

Fake call from asking from atm card detail

​Someone from this 9679272628 called me and asking form atm card detail to reverty my money  back. He said that he is from He put me on hold 25 minutes. I then disconnected my call.

Disappoint about honda service

Hello sir My car number pb02cg1208 is gone for some repair in yours service centre on 19/09/2014 and they asked that my car will be deliver to me on 22/09/2014. Now today is 23/09/2014 and this is their responsibility to inform me about the car is not repaired but this not happened. Today i call se

Globle Sky Shop Pvt. Ltd

My wife had ordered some combo items from your website on 17/07/2014 but till date we have not received any items from your side. While calling to your contact no :  011 – 65103285 we got varies answer that order will release after two days, order release on today, you receive on tomor

incoming and outgoing

please give me the information of this number 8409351934.please sent me only sms detail.

LG LED 3D TV Model No. LW5700

I have purchased a LG Brand LED 3D TV in the year 2012 ( Date of Purchase was 10-11-2012 ) with one year warranty. by paying Rs. 90000/- in cash. Now, the TV Panel is under replacement, and LG is refused to replace the same by saying it is out of warranty.  They are asking me to pay Rs. 3200


Dear sir, please give me informetion month of april ,May & june call detail of my number 8115993004, 


Hi i am prahlad kumar living in charkop mumbai .my first concern is to tell you that PNm services pvt ltd that is registerd in TRAI as telemarketing   this company is involved in many crore cheating and fraud call case and taking money of consumer after making a fraud call many court ca

uninor, OUT GOING, INCOMMING & MISSED CALLS details of my no. 9154463980

Respect Sir,           My Uninar prepaid Mobile  9154463980 call details (i.e) Out Going ,Incomming,And Sms Details not Given by Uninar dealears till to date .  So Please give my uninar Moblile No 9154463980 call details from 01-07-2014 to  31-08-20

farji call

Dear Sir  Maine kuch Din pahle GBJJ person ka Utter diya tha meesage k dawara uske baad mere pass 17/09/2014 time 07:29 PM  ko +923055145559 or 5252525 en dono number se phone aaya jisme mujhe Amitab Bachan sir se bhi baat krayi Jisme Mai 1 Lakh Rs. jeeta qki mai jacp




Dear All, I have purchased Volks Wagen Hi line Vento car in 2011 from Atrica Automobiles Delhi East.  Since the time I had purchased the Car the car is giving trouble of over heating and due to that efectively Car is shuttling between various Service Stations . In this year i

my out going and in comeing call details

my mobile number call detail out going and in comeing


BEWARE BEFORE BUYING ANY HONDA CAR - I AM SHARING ONE OF MY LETTERS TO HONDA... Dear Sirs,After writing you many times but you showed your helplessness to rectify toxic smell frommy new Car and at last I took  delivery from your workshop. Meanwhile I contacted many personswho b



Samsung Mobile Note 2

Refer my mobile service bill no. 4180830107, against touch screen not working properly no proper responce from samsung team from 10 days, i want justfication from the samsung team.

Worst experience from snapdeal.. Purchased apple iphone 5s. Not yet delivered.. Payment made via credit card. Customer representative was very rude no solution. Never purchase from snapdeal or recommenend anyone           &n

Refund My Account - Roozgaar Services Pvt. Limited , Fraud online Services

Dear Sir / Madam, I am Sreenivasulu Reddy, I am of the registered user for Roozgaar. Kindly find the what problems I am facing on behalf of Roozgaar. The 1st day your Team member Mr. Rehaman called me we are having hidden vacancies in Telecom for that you need register with Roozgaar for that you



Not refunding Money

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I have ordered 2 girls formal shirts from They sent me the wrong parcel. I have to no. of customer care executives in 100bestbuy customer service. Someone tell me within 24 hours you will get your money, someone sy within 48 ours, someone says within 4 days

Retail cooperative bank/ Fake Bank

Dear All, This complaint is to inform all as there is a fake job opening in a fake bank This person Mr Madan who acts as if he is the HR for Retail co-operative bank is such a fraud person who cheats each candidate to pay INR500 to the below account details as the job application

100 Best Buy. Cheated on name of Contest..

By dt. 08.09.2014 i feed order of Laptop table, Online Pay Done, Immediately Got call from 8904048982, On phone Mr.Kumar was from 100Best Buy,He informed that  i am selected as a lucky customer of the day & I wons the free Sony Xperia Z2, As per his Guidance I was Operati

card has been damaged due to scratching.

my voucher card has been damaged due to scratching. its a vodafone card of 20 rupees. so please tell me the secret pincode. serial no is 001837292667. please email it to. my email id

code got damaged during scrathing the card

I Have purchase Rs.20 Paper Recharge Card But by mistake the code got damaged during scrathing the card. Please Give Me Secret Pin Of This Card...

Acknowledgement to our mail

Sir i am Receive a messagr from E-mail please helf me about this message vaia email/Mob  +918408993893/+919604140163please helf.


Hi.My name is Nitin and i am a harassed Toyota Etios owner with reg no DL3CBV7602. .I bought an Etios GD in June 2012.The car has currently done 54000 kmsTo cut a long

uninor, OUT GOING, INCOMMING & MISSED CALLS details of my no. 9154463980

I want to know the OUT GOING, INCOMMING & MISSED CALLS details of my no. 9154463980. I request you sir for last TWOMONTHS from 01-07-2014 TO 31-08-2014. Please a

samsung bright away service center allahabad civil lines vashisht vinayak tower

i have purchased battery from bright away communication service center of samsung located in vashisht vinayak tower in allahabad,,he gave me a dumped battery with six month warrenty. no responsible persons sits at that center. peon operates the whole center.they dont no the manners. they have tak

Samsung Galaxy Sduos GT-7562

Dear Respected Sir, Myself Dhruvit.H.Patel informing you that my phone Samsung Galaxy Sduos GT-7562, is having troublesome problem in this case. I would to share some detail against this complain 1. In my mobile phone the camera is not working so i had given the phone in s


i want to get my sent message details of 11september 2014. my uninor no is 8623865445 kindly sent the details of sent message on my email id. thanking you.

Fraud BPO

I'm Mousumi, from Baidyabati, Hooghly west Bengal. I'm a student, preparing M.A. 9th september 2014 suddenly a call to me from SIGNITY BPO SERVICES PVT.LTD, Noida branch. one person Ajay said me that one school job vacancy for me. for this job 11th september 2014 i should pay

Refund Claim

I ordered Fossil CH2600 Chrono Men's Watch product on 26th August and done the payment through online later they told no offer then i tried to cancel the product but not able to do. So they told to refuse the parcel. I did the same thing on 1st September but still now they are s

Outgoing and incoming call details

I want know my call details both (incoming & outgoing) for one month. let me know how can i get both the call details (incoming and outgoing including recharges) in uninor number ???? Current mobile number - 9157758488 Uninor Mobile Number- 9157758488

Tata Docomo broadband issues

I am a Tata Indicom broadband customer since 2006(A/c No: ACC000239467), now migrated to Tata Docomo.  On 1-July-14, my broadband stopped working. I registered a complaint with the call centre(No: 16127196) and was informed that the DSLAM router had to relocated and that it would take a few

Urgent Vacancies

Hi Guys, Please do not goive your card details to any person calling from urgent vacancies. They will say that we have not provided you services and so will refund your amount, they will ask for your card details and the verification. Please do not give any details, they will debit all th

Not Supplied

Dear Sir, I have placed order on 31-8-2014.till now it is not delivered and safe express people saying that it is re-booked back .I am very much disappointed and was unhappy to know and the communication in the whole process was utterly failed. I request you to kindly dont add sellers like the ab

No Response from the Rushabh Honda Nagpur for Delivery of Vehicle

To, Honda Cars, India,   Subject: Complaint for Non Receipt of Confirmation for the booking Made on 29.07.2014 with M/s Rushabh Honda (Receipt No 16524).   Sir, This is to bring to your notice that a booking for Honda City VX MT ID

Never use Reliance Services

I recharged internet for Rs. 19 via online (Receipt No AMIR60680260; Transaction Reference Number 72709157 ; Subscriber Number 9699863699 ).I faced 2 problems:1. Mobile internet did not work on the mobile. 2. Even after that I got a message that this plan will be renewed. I DO NOT WANT TO AU

Duplicate product was sent to me by

The product sent to me was duplicate. I purchased the product in Feb 2014 and got to know about the duplicity of the product just recently. The snapdeal has refunded me with the amount of Rs 885 that too in the form of snapdeal cash. The current amount of the original product is Rs 1400. So I ask

apply to job

sir/mam,             i got a mail from the mnc company where my uncle is working they asked me to submit my details but when i clicked that option  i was taken to and there is no choice of applying to that job over ther

I need my call list of unionor service

Dear sir /madam please send me outgoing & incoming call list as well as miss call list along with the time & date of call mobile nunber 7075325427 from 25/08/2014 to 09/09/2014 on my email ID at the earliest kindly do the my request .....,...........

Refund amount not given

My Order No - 19231471Order Date - 26 Aug 2014Payment Amount - 17500.00 (Netbanking, tr id- 000637967793)shopclues team Canceled Date - 26 Aug 2014 (product is not in stock with the merchant)15 day of i wait not receive refund amount.

Order Not delivered

I had placed a order for a dress ( Order no. 100016523 ) 2 months ago. TIll now I have not received my order or any update about about the processing. I have tried to contact via Mails, Telephone , chat , but no reply at all . I have made full payment of Rs. 2800 , b non deliver my order I pay money order number is #100016411

I purchase of one perduct online shopping on date 27-8-2014 pay in credit card but bhaap is not delivered my order plz deliver my order nd my order number is#100016411 my nam is vimal monga my email I'd  my contract number is 9815708090 belong to ludhiana

Flipkart pushing Moto E black

i bought Moto E Black and wanted to be replaced with Moto E white.  i admitted that i ordered Moto E Black by mistake and would like to get it replaced with Moto E White.  This request was not entertained.  this sounds ridiculous.  i will not be able to see the product - Faulty product (Watch) delivered and now not refunding money even after returning the product

I had ordered a watch worth Rs.5,799/- with order ID 34015448162512 (order no.36566). However there are so many issues (listed below) which I highlighted it on their online customer service portal through complaint ticket no.Kaun/T340154/2GE16O85BT on 23 Aug2014 but there is no res

Honda City Car- Bad service and No response from Honda

I (Renu Raveendran) purchased Honda City (Honda City 1.5 Svcvt, Chasis number MAKGM665DEN001116, Engine number L15Z11010529) in May 2014 from Perfect Honda (dealer) - Trivandrum, Kerala. My registration was delayed due to non delivery of some critical documents/papers on time.Further, I was offer

woxa technology industrial training

Woxa technologies is a private limited company based in Rohtak The Company was founded in 1995 to develop innovative Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software products for seamlessly integrating supply-chain. Large companies and government are using EDI technology for seamlessly integratin

ICICI Prudential cheats in name of IRDA

It is our experiance  not to wait for maturity of policy as ICICI prudential do not pay mature amountIt is difficult to get matured amount and ICICI Prudentialblames IRDA as IRDA has approved the procedure of company. It is surprise howIRDA approves the procedures of company against ter



My Volkswagen POLO car (GJ-12-BF-2889) burnt In the Parking area of the Bank

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a frustrated customer who has been neglected by well known & so called reputed VOLKSWAGEN India (Car Company).I had purchased Volkswagen POLO car in the year March 2011 ( With 2 years warranty period), after one

reliance comunication

Dear, sir            i am ajay kumar 8527074077 it was my reliance postpaid no.from last 2 months i am facing a major problem with it i did not received my bills on time my sim no has been blocked by reliance but i paid my compelet amount of my bill still the

Compliant for online

Dear sir:           I was received

Fraud scam by online shopping site - &

I ordered 3 fengshui products on 03/06/14 from site worth rs 1321. Out of those 3 items, 1 product was sent wrong. Instead of 6 rod wind chime they sent 9 rod metal wind chime. The order was delivered from (sister company of After many call

Sands Technologies Pvt Ltd

  Sands Technologies Pvt Ltd This is very worste company to  get your work done, There are no good skilled peoples present there to create your productThis guys are completlly unprofessional.they never follow the deadlines

Renault Duster- Severe Complaints

Please note that my complaints listed in below trail mail are still prevailing & I am not satisfied with the resolution provided to me. The car has been called at the workshop for 2 times for the same problem but of no use.​ I am pretty sure by this time that, I do

raj mobiles visakhapatnam daba gardens is a fraud company

raj mobiles is a fraud company iwould like to close this company all the sales men there are fraud and lier especially prasad he is the lier and the manager of the shop is highly rude to customers i suggest tgai tge shop must b closed becauae customer is not gettin any satisfaction and customer r

raj mobiles

i got to tel you that i have purchased a mobile from raj mobiles visakhapatnam the salemen there was a big lier he gave me a mob saying that this mob has a wats app but the mobile dint had wats app he sent tje mob to service center he made me wait for 4 days but stil he cudnt put watsapp inside i

I want My Money Back from 100 best buy

My name is Gurinder Singh Chadha, and I palce an for IBall 6318i white (WiFi, 3G, 4GB) and IFleix Brown Mens Watch (Ifx-002) on 30-Nov-2013.My Order ID: 13292019 with Reference # 27910714Some books regarding Income Tax were shipped to my address.S-2/35 RSD STAFF COLONY SHAHPURKA

Fake Product delivered

I bought a Perfume online from and was delivered a fake product. It was very expensive and  now they are not accepting the returns. This is fraud and the customer service is completely non responsive and telling me that I am a liar and the product delivered to me is genuine. It

Sahara Grace Builders not providing the flat as promised

Hi,   I had purchased a flat in Sahara grace in Kerala(Kakkanad). I was promised that i would get the Flat last year. Every time we ask them about the flat they keep pushing the dates for 3 months. Now all their bank accounts are freezed since Subroto Roy got

about the froud

i have seen an add on olx .i email him and got a responce throgh email..the details are

oozo inc

i want to know whether oozo inc( is fake or real one. because they conduct telephonic interview first then they are asking to register in that we have to pay 3000 rs . what i have do now.if any one know about this company please reply.

Highly Unfair deduction of visit charges

My family has been customer of Tata Sky since quite long but what they’ve done in recent times is shameful for Tata name. In past some time, we’ve been getting repeated calls for up-gradation to Tata Sky HD – however since we did not have HDTV at that time we chose not to upgrad

Passbook entry

I am holding an saving account with SBI Jangpura New Delhi branch.Whenever i go to this branch i got upset ,most of the time computer was not working ,missbehave by the bank staff ,talk very rudely etc.This time i face hight of the pethectic service by the bank manger . I moved to DawarKa

Haldirams (Nagpur) Is a dishonest Company.

I have purchased some food products from Haldirams (Nagpur) by On line system. 1. After receiving the payment (On Line) they didn't send the products. After my repeated intemation over E-Mail and Phone they send the products. 2. They products were not up the mark., 3. They


Dear Team I purche voltas w/ac 7/6/14 and i logg the 4 time complaint demo & installaation but every time engineer ask car painter not free after some time my w/ac is dead  and i am logg the complaint (14081000662) till date my ac not working and i am 10 to 15 time call&n

Online Shopping

Hello Team, SANDSSHOPPINGHUB is an online shopping site, they called me and said your number is shortlisted and you have to purchase combo offer

wrong product

Date – 1.9.2014Dear Sir,Myself Mr. Bhavin Sathawara from Ahmedabad ordered the following material from Ebay.Booking Date – 5.8.2014Item Description – Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Sm – G7102 – 8 GB - Black Ebay Price – Rs.13000Color – BlackItem Number

Darling Furniture World cot broke

The Complainant purchased a Cot – 01061 1.8 M 6*6.5 , from the opposite Party for a consideration of Rs. 16,500/- paid in credit through Bajaj Finance Pvt.Ltd vide Cash Memo/Receipt/Invoice No: E 456 , dated 10.06.2013. The Complainant submits that the said good b


Dear Sir,   Please note i had purchased 2 shoes in on 05th July for Rs.547.00 order no 7867785 .But we received a wrong product on 16th July and i couriered the same on 16th July back to Yepme.I received a sms on my mobile on 28th July stating that the order is pro

Online part time Job Fraud Mr Sheriff

Sir, Two months back I have posted an ADD in quicker as I was looking for a good part time data entry Job, One person; he introduced himself as Sheriff from Bangalore. He said he is having software and there are some customer’s queries which we need to solve, my role as he said just scam Scam Refund Request Hello sir, I have paid Rs. 16000 For MCX tips service, after subscription i found they are posting fake performance update and very poor service, And lost another Rs.30000 because of their poor service . I requested refund (Rs .16000) after this they

samsung galaxy note 3

i will purchased a moble online on your side but my mobile are not transfered to my home plz transfered my mobile immedeatiley on my home adderes or contect me my mobil no is 8445246894


MAHESH  UPADHYA  WANTED IN MIRA  ROAD  POLICE  CHOWKI  , MUMBAI...for  cheating  PRAFFUL  PATEL  for 20,00,000/- rupees twenty lakhs only. also arrested  by  mira rd along his wife  , see MUMBAI  MIRROR.COM,  AND S

wrong product delivery from

Dear Sir, On 8 Auguest I paid Rs 10698 and order by phone for IBall Tablet iBall Silver Slide 3G 7271 with Power Bank  basis of 100% cash back  but company Sent me Micromax Funbook280 i refused to take delivery and 100 calls made and 100 mail write to company service@100bestbuy. - sold to me fake Hermes brand belt fake . And cheated rs.10000/- via first flight courier. Now they are not rounding our money. Now this chandigarh operated company not even giving their Indian address and their full company name Pure cheater co stylemydaddy.c fake company chandigarh - sold to me fake Hermes brand belt fake . And cheated rs.10000/- via first flight courier. Now they are not rounding our money. Now this chandigarh operated company not even giving their Indian address and their full company name Pure cheater co stylemydaddy.c


Dear Sir/Madam,                     I am sanjay from Neemuch, M.P. and have booked 02 Items through online order no. S80512511 and S80512551 from as on 26/07/2014 but as on date my booked items not shipped. I have already p

ICIS A Unit Of Strategic Edutech Private Limited

is a fraud institute,take money on their personal account and sends the fake certifacates. no authorisation of the certificates



cheating by sterling tree magnum

purchased 10 teak trees from STM in 1997. cert 6L01256 no returns as guarented pl help recover  my mob is 9479416702

my name is sasikumar.v and cell no.9895911159 I had purchased a mobile from on 2012 through online cash on delivery basis. but recieved the mobile is not my order, so i had send back to them by courier. but till now i have not received any mobile or cash. so please do the n contacted me just a manufacturing company said the lower price and provide you with the garments. I've given half of the advance purchase material needed. Did not object They are using marketing contact no : +91-8042658399 Email ID: kadirvel@allthingscustom

Internet Connectivity Issue

Dear Team, Mobile No.- 8093419819 Circle- Odisha Currently Located at Bangalore I have recharged of Rs.66 for 500 MB 2G Data Validity for 30 days. But from th


I have ordered a watch from their site online on 4-5th aug 2014 They delivered to me on 21st august 2014 , when i received my order it was not upto my expectation and it was a fake watch ,i paid 5100 rupees . After that on the same day when i got the delivery i logged a compl

SNAPDEAL FRAUD and MALPRACTICE. SNAPDEAL Order Nbr. 2569404318 / Request #8484439

SNAPDEAL Order Nbr. 2569404318 / Request #8484439 TV Not working on delivery and NO Refund/Exchange despite innumerable calls to customer service. Had paid money online & since then there's been No response whatsover except a couple of robotic emails/ customer rep saying 'we are looking into this'.

Compliant against Exalt-Need Public support

Hi Every one, I had paid 4,500 to exalt consultancy 5 months back for registration.But i have not got any service from them,after completion of 3 months they are delaying my refund procedure and behaving rudely.I have already intimated to Bangalore Commissioner office.I have got possitive


Respected sir/ Madam, This is to inform you that one person named Mr. Mrityunjay Kumar Pandey from Bihar took 4 lakh rupees from me & my friend and said to us that he will provide a job in food corporation of india in September 2012 because Mr. R. P. Ranjan that t

Streamline Product Delivery with QPack

Whether your company is a small startup or a large enterprise, a tool for managing requirements will help to streamline product delivery and meet the organizational requirements of your business. Its innovative array of features allows you to capture, plan, approve, validate and trace all of your

incoming call list of uninor no. 8421323217

Dear sir/madam Kindly i request u to give me a incoming call list of my no.841323217 for my personal problem. Plz send me details on this email id


DEAR SIR: I purchased nokia lumia 720 (yellow) in 143 shopping Order no 10292 (Friday, May 9, 2014), I received my mobile on(23.05.2014) but they sent black colour, so, I resend the mobile to them to change the colour on (26.05.2014) by "THE PROFESSIONAL COURIERS" (PON7617022), After that t

Sir,I have placed an order for mobile case for my mobile phone(samsung galaxy s advance I9070) on 23 aug 2014.order number:402-9556802-6800305.product name:Sunset And Dream Catcher Pattern Protective PVC Back Case For Samsung galaxy S  Advance I9070-Multi-Color.Sold by:Reform Your Cell-Phone

Defective Vehicle Provided - Mahindra XUV500 W8

The company has provided me a defective vehicle(Mahindra XUV500 W8 variant). I have received enormous amount of defects in my vehicle since I purchased it in March, 2012. I had to visit the dealership for around 25-30 times till now to get the defects resolved. I felt humiliated and my self respe - Against Wrong product Delivered and not asked customer favour

I have raised a request against cancellation for the order no : 2593928308. But again it is shipping to my address without my notification. And that too lots of time had passed after that they have initiated the order. 2 weeks before i have ordered 0n

Usha White Juicer Mixer Grinder

Dear Sir,   Today recived Usha White Juicer Mixer Grinder from Gati Courier. Complain description 1. Juicer cover damaged condition. 2. Plastic Jar Assembly(handle) damaged condition. 3. Motor not properly fitted inside plastic body.

this paytm site is fraud they will do only his business

in paytm site there r offer that if i will buy in his site then this site will give 50% cashback to me from total purchase amount i order three items day by day they cancle my order and give my money back to in his site wallet in wallet money i have to spend in recharge i m not so

Cheating by ICICI Prudentaial in name of IRDA

It is our experiance  not to wait for maturity of policy as ICICI prudential do not pay mature amountIt is difficult to get matured amount and ICICI Prudentialblames IRDA as IRDA has approved the procedure of company. It is surprise howIRDA approves the procedures of company against terms an

No refund of my order on

I have purchased one item(Ferrero Rocher Chocolate) from on 11 august 2014, Its price is Rs. 449

patient fell down from bed in icu

my mother has been admitted to jaipur hospital tonk road jaipur on 24 August 2014 in the icu of the hospital. but today morning that is 26 August due to the carelessness of hospital staff she fell down from the bed with several cuts in he hands and lots of internal injury also. she is already 70 ,Non delivery of product and non refund of money

Dear sir, Rs 1871/-was paid for order number 100000179 on 13/08/2014 through netbanking to date there was no update and no product delivery and refund from them.Their web site is still running but no telephone number working 07966660000.They are not at all responded 

Saree Swarg Cream Color Faux Georgette Saree With Blouse

Respected Sir,  My order no. 2624214561 I have returned the above product through JV EXPRESS Pickup Receipt  45024001/ Snapdeal 3566370899 on Dt 20th August 2014 due to Unhappy with the quality. But yet I have not got any refund response from the company.  So, I req

Saree Swarg Cream Color Faux Georgette Saree With Blouse

Respected Sir,  My order no. 2624214561 I have returned the above product through JV EXPRESS Pickup Receipt  45024001/ Snapdeal 3566370899 on Dt 20th August 2014 due to Unhappy with the quality. But yet I have not got any refund response from the company.  So, I req

Faulty TV Micromax received by Snap deal

Respected sir, I have never felt so much pain in any other online deal.But snap deal has proven me the worst experience which I will never going to forgive or forget I have purchased a Micromax TV.. Micromax 32B200 32 Inches HD Ready DLED LED Telev

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering & Technology, Thirupachur

This refers to below trail mail and attachment- the same is self-explanatory. I tried andapproached several offices and ministries but nobody is responding andreverting on this. I feel like handicap now and helpless. I beg your urgentattention and kind action to save my ch

home shop 18 fraud

Dear sir, mene 11/ 08/ 2014 ko solar lantern fan with 8 led auto chargeable buy karne ke liye home shop 18 me order diya tha..   To vo muj ko 18/08/2014 ko mere gar pe mili to me dekh ke surprize ho gaya..   Are ye to khilauna ka fan tha, jis me ye fan ke

Beware Consumers -MTS Selling Faulty Device!!!!

I have purchased MBlaze Ultra Wifi – on Aug 16 from Vendor : Sistema shyam teleservices Ltd – Varthur, Bangalore. ( Sales Rep : Prakash  : 8095626838) The Device doesn’t work more than 1 minute in Wifi mode and throws an error that it has be

Roozgaar deduct my 20282 rs. 1year ago... froud company he. mere paise refund nahi kar rahi he. i m student please help me sir.


    Sub: decativation of Rs 100 airtel blackberry internet services I had activated  RS 100 blackberry airtel services on muy blackbeery mobile ( model-curve 8520) on 14th Aug"14 & Rs 100 deducted from my account . BUT STILL INTERNET IS NOT STARTED.

mobile recharge not successful

My Vodafone no7845770202 not recharge successful on Rs 10 But amount credit in my sbi account

cruel indian rail

Relaxopping online Shopping

Relaxopping offer me combo offer at 45000 & take advance payments of 17500 for shipments and balance against COD Basisi, Not despatched material after done advance payments from side as well not answering proper for refund my payments Contact detail of relax opping- 8595090483

Relaxopping online Shopping

Relaxopping offer me combo offer at 45000 & take advance payments of 17500 for shipments and balance against COD Basisi, Not despatched material after done advance payments from side as well not answering proper for refund my payments Contact detail of relax opping- 8595090483


I have purchased a A72 Viva on 09-10-13, yesterday on 19-8-14 my phone got faulty. i  visited service centre technician broke seal & asked mother board is faulty. i  ask replace this board with new one he demanded 1480/- for that. I asked i have valid warranty he asked now seal

Refuse to give warranty and damaged the mobile by service center

When i submitted the Mobile to service center, two months after purchasing of mobile. That time mobile was in ruuning condition. Only problem was Ear Receiver Speaker was not working. They testes and accepted the mobile with mentioned into Job sheet only "Ear Receiver speaker" is not

Call list details(Uninor)

Dear Sirs/Madam, Please send me outgoing & incoming call list as well as miss call list along with the time & date of call of mobile no. 9059563072 for july & August 2014month on my email ID at the earliest. Kindly do the needful. Regards nithyabharat

online purchase product

sir i purchase from this company detail as below my purchase product is fullfill as a order no responce from this company i want to back my money return this product

Sarvha Satya Technology Solutions

They doing business like shit.,., please don't go there student your life will spoil .,. we have to convey this to other person.,.

Lottery/inheritance/ Undelivered Lottery fund

Dear Sir,   I received a mail from RBI New delhi mail id on 12.08.2014 redarding prize money of 5 Lac GBP I request you here that the said latter is realy released by RBI i want to know the jeniun about this letter because if i


my uninor no is 9156127508 please give me the details of last 4 months incoming and outgoing call my gmail id is

KAUNSA.COM. MY ORDER NO. 34176699087651

Hi, I have ordered an Kewl Instyle And Foster Blue New Combo Deals K F00028 Item Code : LIF/SHO/KEW/24723 shoes on 03-08-2014, worth Rs. 699 and delivery charges of Rs. 99.  In the mail it is mentioned Delivery Date is 18-08-2014. B

ASM IBMR - A fraud money making institute

Hello, I had taken admission into MBA program (2014-2016) at ASM IBMR, PUNE, CHINCHWAD. When I visited the college and started attending classes, I felt that I had done a great mistake. The infrastructure, faculty, grooming etc. of this college is worse. Placements

MOBILE PHONE iphone 5c

Dear Sir/Madam I had purchased a mobile from,They sent me product without bill.Iasked about bill on 5.06.2014 by mail after trying lots in ph.without respond.At that time Ihad given in complaint regarding hanging problem but didnot respond me.Recently my mobile has been corrupt

I had ordered 3 Kurtis in a combo offer, the dress they shown in the ads is looks good, so that i ordered by believing that. but when i got those dresses in my hand i was totally disappointed, there is not even 5% what i seen in the ads, so i decided to return those dresses, so i called the

FATCOW webhosting scamming with money back guarantee policy

i registered a fatcow webhosting of 49usd per year and they said if you dont like we will refund full hosting fees 49usd and that hosting is providing marketing credits so i claimed my marketing credits and after 20 days i am not getting huge traffic so i asked for cancellation and they s

dishonour of cheque???

I was given a cheque of Rs 2 lac by my friend who is working in sbi but the cheque is dishonoured. Now what can i do??

Cheat of Rs 48365/- by M/s Aapka Roozgaar Services Pvt Ltd

      Dated  17.12.2013   M/s Aapka Roozgaar Services Private Limited F-31, Sector 6 Noida 201301 Uttar Pradesh, India

Irretating behaviour of SBI Bodakdev Staff (Swati Mehta)

Today, (14/08/2014) I went second time in sbi Bodakdev Branch to take statements of home lone account. I experienced very pathetic behaviour of staff members (all three ladies). Though I am a lady , very ashemed to tell that swati mehta (one of three) rejected to give statement of sbi account as

F1296QD24 7 KG front load fully automatic washing machine

We purchased a new washing machine F1296QD24 7 KG front load fully automatic washingmachine on 08/08/2014 (Friday) from Vijay Sales, Crown Plaza, Faridabadand the same was delivered to us on 09/08/2014 (Saturday). Subsequently LG engineer was visited our premiseson 11/08/2014 (M

Sands Shopping Hub a fake site - not sending the products & refund

I received call from representative of (sandeepkumar)told me as I am lucky customer and selected for surprise gift and assured gift. then he ask me to pat Rs, 13998 to deliver the products within 24 hrs and provide membership of sandsshoppinghub. I paid the amount of


got a mail from the site, in which they have mentioned that "Enjoy Rs.1700 Dinner voucher Valid at any restaurant for Rs.50 Only." So, I have done the transaction for rs 50 &amp; they deducted rs 1730 from my account.and i have not received any voucher also. i want only mo


Fraud company.All dummy products.Money waste.Please waste your time in this bullshit company.All afke information.


i want total call list of 9059971773.

Extremely Cheap & Worst Services of M/s Tata Sky Ltd.

Respected Sir/Madam, Most humbly and Respectfully, I wish to inform you that on my Tata sky subscriber id 1038706824. I am frequently facing Picture frizzing problem, poor/dull picture quality, indicator issue in set top box, low signal and strength quality also from mor

False Credit points

I bought one jeans of 1093 Rs, Since its quality was not good, I returned it and after calling eight times the 100best buy team returned the paid amount as credit point. Although I returned it myself, the company has not returned Rs 67 what I spent for mailing at its address. Now, I am trying to

fraud against order

dear all Dear allplz fnd below attechmenti already paid amount 699. in month of 23rd may 2014 i m not receive my amount and order so plz do the needful. i also call him (100 best buy) he talk to me many many different answer , your amount not receive ,your

Globle Sky shop Fraud Service and cheating with people


PLASE HELP ME FOR MY ORDER AMOUNT REFUND. Plase note the Ordered Date was  2014-06-23 16:17:16. This order is not dispatch yet. Company Address :Way2online Retail Private Limited No 1-8-319/2, Patigadda Road,


mere mobail kahi gir gaya hai jis ka imei num 352403065218430 hai ata aap ye bata de is imei num pe kis kapne ka sim chal raha hai our us ka num bata do 

name mistake in UP Board -12 marksheet

R/sir, name mistake in UP Board -Intermediate Examination-2014 marksheet  my roll no.- 2937272 Distt./Centre/School Code - 90/11303/1056 Certificate No. 90013451.   My high School Examination- 2012 Roll No. -3866015  Distt./Centre/School

name mistake in UP Board -12 marksheet

R/sir, name mistake in UP Board -Intermediate Examination-2014 marksheet  my roll no.- 2937272 Distt./Centre/School Code - 90/11303/1056 Certificate No. 90013451.   My high School Examination- 2012 Roll No. -3866015  Distt./Centre/School

lottery price money from England car company.

I am getting a mail with your branch adress   that my email Id ( ) selected in a lottery system from an England car company.  And amount is delivered in your RBI  branch . Is it true ?    And they are asking me to give  bank accoun

Payment done & order approved but pending for verification

"Dear saikat samanta, Thank you for your order from 



Byond Mi9 Tablet given for repair not received back.

Sir, I have submitted my byond tablet mi9 to byond service center, ON 02/04/2014, PERFECT ENTERPRISES Address :4, ASHIRWAD COMPLEX, NEAR RAJ TALKIES, G. E. ROAD, RAIPUR-492001 CHHATTISGARH. Contact Person :MRS. SEEMA CHHABDA, Contact No. :

Breach of trust - Croma and Samsung Galaxy S4

Please read my blog on my experience with Samsung Galaxy S4 purchased from TATA Croma Retail Store:   Thanks.

Fraud Comany: Roozgar India, Golden Sparrow

On 5th August 2014 the clients of the Roozgarindia called me up and ask me that do I need a job and in which field? When I told them about my desired job profile, they asked me to send my scan copies of "Final Mark sheet, Certificate and an Identity Proof." to a provided email address by them i.e


my order no M641305682. I have made order for two rakhis from this site 0n 30th July. they sent only 1 on 4th august. after complaining on 4th august i am calling daily to them and they have only one answer ''''''''''''''ki dispatch ho chuki hai but no tracking details'''''''''''''''''''since las

voucher card damage

my voucher card has been damaged due to scratching. its a vodafone card of 27 rupees and its a data bonus card. so please tell me the secret pincode. batch no is 39214 & serial no is 60960012. please email it to. my email id

Washing machine made by Croma

I bought a Croma automatic washing machine in Dec 2013. The electronic panel of the machine became non ops by May 2014, the same was replaced as it is under warranty but they took 10 days to do it. Now as on 07 aug 2014, the panel has again become non ops. The quality is aawful, pathetic.........i m


fake consultancy naukritoday ( called me on 14 july2014. They told me to deposit 1250 rupees as their interview charges , on 18 july they conducted my interview with hr of bhushan power and steel which was fake interview , on the sameday they told me that you are selected in bhush

Uninar incoming and out going call history

I want to know the outgoing and incoming calls of my no. 7386921981.  I request you sir for last month from 20.7.14 to 30.07.14   thanking you sir

Loan Against Property A/C No.-91171469

Sir I have repaid my loan dues completely on 14th july 2014.My ch.was cleared on 16th july 2014.Now I want my original documents back.But non of your official has helped me for the same.I am in urgent need of my original documents without which I will lose lots of money.Loss which will oc

VOLTAS AC 1.0 Gold 3S SPLIT- Not working Invoice date: 10/11/13

VOLTAS AC 1.0 Gold 3S SPLIT- Not working Invoice date: 10/11/13   Dear Mr. Prateek Bhatnagar, (9004455493) It was very nice talking to you this evening. I would like to bring to your notice that my AC is not working since last week of May 2014 en

VOLTAS AC 1.0 Gold 3S SPLIT- Not working Invoice date: 10/11/13

VOLTAS AC 1.0 Gold 3S SPLIT- Not working Invoice date: 10/11/13     Dear Mr. Prateek Bhatnagar, (9004455493) It was very nice talking to you this evening. I would like to bring to your notice that my AC is not working since last week of M

Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd.

Hello All even i had a similar experience with them, i had registered with these swindlers in mar14 by paying rs 4500, they never got me any help and even their executives were rude and curt on phone everytime i tried to reason with them about progress related to

Fake Rediff Online Shopping and Zero Response after complaint

It had ordered a Spy Camera on Rediff Online Shopping vide their Order no. 10106420, Dated 24th July, 2014. The p



Delay in dispatch

Hi, This is Narasimha Reddy, iam ordered on 24th July 2014 and and message came as recieved date is 1st Aug 2014,  but still (6th aug 2014) iam not recieved the product.   Regards, Narasimha Reddy.

Fake call saying ICICI bank and asked my Credit Card details

A phone call saying from ICICI bank came for me recently, and informed me that my credit card limit is increased and to confirm it they asked my credit card details like number, validity and cvv code. I ignored to provide this and phone hangs on. when itried to call that number back, it says 'num

Tnagar Samsung Showroom Careless Sales Guys

i just visited a samsung mobile showroom at tnagar (under the flyover, near murugan idly shop) in chennai by Aug 1 2014, and no one was there to attend my request to buy a smartphone with a budget of 25000 rupees. I went to the shop with my colleague by 2.30 pm, and all sales guys went to have th


Respected sirWith due respect I Bijay Narayan Choubey an order placed on 01.08.2014 vide EBS payment I.D No 27053183 and merchant reference no 20140801152503 an amount Rs. 5999.00 of combo no. -2 of your shoping mall in the request of Mr. Tarun and he totaly miss guide to me as you got


I am joined this company on 05.05.2014, i received the email job at present I have complete my 3 month job work Still i am working, In the time joining I have paid Rs. 6000/- for member ship. They said this company is register in Indian act. So I have joined. But at present they have not send

Complaint against Smart Jobs

Respected Sir, I am Rahul Soni a mechanical engineering graduate persued B.Tech (Mechanical) from GKV Haridwar.The placement agency named Smart jobs approached me through the mail regarding the job opportunity the address of agency is E-35,Office No.-403,4th floor,Near Heera Sweets,Laxmi

call details of my prepaid uninor num

i want the call details of 7383426796 incoming and outgiong with date and time as soon as possible my email id is i lost my sim i have some important contact that i lost so i wnat to recover it so plz kindly accept my request

Siemens Washing machine WM14S790

I bought Siemens Washing Machine, WM14S790GC, on Dec. 9, 2011 from Siemen’s Preferred Dealer, D J Appliances, Mumbai 400054 for Rs 56,000: a price much higher than comparable machines in market. On the hope that Siemens will be superior to others. Alas, my hopes were entirely belied. Wi


Sir, as i was took part in draw contenst on 20.05.14 withh INR 699 paid by me, which has kept by the 100 bestbuy and closed my account deliberately i unable to open my account. In this i already sent several mails to them but they did not given any attention also spome to customer care but they n


Kavundampalayam Voice is the best edition for free of cost for all To serve for society.To serve your society with the join hand of kavundampalayam voice.To serve for all with good one

Delivered worst quality wrong brand and wrong quantity product

This is my first but worst experience with for online shopping. I wil definitely not recommend this website for online shoppng. I had ordered for a 5 full sleeves KOUTONS formal shirts and paid Rs 999 in advance however; I have received 4 full sleeves shirt of  FUSION brand "I hav

Globle Sky Shop Pvt Ltd fraud company

Unfortunatly i booked combo of 5999 and came to know this company is fraud when i called back for enquiry. As per refund policy mentioned on their site if order cancled immidiatly after order placed then refund will happen same day, but company says it will take 45 days when i called them. Gov ha

Innterim Returns and Maturity of our Investment with STM

Complaint from Balchandra Shukla, I purchased one teak tree only @ Rs, 1825/- on 30.09.1997 as "FUTURE ASSURANCE TEAKQUITY" from Sterling Tree Magnum(india) Ltd incorporated under companies act 1956.Regd. Office: 154, Eldams Road, Teynampet, Chennai 600018. Head office 5, Murreys Gate Roa

Denial of refund by snapdeal against order no. 2491878044

I placed an order no. 2491878044 on snapdeal on 24/07/14 which was placed for two items 1.Lee Cooper Tan Sandals 2.Lee Cooper Blue Loafers for Rs. 2699 and payment was made by credit card. But on 26-07-2014 I received the one wrong /different item which did not belong

Bad Travels Service

I booked a ticket via pune to mumbai on 31/07/2014 through gurudatta travels opposite pune st stand. ticket no. is 12896. initially we were told to travel in different bus but actual travelling happened in another bus. Bus no. was MH 04 FK 6696. while booking a ticket, he said that bus is leaving

Lenovo s660 - worst phone,network dead within 3 months and worst after sale service

Smartphone business is not Lenovo’s cup of tea, i have purchased Lenovo s660 from Paplion Digitek thane on 14/04/2014 within 3 months time today its lying dead with Lenovo service center –Krishna Electronics - Thane for cellular network detection problem, low audio level problem

Snapdeal-the worst online shopping,most irresponsible

Order no. 2420329071 Complaint no. 8008219 Ordered the product on  July 12,  2014. There is no signs of product reaching me till today(1 August, 2014) I have wasted 300 rupees of my phone talk time just to speak with their customer care representatives. And

balance detection

Tata docomo company detect my balance 100 rs ... Then I call to customer care and asked why did you detect my balance he said that you are using multiple surfing but I did not use multiple surfing. How ca n I use multiple surfing when speed of docomo is too weak even to open one page its take too

wrong product received from snapdeal

In snapdeal, I have order One Bajaj 750-Watt Mixer Grinder of which  order no 2366057920 , But I have received  Bajaj 500-Watt ordinary Grinder, for that  I am make complain and my  Complaint&nb

Appel Mobile hand set on

while I was using I found a ad which is offering Apple I phon


Dear Sir,I am using mobile no 9405011184 since three months after porting the number. But since then I am facing the problem regarding network. Now I AM Planning the port the number to BSNL but they are not giving the clearance also.Today I recharge the mobile with following transactions:

Career Innovation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Fraud company

Career Innovation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Fraud company is a fraud institute, like many others i also dreamt about having a gr8 career for my daughter by joining their institute but in vain, No response at all, I co-ordinated with Reena who is the branch incharge. I was told by her that if

i paid for job cunsltancy 3400 then after 4 month service is closed its fraud service

Raja Rajeswari Medical College: Education quality lacks

RRMCH offers not so friendly and healthy academic environment. There is no quality of education, no proper teaching and learning. They have written on their website “We also give them performance based incentives” but I have been working for more than six months and I have got n

galxy s5 not woking

order no: 32473632385110   Sub: Galaxy S5 not working  reg.

Santro Repair

Capital hyndai has charged Rupees 119280 including insurance for accidental car repair and still car is not working properly. have taken the car to workshop twice but same condition

Online fraud - No delivery of gift coupons I ordered coupons worth Rs 5000 on 24 Jul 2014. Code #48173. The site claims online delivery in 48hrs. Today on 31st July 2014, I have still not received the coupons. The social occasion for which I wanted the gift


Respected sir, I am residing at Bank Colony (Padmanagar Ring Road), Suchitra, Hyderabad . I am an employee and I have to travel by Bus daily from Bank Colony ( Padma Nagar Ring Road) to Abids. As the Jeedimetla Bus Depot has already arrange One Trip Bus Route No 9A at 9.20 A.M from Chintal

wrong port no send by aircel all times. - Paid Rs.13200/ to Gofordeals online for Micromax A117

  Dear Sir, Given below are the details of, 11/29, Jheel Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700035West Beng

wrong product -

sir I am shiv kumar verma I ordered Order No: S80493917 Product: Flying Machine Tshirt & 2 Sports Shoes in he give me only T-shirt not give me shoes proper and he not pick up the call and he only send mail I paid all money 1099 but he not replace my product



COMPLAINT AGAINST SNAPDEAL I ordered an India Black Mild Steel and Aluminium Oversized Pocket Watch wall clock from Snapdeal online shopping and the delivery of the consignment happened as per schedule promised on t

[Ticket#102423828504]defected item

Draft of mail send to rediff to khushbu on 7th may 2014.below mention charges are for table only , shopping charges Rs.825/- also included Dear Sir,   This is with reference to my order no . 9445663 for portable laptop table.   Kindly chec complaint

I have purchased one sari from site. it has 834.00 rupees and my order no is 32004018202861.  I have booked it on 21st june 2014. still i am not getting my shipment. kaunsa's executives asks me everytime that your shipment is in process and you will get sari within 4-5 days. but t


I have bought a product name FOOTBALL STOCKINGS NIVIA SS 980, 990 from the site but i am not able to contact the owner of

Pranav systtech Pune Fraud company

Pranav systtech Pune Fraud companyPranav systtech Pune is a cheater company , completely fraud, nothing they say is true.They claim to have clients but they have none. they show of as if they are a real company but they are not. they  have found this way of exorting m

samsung mobile s4

I had purchased samsung s4 mobile from canada on21st july,2013 and the same i am using in india, due to some how the display of the said mobile is not working from the last 2 months and i had shown this to the authorised dealer for the repair or replacement of the display but not

Fake aviation jobs. . .

deducted amount40₹ as mobtv service and worst Customer Care support

Hello sir, I am using BSNL from 5 years, but from one year I am facing worst experience with BSNL. Many times they have deducted amount from my account for the services I have never subscribe. Today I got deducted 40₹ from my account as mobtv service. Then I talked with Customer care wh

IHDP Page Flip Digital Publishing Software

IHDP page flip software is a complete digital publishing product for all the digital content sharing of your pdf files, digital presentations, and printed materials all from Aglaia Software. In House Digital Publishing is a leading developer of products for presenting printed publications digital

Breakage of Amazing Shoe Rack

I purchased one amazing shoe rack from india times shopping (on line) while I am fixing/ arranging the shoes, it breaks. I want my money back. The quality of the product is too bad. It is amazingly bad. give my money back. Mathew Kuruvilla

when i'm going to visit some website, one window is blinked that, i win a Iphone mobile (Rs.25000/-worth)than i click to visit the website ( its asking some questions and finally ask me Rs 699/-.i paid that amount through my debit card on 15th Jully'14. next two days i asking t

Unwanted service activated automatically without any intervention (Tata Docomo Prepaid)

My phone no is : 9433344732 (Tata Docomo Prepaid). A unwanted Service called "MPP" has been activated automatically on my phone on 22nd July'14 and Rs. 21 has been deduct for the service charge without my intervention. I wonder that how this kind of service gets activated without user requirement

Non receipt of The tree or RSP till today

I had invested Rs.975/- and purchased one Teak Tree Certificate from Ster;omg Tree Magnum (India)Ltd, 154, Eldams Road, Teynamet, Madras-18.  They had issued me Certificate No.T24047 on 07.01.1993 mentioning the Application No.590289, Date of Joining the scheme 21.09.1992 and Date of expiry

Mobile Phone (Micromax Canvas NIght)

Dear Sir, I buy mobile handset Micromax Canvas Night Rs.21089.00 Date 27-06-2014 from Flipkart with 30 days replecment warrenty but my handset speaker dos not work properly  i complaine more then three time but i have not response flipkart care so please help

Fraud/Bad Product/Bad Customer Service - Indian Suit

Hello,   I want to lodge an official compliant against online shopping site under NDTV. -- I recently bought a Anarkali suit from them and as everyone would expect a Anarkali to be until ankles this suit is just under knees and looks horrible. They sho

Undelivered order and the money not reversed

Sir/Madam, i ve ordered a cake through one of my friend's mail address at CHENNAI ONLINE FLORIST site on 6th april. gave deliver date as 7th april midnight delivery. but its not reached them. No intimation too whether its processing or delivered like that. But amount debited and having that

Mobile Battery not available (Samsung)

My Name is Subrata kumar Dutta, my mobile no.9864904186. I live in Dibrugarh, Assam. I purchased a Samsung Mobile, model - GT-S 5350 in 2010. Now my battery is damage. I want to buy a new battery but  Authorized Service centre said the battery is not available in company. Please help me

Charge extra agains the MRP price of product...

Dear sir, Whosoever is concerned with dipartment of food on bus stand ( Shred Bhagat Singh I.S.B.T ). My complaint is regarding extra charged on the eatable items ( La Pure Creame butter scotch ) who's market price is rupees 20 and has been charged rupees 25. Kindly take this in a

Honda Amaze Diesel Engine damaged in rainy season

Hi,I purchased Honda Amaze dated 04/09/2013, registration number HR51 AW 8398 from Classic Honda Sterling Automobiles 14/1, Main Mathura road Faridabad-121003.When I was returning home with my family on 17/07/2014 9.30 pm from Asian Hospital Faridabad, as my family member was hospitalized that da

Synchronize Files and Automate FTP Transfers with FTPGetter 3

Working with files stored on a remote FTP server using the basic manual client is often an exercise in extreme frustration. Such programs, particularly the freeware ones, are often intolerably slow, unresponsive and lacking in important features. When you only need to use them on occasion to check t

XSD schema mapped conversion

That is very important to understand how XML Schema Definition (XSD) handles data conversion when user exports a source file to XML data so that data is suitably transformed according to user's needs. These days XML is the technology of choice for data exchange and content update. Consequently,

Ask for Help

I ordered a mobile phone, worth Rs 12,266, from the online retail store,, on 24th April, 2014 and made full payment. The website claimed same day shipping. But even by 26th May, 2014 they didn't ship the product and hence I cancelled it. They accepted the cancellation reques

karbonn mobile company

i buy new phone of karbonn  model a90s   they shown on official website that this mobile have 4 gb rom but the mobile have only 1 gb rom    even the web site    the online shoping site from were i purchse the mobile is showin

Refund Money

Dear Sir,           On 4th October 2013 I have order a choiceable and colour shoe,Order ID 3624383 dated 4/10/2013.from yepme. But unfortunate they are sending other  shoe. Then I returned shoe through DTDC currier service on 26/1013 c/n no. K6660004. Many ti

Regarding call details

Respected sir   I am just forwarding my complaint regrading call details Sir I wil b thankfull  you if u provide me with incoming call details of 22/7/2014 on my phone no- 08421391922  

HDFC home loan Burdwan Branch

We have applied a home loan from HDFC Bank Burdwan Branch on 24/7/14, aplication ID P558517. The rejected my proposal today stated technical problem........... My question 1. how they inform me about one month after? 2. If I go to consumer foram then how much compasasatitio we may


One accidental mouse click, any unintentional hit of a button, or a scratched disc... that's all it takes and your favorite photos or business documents are lost forever! Nero 2014 is your saving grace: We'll help you get your files back in a snap, if they're not yet completely d

product not delivered at all for 2 months by homeshop 18

I purchased a speaker from homeshop18 online shopping site for Rs. 319 on may 23rd 2014. the order no. is 945484623, sub order no. is 79012527 and its airway bill no. is 700000507240. I haven't received this product till now for almost two months. I complained so many times to homeshop18 but ever

Gateway Technologies Dapodi, Pune Fake & cheater

Gateway Technologies  Dapodi, Pune Fake & cheaterGateway Technologies  Dapodi, Pune, is the fraud and cheater institute.Do not trust on the person who is conveying the syllabus and tutor.He doesn't has proper server infrastructure.He is only "Bolbacchan".

Product Not Received even payment done after 25 days

This is to kindly intimate you that till im not received my order even after 25 days, what is happening I don’t understand, I spoken to the customer care of 100 more than 20 times, ther value of my order i.e.  Equity Sandwich toaster is Rs 1199/-    

Sterling Tree Magnum (India) Ltd - not able to locate

From  Sterling Tree Magnum (India) Ltd, i have purchased 5 trees on 31-1-1995.  but they did not respond after wards. And they did not pay any returns ,which they have to  after 6th year (2001) and 12th year (2007) and final settlement is due in year 2015. We request to pro

xpressbee pune courier

Sir xpressbee is useless courier. They SMS me that their rep visited me at my residence to deliver item purchased from SnapDeal, How ever no one visited me as my house is always manned which is in security area. No guard also informed my residence that some one from courrier company has come.&nbs


I am a regular at online shopping and have done good purchases from Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal. this was my first experience with Ebay and the worst online shopping experience. I placed an order of Nokia Lumia 630 on Ebay

JITS Infotech, Aundh, Pune Fraud Fraud Fraud

JITS Infotech, Aundh, Pune Fraud Fraud FraudPlz dont go to this Institute , they just cheating , brainwashing the student for moneyThey used to say that they are having Tie up with almost all the MNC, but they not even having a single tie up, even with Tea Shop too.

FIFA 2014 T-Shirts at

Amazing and affordable, I must say, FIFA'14 accesories on, an online shopping store in India. I got my order of 4 cool T-shirts inlcuding Messi T-shirt and cufflinks in a 5 day time form this store. The T-shirts were well packaged and original, most importantly. Be

e-mail getting of winning the prize money from british nokia nation award

sir, i had recieve a e-mail of winning the award of 500000gbp from british nokia nation award and they ask me enter my details.including bank details  i entered the details after some days i recieve a e-mail and a call that the parcel is in office of the chief commissioners of customs so you

Pathetic, Disgusting and Ridiculous Services by

I placed an order for "Venky's Mass Gainer - Chocolate - 3 Kg" on July 6, 2014. The expected date of delivery was ON or before July 11, 2014.I didn't receive the product on July 11, 2014. I called the Customer Care of Snapdeal and they shared the contact number of the Courier through which


Hi All,I got the admission in SLA CONSULTING LAXMI NAGAR Branch Delhi for the course of HR Generalist profile. At the time of Admission the person (Owner) arbind gaba number 9873140018 said the training is for 45 days and they took 12000 rs from me and now 4 months


I HAVE PURCHASE A PRODUCT IN KAUNSA.COM after confirming the customer helpline 0120-4835000 they confirmed that yes it is true this offer is ther .i have purchase tab for 4299/-.through my sbi online net banking .they confirmed my payment and advised the delivery

Indiatimes shopping


I buy product from and after i recieve wrong product. when i call customer support of he say mail the pics of product. after i call customer support anyone not attend the call. I want to return & refund

Cheated by 100 bestbuy & Suksh technology pvt ltd.

I had participated the contest Sony on 24th June 2014. For this contest initially I had paid the contest entry amount of Rs.699 and immediately I got a call from your customer executive who informed me to go further in the contest I need to pay amount of Rs.12, 999 for which I would get HCL Ta

Good morning,                   i am G.J.PRAKASH of guntur district in andhra pradesh as i have ordered an apple iphone 4s with 8gb on the flipkart website they sent me two pieces of stones in the package as the product was ordered on 9th july

samsung service centre (mani maligai madiyil) coimbuthur road polachi.coimbuthur dist

Actuly i m bought mobile phone  before 2 month complaint from  handset speaker i am contect on service centre 4time but not responce     you are take action imtiyatly or not i will go to consumer court

Voltas Window Vertis Gold Window AC Complaint

Dear Sir,   Due to poor level of Voltas customer service force me to write this complaint.   I have been using Voltas Vertis gold 1.5 ton AC 3 start from last 2 years. In the last month, I registered a complaint for Compressor tripping problem with Voltas

DOube charge for the same issue

1) i have raised the complain for "Setup box not working" on 13th july 2014 and customercare told me they replace the setup box and i have to pay only Rs. 150 INR.2) Setup box replaced by the authorised Airtel engineer on 14th july 2014 in evening and he told me to recharge Rs. 40

Goods not supplied as per specification by

I had bought online a Galaxy S5 dual Sim Handsaet from the company. The package delivered contained a mobile phone with accessories and manual. On examining the set it was found: 1. It was an assembled phone using parts of different companies. 2. Instead of a dual SIM it is a sing

Flying Machine But Real Flying(Fading) Colours

Hello,   I bought a Deluxe Denim Flying Machine (BLACK) jeans. It started fading after just one wash.I know colour fades after wash,but it almost changed colour and become faint black.It is not at all acceptable and brand like this should take care of customer grievan

sun pro (or) professional solutions 100% fraud

SUN PRO SOLUTION CHOOLAIMADU , PERIYAR PATHAI hi guys my name is siva i registered with sun pro by paying 2000 rs currently we are reqcruiting for MNC like samsung,flextronics,siemens,royal enfield and they make setups like arranging for interviews and asks the candidates to go to spot an

poor samsung customer service at Malad Mumbai

I had a complaint against Samsung regarding a service that I had bought of them. I raised my concern with them but there is no response,just to know the problem of my mobile i was kept waiting for 3hrs at Malad Center MUMBAI.If you are not able to provide after sales services then dont open servi

denied entry , boarding pass denied even being on time (important doctor appointment missed)

Sir, my parents were denied entry being in the que for flight boarding pass, they were on time and were waiting in the que, as the computer of the airindia respondent wasnt working. after when the computer started, the lady said you are late.moreover there wasnt any last call made for the staff o

MICROMAX poor service

Dear Micromax On 2/6/2014 i purchased funbook p410i .after one week its display touch screen

Not Received online purchase item

i had purchase a 2 way office intercom telephone from my order id is 140617001096511897 . i had purchase the product on 18-06-2014 but till date i had not received it.

Tasktel Technologees - a shady enterprise

Tasktel Technologees is a shady enterprise which gives wrong promises to its employees. They call themseleves the strategic partners of trusted brands (Unify), and try to leverage their brand value. We opted for


I bought Lenovo A1000L Tablet in the month of July 2014 from, while buying this product number of features were shown like fact that this tablet supports 2G Voice Calling Support and 2G Internet Support. Anyhow once I received this product, I got to know that this tablet does NOT sup

Blandus Info Pvt Ltd - Fraud Placement Consultancy

Friends, i want to make you aware about fraud consultancy like Blandus Info Pvt Ltd , Alpha Work Space #343, 2nd Floor, 9th main, 7th Sector HSR Layout, Bangalore 560102. This consultancy take rs 550 as a registration charge from students but dont take care of them after taking the money. I

I have ordered karbonn mobile through They have not delivered my product after lot of escalated mails to they declared that product is unavailable to deliver And they not refunding my money RS 5274 Oredr id: KA/144910/C3EIXJQT

Flipkart online purchase

Hi, My self Amit Wani, on 2nd of july (Order ID: OD40703000378) while doing net transaction some error came and payment got debited but order not placed.Right from start i have been raising complaints about this, i called both IDBI bank and flipkart customer support,but nobo

phone usag compalint

samsung dual sim and 1400 rupees mobile la dual sim work akula then  incorrect sim nu varuthu   thn intha phone la maittum tower edukala  sir mobil vanki 8 month tha sir akuthu sr

Being Aware Of What You Employ SEO Companies For

In 2011, there was a keyword tool called "Wonder Wheel" that was shut down. The online marketing world was devastated. It was an exceptional tool that allowed you to input any word and it would spit out related terms and phrases that people searching Google commonly use. Just because the Wonder Whee

Components For The Following Rave Party

There is a new rage going on these days known as raving. A rave is a club-like scenario where people listen to techno music and other kinds of electronic dance music. There is also LED lights, glow sticks, LED rave gloves, and all sorts of ligh

How A Data Storage place Can Help Your Association

Fundamental changes are taking place today in the field of health, mainly due to the economy and the state's efforts to curb the rapidly rising prices of medical care. Two main issues come up though: reducing costs and profitability - the cornerstone on which building a new infrastructure of the ind

How A Data Warehouse May Help Your Association

Fundamental changes are taking place today in the field of health, mainly due to the economy and the state's efforts to curb the rapidly rising prices of medical care. Two main issues come up though: reducing costs and profitability - the cornerstone on which building a new infrastructure of the ind

A Properly Equipped Design Is Safest For All

A well equipped building should always include the design and installation of fire proof curtains. These permit a potentially dangerous situation to be contained so that every occupant of the structure can be led out of the building. In industrial locations, the use of a fire curtain is important wh

How to Manage Your AC Unit Properly

Maintaining your AC unit is extremely important to keeping it operating properly. There are some tasks you can take care of yourself and others you will need to leave to the professionals. This can help you to prevent the need for calling for

When You Enhance Your Windows You Can Change The Look Of Your Home

Buying a new house or condo is a major investment. For most people, obtaining a mortgage from the bank and buying a home is the biggest investment they will make in their lifetime. They do this with the ultimate intention of selling their home and making a sizable profit from its sale. As the real e

LG India - COMPLAINT NO. RNA140606049264 not resolved yet

i have registered my complaint to LG customer Care on 06.06.2014 complaint no is RNA140606049264 .One of your engineer visited my home but at that time it was not checked due to power cut so he suggested us to reschedule his visit. After that no one came at my home. And i was also unable to

Survival 101: The Items Everyone Needs in Their Emergency Preparedness Kit

Zombie attacks, civil unrest and natural disasters, whether it is an urban legend or an actual cause for concern, surviving an emergency situation should be a priority for everyone. Like insurance, survival kits are assembled with the hope you will never use them, but provide peace of mind just by b

Tasktel Technologees - a shady enterprise

We are a cloud based software service provider and we cater to Hotels, Resorts, Apartments across the globe. We are located in Bangalore & Noida, and making international calls forms a major part of our daily activities. We hired the services of a compnay called

Allow Xero Software Transform Your Corporate Accounting

The use of Xero software will totally transform the way your company does business. XERO training Wellington businesses have come to rely on includes a wide array of Xero software products. A full history of their own company is featured on their own website, located online at aspiresolutions. The A

gold loan

Dear Sir, As per your kind information have two gold loan a/c 27063697,27002294 respectively. At the time of renewal it was told to us that hence forth our loan should be converted in to monthly seheme. So all formalities were done accerdingly by the concern authirity of t

A Excellent Orthodontist for Kids and Parents

When you have children, you go through a lot of ups and downs in life. That is because they have so many needs that you have to meet. This is not a bad thing, it just makes life a little more interesting. For instance, many teenagers need braces to correct a problem with their bite. This usually

The Advantages Of Electronic Cigarettes

A lot of people are curious about electronic cigarettes and a good resource to learn more is at ways to stop smoking. This is an intriguing opportunity as it lets people enjoy nicotine without the limitations associated with cigarettes and tob

bbc winning lottery

 I have got a mail.Plz help me.BBC ONE NATIONAL EMAIL LOTTERY P.O Box 200, Harrogate England, UNITED KINGDOM CONTACT NUMBER: +44-871-9159-800 CONGRATULATION! CONGRATULATION!! CONGRATULATION!!! Dear, Lucky Winner, This mail is to officially inform you abou

Easy Summary of the Advantages of Solar Energy

Some people mistakenly think that using solar energy for their homes will be expensive or complicated. Advancements in technology have made it much easier for average people to have solar panels installed on their properties for a fraction of what they would have paid many years ago. Do not be m

What Makes A Dependable Courier Company

When you ship a product or parcel out, you want to make sure that the product will get to its destination securely and safely. When looking for a courier or a delivery company in Australia, there are a number of factors you need to consider in order to select a service that can meet your needs as we

No refund of booking amount

Hi All I would like detail a horrible experience with Mahaluxmi homz. I booked a flat in april 2014 with a booking amount of Rs 50,000. At the time of booking i was promised a gold coin within 2-3 days of cheque clearance and given a 60 days ti

Streamlining the Activity of Property Management

You don't have to be the owner of multiple properties, or a large management company, to enjoy the benefit of property management software. The reality is that this type of software can be beneficial, even if you only own one property. However, if you own several properties, this type of software ca

Denied in paying our service Charge..Misbehaved /Insulted us

I worked as an Manpower consultant with the company name Brentwoods Education the month of DEC 2013 till March 2014.We recruit candidates into their company,at the time of payment,these peoples denying paying us.We have a agreement copy,call recordings,mails which proves that we did pr

Allow Modern Dentistry Change Your Life

Many people still regard the field of dentistry as a part of medicine that is far from essential. Ironically nothing could be farther from the truth. One's health depends greatly upon the health of their mouth and the teeth within it. There are a myriad of diseases that can worsen greatly when a pat


Dear Sir, I purchased a new Window AC, COMPANY VOLTAS. Cooling is pathetic, the company says cooling satisfactory, the room temp comes down to only 24 degrees, that too after 2 hrs of continous running. Room Dimension 12.5 × 8.5 × 6 ( L × B × H ) al

E390 mobile Order number:- 3003284740 Complain Number :- Case ID .1401398 We have purchase the Micromax mobile from the online website on 10 June 2014 and we have received the defective piece from the 

sony xperia and croma stores

Hello all I have been bluffed by sony xperia sales man in panjagutta croma stores.i went to by samsung cell phone but this guy told all cock and bull stories and made us purchase the sony xperia worth 330000 . Now this has an issue within 6 months and when we went to croma stores MR Raj c

Maven Technologies - Maven Technologies / Mike Mobile Number C: +91 98864 03232 doing Fraud to Freelance trainers

Hi, My name is Balachandra Kumar, I am from Mumbai and a technical trainer by profession. Mike S from Maven Technologies having website contacted me for conducting a 9 days training at IBM Kolkata through Maven Technologies. Work: +91 80 41130445/06 | Hand phone:+91 98864 03232

SAP all class Kalwa,Thane is Fraud sap training institute

SAP all class  Kalwa,Thane is Fraud sap training instituteBeware of SAP all class  Kalwa,Thane SAP training institute as it is a bogus institute with no facilities at all they took 20K in the name of SAP SD course and not even once was I able to do any practical. Every t


Dear sir,              my name is hardik sadadiwala               Order no:7720722              I ordered tshirt @ yepme on 28th june,2014 and payment is also received

Are Tooth Veneers Right for Your Smile?

One of the biggest reasons people seek treatment from the dentist baton rouge, is because they are not happy with the appearance of their teeth. Many people experience staining, minor damage

UNINOR To get incoming and outgoing call details

Respected sir / madam, I want to know the outgoing and incoming calls also the Internet details of my no. +917794876023


Hi, I’m compelled to write this complain after repeated disappointments and “shocks” from TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI team. I placed an order for TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI, by making Rs.2,300/- payment. I was repeatedly explained and assured about the tariff by the sales team, customer care

Convert and Modify Multiple Images with a Batch Image Converter

reaConverter is far more than a typical bulk image converter. This powerful and innovative tool is an absolute must-have for any professional photographer, designer or anyone else who regularly works with large collections of images. It supports every format that you are ever likely to encounter,

Synchronize files and synchronize folders with the free open source tool FreeFileSync

The number of personal and work-related files and folders is always increasing. At the same time there's the need to access these files from multiple devices and locations. Naturally a means to synchronize all this data arises. While many hardware devices nowadays offer an automated way to synchr


  I had purchased A177 Canvas Juice handset on 10th May,2014 ( Refer attached bill). I had purchased the handset after being extremely satisfied with smart features in the phone . But today I realize that only features need not be looked , you also need to see the quality

waiting for refund from 5 months

dear sir/mam,i complain more then 50 times but snapdeal is not refunding my money.request #5987975 against the order number 1916303816.i returned the product of amount 399 which i didn't got till now.for returning product i have to pay courier charges 176 which i got in account after 4 mont


Dear sir,             I online order from yepme at 28th june,2014,and paymend given @ yepme by netbanking. Bt steel not givan my product and not despatch my product. So please sir do action.

Construction Quality and Carpet Area/Super Area Ratio

We are a group of buyers who bought apartments together in victoryone projects in Noida extension. It has been a very bad experience since beginning. After U P Apartments act came into force, we have asked builder to provide details of super/carpet area calculation and construction quality detail


N9ine Media- Good Experience!

For the past six months I've been working with N9ine Media and the work experience is awesome! They all are very supportive and work as a family. I've learned lot of things from my boss and what a professional growth I have achieved here that was impossible without her support. I joined this comp

5 Mistakes That Sabotage a Restaurant Management Career

Careers don't just happen. They are the result of careful planning, positioning, and continued education. Many professionals ignore their career until they want are a job seeker. The Job hunting market is the worst place to learn the art of job hunting. This method of career development bounces

For winning amount

Dear Sir, I have received mail from UK but please tell me this is true or false please Regional Director :Shri Chandan Sinha Reserve Bank Of India Regional Office, Our Ref: Cbn/Ohg/Oxd1/2014 Telex: 09331Credit/RBI. Payment File: RBI/Ben/009. Email: Date:


Kindly make way for the new online fraudsters ""   The most non-genuine online portal I have ever come across.  Their technique of fraud is to send an email from their pool of email accounts showing an iphone 5s or a Samsung Galaxy S5 and then lure you'

Awesome Career growth within 6 months!

I have been working with this company for last 6 months and the work experience has been nothing short of enriching. The work culture, growth prospects and management is very positive and fulfilling and and what a professional growth I have achieved here. I joined here as an Team Leader and


Each Internet user, sooner or later, should realize the fact that all his actions on the Internet are written by his ISP or may be intercepted by third parties and that his personal IP address can be equated to his passport number.Have you ever thought about the fact that absolutely all of your acti is not delivering the product since a month.

REF NO:30859364. Ordered Combo of two Bedsheets on 6th June worth 777 from  I mailed all the given IDs but no reply only FAQ sent automatically generated.  I want my product. No shipment number generated. The coustomer servise executives are pa

Worst services

I am really fed up with services of Croma retail. I bought McCoy cooler one and half month back. After 20 days it has started giving me problems. Many times I called to customer care but no result. I have one year warranty on the cooler but they are not giving services in warranty period. I am co

Overall Travel Services Private Limited

I wish to complain about OVERALL TRAVEL ( ) - 


i have purchased 3 SALWAR KAMEEZ (item code: 85226) through 100BESTBUY.COM, for Rs.699/- online, COD. when i opened the pack, i found 3 worst quality ladies wear (kurti). instantly i complained to customer care +91-080-67536400 and they assured that it will be taken back and they will ref

complain against M/s OM SAKTHI GROUP, old No172/ new no177,6TH MAIN ROAD, west Marredpally, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

swarna sparsh diamond of 40 cent

Dear All I work in kenya nairobi. I had visited mumbai last year i saw hoardings of swarna sparsh and their challenges of 100% refund. I visited thier showroom and astrologer advised me to buy cats eye for me and yellow sapphire for my wife so as to overcome with the problems and while co


Dear Sir . I have online purchase a camera from Global Sky Shop website on 03.05.2014. The worth of Camera was Rs. 7999/- after paying this amount they have given the confirmation from mail that your transaction has been done. The transaction details as are under :  

PRANAV SYSTTECH/Pranavtec IT Solution Pune is Fraud Company

PRANAV SYSTTECH/Pranavtec IT Solution Pune is Fraud CompanyPRANAV SYSTTECH Pune is a cheater company , completely fraud, nothng they say is true.They claim to have clients but they have none. they show of as if they are a real company but they are not. they  have foun

Fraud services by , Delhi

Dear Sir, One person Kunal  & Rohit khanna from  Aapka Careers2day pvt ltd  ( (land line number 0120 4810804, 1204810804,mobile no -9910055281) and said to take job builder servic

Hi Team, I have placed an order with Apr 2nd, my order number is 000869. They have not dispatched my product till Apr 27th. Hence I have requested them to cancel my order. Its been 3 months not but still they have not refunded my payment. Could

snap deal send disputed learner laptop

snapdeal order number 2126197835 dated 19/05/2014 time 9.40pm. delivery date 25/05/2014. sir i want to inform you that i bought one learner laptop from snapdeal. it dose not working properly no display on the lcd screen so i call them to there customer care helpline 09212692126 on 30th ma

Didn't Receive my product

i have ordered a watch from snapdeal on 3.06.2014, but till now i have not recevied my product. when ever i am calling to snap deal customer support team they are telling that they want 24 hrs. And  now they are  not taking my call also. my order number is 2201908338. Date of delivery w

LG1.5 Ton L-Nova Split LSA5NR3F 3 Star Air Conditioner

sir. maine easybuy.askme pe 20 jun 2014 ko ek LG1.5 Ton L-Nova Split LSA5NR3F 3 Star Air Conditioner ka order Rs.17,829  kiya ttha ttha jiska order no EB103499 HAI . aaj mujhe easybuy.askme se fone aya k mera order cancel kar diya gaya gaya hai kyonki stock avelable nah

Refund for defective TV purchased online.

Dear Sir,   This complaint  is regarding a tv I had purchased. I had ordered a AOC tv online. The product was defective. I had asked them to pick the product from my home which they did'nt do. Instead I had to courier the product. They have received t

reverse the money

Dear Sir . I have online purchase a camera from Global Sky Shop website on 03.05.2014. The worth of Camera was Rs. 7999/- after paying this amount they have given the confirmation from mail that your transaction has been done. The transaction details as are under :  

Rayban Glass Merchant Reference Number : 100000364 EBS Payment ID : 25493634 Payment Mode : VISA Amount : 4237.00

Merchant Reference Number : 100000364 EBS Payment ID : 25493634 Payment Mode : VISA Amount : 4237.00 As I had ordered for RAYBAN glass (RB3364) on on 28th May 2014. After then i tried to reach the numbers mentioned on the Website i didnt get proper response atlast one person pi

Fund transfer

To, The Regional Director,                                            &nbs

My order didn't reached

My order no. is 22 9576 3600 and i didn't get my order please tske action my complaint. Firdous jahan

Samsung mobil under warranty not accepting the claim saying some other reason

Dear sir I would like to inform that I had purchase a mobil samsung grand duel sim on 25-9-2013 mobil was working fine suddenly i found a Bottom sim card stop working , I complain samsung customer care they told me nearer address but after two days without going there I found mobil starte


Dear Sir, order no.1916303816, complaint number: 5987975, i brought a sleeper but wrong size diliver to me i requested to arrange a pickup request he told me the guy will come in 3 to 4 days. I followed and then he told me to send the

Rosevalley chain marketing system scam

Ihave deposited some money in Rosevalley chain marketing system. Its' been about one year since the maturity date of the policy, but till now I am not given back the money. Whenever we visit our agent or the branch office for the money, they will always give us excuses, and not releasing the mone

lottery winning mail (Unsatisfied from product delivery service and protection)

Vijay nasit

I'm Oder date 06-06-2014 Oder no 31401635273434 conform that's my delivery date 21-06-2014. I have a not recive this my iPhone 5s please help me my Item Code : MOB/MOB/I P/3114 I'm paid amount 11999 icici bank credit card is ready please help my contact no 9328380295

addresh change

plz addresh change will process urgent. my new addr is aura county block no c,flat no 110, near mapple hotel,on bypass ubale nager.

My name is Krishna prasad.  I am from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. My mobile No.9640909299. One bad day i.e. on 07th June 2014  I have gone thru one Contest Ad by  I was attracted by the offered Apple I phone 5S for Rs.699/-. 


I have recharged my mobile for 140 Rs after checking for full talk time option by dialing 123. They have said that for 140 Rs recharge you will get 155 Rs talk time. But I got only 124 Rs. I have called them but their response was very Improper. Their executive says it has expired by 19 th

wrong billing by vodafone

Now, I am going to stop using my both vodafone numbers becouse vodafone providing very worst and pathetic service. They wrongly charged  Rs. 1780 for internet usage on my vodafone no 9555552825.  I complaint many times but no solution even I  provided email and  conversio


TODAY i got email from            that the sum of £500,000.00 GBP we recieved and we wish to transfer to your bank account before that you need to pay conversion charges equal to 24800 Rs. and i got a call fro

Globlesky shop a Fraudulent company

Globlesky shop pvt ltd. is fraud company.. Cheated me 15k cash deposited, for a Dell Laptop. No one is answering my calls now.. One is Ms.Pakhi & Other one is Mr. AbhayDubey I want my money back .. Vinayak Mumbai

Manashosting Web Hosting company is fraud & cheating

Hello everyone Manashosting Web Hosting company is very very fraud & cheating company Don't buy any package from the Manashosting. Worst Customer Support, Billing Support & Tech Support, I purchased Multi-Platform Reseller Package (14/07/2012 - 13/07/2015) + 1 year hosting free (Unlimited

Faulty product received and help from snapdeal for refund. Snapdeal

I ordered Xolo Q600s from snapdeal order number.2217500977 which was delivered to me on 14 June 2014.The phone received is defective and on the same day i raised complaint(complaint number : 7254005) with snapdeal since then i am calling snapdeal customer care everyday but no response

SunSmart Global - No Offer Letter

I attended interviews and hr said that I got selected. But they are not sending the offer letter till now. I called hr daily but they are always saying that they will send in a day or two. what will I do now?

Voltas 1.5 Ton window AC. Poorest service

Hi, I have purchased voltas 1.5 ton window ac one month before and now it is not cooling.I have registered a complain with the customer care about it (complain no 14061608434). It has been two three days since I've registered the complain and no one has visited m


Call from India Jobs Recruitment agency asking to pay money

Hi all,          I received a call today morning from a girl from India Jobs Recruitment Agency (Ph. No: 01206523028). She told me that my resume was selected from and that companies like Capgemini, BMW and Aditya Birla have expressed their interest in m


Dear Team,                   We require the laptop on urgent basis. we have talked in the snapdeal customer care three time reagrding the product, and its dispatch TAT. They have committed us for one day


My mob num 7200023252

Poor Service and Very Irresponsible (Window AC LG Company)

Dear Madam/Sir  I have put a request for service of my Window AC (LG) was not cooling on dt 6th June 2014 but till today the problem was not solved by the company. On 8th june 2014 company Service Engineer came to my house for checking and after checking he told

Fraud company items not delivered

i have ordered a mobile phone from Fga electronics inc.they said that they only delivered product through online and offline,so i have deposit the amount to their bank acc.on 14th june 14 ,but after that they call me and said you also have to pay for the custom clearence at mumbai airport

Club indiaa - false promises

Old name is classic club and resorts Now they changed the name as Club Indiaa Beware.Pls don't Fall for there good comments that are all posted by there own employees of club indiaa. Be care full. They don't have Proper website they will say we uploading photos we h

NET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Andheri SAP cheating & Fraud

NET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Andheri SAP cheating & FraudDear FriendsNETBUSINESS SOLUTIONS Andheri SAP cheating & Fraud beware of netbusiness solutions india sap they are cheating candidates. i have taken admission in nbs i have paid 60k for the training the traini

Non Receipt of Parcel Ordered on Patheric Courier xPressBees Courier

My Product Id is 2236105258Product Code: 3035528486The Order was supposed to be delivered on 13th June. Today it is 16th June I have been inquiring them with the consignment details since 13th which was estimated delivery time. XpressBees has only one boardline no of Pune. A

Balaji Associates and Career Solution

Balaji Associates and Career Solution 282, 1st floor, Chouhan Estate, Supela

Balaji Associates and Career Solution ,Bhilai

........................................BE ALERT FROM ABOVE MENTION ADDRESS...................................................     Dear Friends   The consultancy named as Balaji Career Solution,bhilai called me for interview for new job vacancy in r

samsung provide very poor service.(lakshmi nagar new delhi service centre)

Very very poor service provided by samsung service centre . Recently i have to wait 1hour for my turn to come.And also if there are 6 counters for solving problems only 2 to 3 people are sitting in the counter and the rest are blank, which create a lot of problem . Please solve this problem.

samsung provide very poor service.(lakshmi nagar new delhi service centre)

Very very poor service provided by samsung service centre . Recently i have to wait 1hour for my turn to come.And also if there are 6 counters for solving problems only 2 to 3 people are sitting in the counter and the rest are blank, which create a lot of problem . Please solve this problem.

kaunsa cheated need funsds back

Dear stephen Thank you for choosing as your shopping partner. This is to confirm your order placed on You order will be processed as soon as payment r



MTS Blaze Internet service

Respected Sir, I had purchased a MTS blaze connection for Rs 1000 on 10/05/2014 and it was intimated to me at the time of the purchase that i would be getting a good banwidth upto 9.8 mbps but after my account was activated, there was hardly any speed observed by the devide.


Hi,This is regrading my Order# 2229546606 for Micromax mobile which i placed on Snapdeal website. I got the product deliveredbefore time but mobile phone which i got is dead, its not powering on at all. Same day i have contacted snapdeal customer care and logged complaint and got response t

not replacing a defective product bought through online shopping

I have received a defective product which I had ordered through online shopping. After complaining they have asked to courier back the defective piece which will cost me 800 rupees and this extra amount I have to pay. My complain is why should I will pay this charge when it is not my faul

Quaries about false or true emails coming from of RBI, New Delhi

sir/ mam, I suvra das send this complain 2nd time to RBI, New Delhi to justify about coming emails of " lottery fund". from last 2 - 3 months emails come from different foreign companies declearing wining a huge amount of  lottery money with dema

I ordered 2 items but received only 1

I ordered 2 Rayban sunglasses. But I received only 1. After raising multiple complaints in their site also they didn't get back. This is ridiculous. My ticket numbers are Kaun/T276773/Z7BUN4PKYA and Kaun/T276773/BY3WAQUXZ0. Best part is they closed my first ticket with even providing any re


Dear sir ,                       This is to inform you that I have booked a complaint regarding land phone not working on 21th May 2014. But the complaint is still pen

item not delivered

I have ordered one Laptop e-table with cooling fan on  14.05.2014 and the payment of the same was done through net banking option.  But shipment tracking number was received from till now. Deducted amount from my accountk. I had called to the c

100 best buy refund not credited

i purchesed shirts from 100bestbuy ecommerce site on april 18th2014 after received the products i found that those are lack of quality and doesnt fit for me I reutrned the product on 21st April and according to Courier services the shipment was completed. Then on i did so many follow ups

KAUNSA.COM . Non delivery/ refund of ordered item

Sir, I had ordered for a pair of RAYBANS more than a month back. Despite repeated reminders and request the company failed to provide the item and made false promises repeatedly about delivery dates. I have now requested for a refund which the staff showed apprehension towards refunding, afte

Sterling tree magnum (India Pvt. Ltd)

Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Smruti Borkar & I had invested in sterling tree magnum (India I have invested in 20 trees but not received the returns till date.My certificate no is G169852 and maturity date is 15/05/2015 and purchased the 20 trees for Rs. 29500.I have one

hp printer

I have purchased the "Hp Laserjet M-1005 Multifunction Printer" on 23 March 2014 21:38:20 IST, from "Deja-Vu Trends", Web Site

Atlantizz Infotech, Pimpri, pune

Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake !!!!! Beware of Atlantizz Infotech, Pimpri, pune, they are cheating candidates. i have taken admition for SAP, i have paid 20k for the training, the training is not good t


I had purchased a TATA Aria 4X4 car on 11/11/2012 from Hem Agencies Satara for personal use. Main features claimed by TATA Motors are for safety, Low noise, Powerful Engine, 4X4 transmission, Automatic systems, Powerful AC system, Durability and Various sensors for fault detection. The ma

Ordered a belt, What i received was, not atall what it looked like in the pic they showed on the website... Was packed in a local polythene bag, and dirty discarded box. Raised complaint immediately, but no response till now.... instead am getting mails like.... "Hope you enjoying your item",,, p


samyakk-not-dispatched-as-shown-on-website-and-confirmed-in-order #100001452 In order it was confirmed cotton anarkali and dispatched net.

United India Insurance Company Ltd. Worst Customer Service and Satisfaction

United India Insurance Company Ltd.Seema Towers, Mavoor Rd Jn, Bank Road, Kozhikode - 673001.Near Ashoka Hospital.Today (09-Jun-2014) I went to United India Insurance Company Ltd office at Calicut for changing insurance claimant's name and address in the policy. I have bou


I have invested Rs975/- for one teak tree in the yr 30/01/1993 date of expiry is 29/01/2013 Till date i have not recieved any cal or information from the sterling company And my money invested in that year was 975/- If this money was invested in any bank i would ge


  I have purchased Onida LED 24 inch TV,model No-leo24NMSF1c00L, worth Rs.17500/- from Bhagyoday Agencies Veraval(PH.No.02876 242331) Dist-Junagadh,State-Gujarat,pincode-362265 on date-4/5/2012.After 2 years one day suddnely my TV has been not worked and not run. So I registered comp

touch screen complaint

chittajallu shyam sunder's Profile (update)   IN CONTINUATION OF  MY EARLIER  E MAIL I FORGOT TO MENTION YOUR MOBILE SERVICEING CENTRE ORDER NO E 137 DATED 17-05-2014. IN CONNECTION WITH NEW TOUCH SCREEN.   REGARDS SHYAM 9246698878 9849715224 - See more at: http://indian



my ray ban sunglasses get detoriate

respected sir I purchased my rayban sun glasses some time ago from kota optics around 1year ago . but he had take the bill and not replacing my glasses and said that he lost the bill my glasses cost around 6000/- and ihad a great faith in this brand and iam using it from mu younger days a

IndiaTimes Shopping

  Dear Support I purchased one mobkle- Lenovo K900 from indiatimesshopping website After delivered the product i feel that i did a mistakes for choosing model no. I wanted to buy Lenovo S660 instead off K 900 So i give request to india times shopping customer is really Fraud Online Shopping Site

I ordered Koutons Pack of 5 Shirts (Assorted Colors) from in Rs. 1090 with shipment charges on 25-May-2014. I received a confirmation mail with Order ref. no. 30638704 and o



Customer Harassment due to poor service of SAMSUNG

We had lodged a complaint for our refrigerator model number ( RT44MASM1/XTL) with samung customer care on 24.5.14 against number 4174374566. The service person came and diagnosed it as a compressor problem on 24th May itself. That was the only prompt level of service. After calling 2/3 times to t

Sterling tree magnum (India) Ltd

Dear Sir,            Subject:To enquire about the sterling tree magnum limited and need to know our application status.        Sir I Suresh L Apinakoppa had applied for the insurance of teakquity money growth plan . Even I have tri

Dealy in delivering

Dear Sir,   We have booked shoes in online, amount already by internet banking on 19-05-2014 our oder number 6996908 mobile number 8885551807, but till now we have not received the products of shoes we are doing daily calls to every time they replying that (Fraud / Irresponsible site)

I placed an order on on May 19, 2014 with Ref. ID 29880634. The items in the order were Branded Assorted Multicolor Kainaz (Women Clothing). This order has not been received by me yet. I called their Bengaluru No.08067536400 but they kept me on hol

Amazing Casual Dress Collection - allMemoirs

I found some extraordinary dress collection for casual wear here on They have some of the latest dresses on offering ranging from sleeveless dress to printed shift dressses. This summer in India, you will find all colors on These amazing dresses ar

Poor Service at Service Center Indore

Team,   I have been using Micromax Phone for a long time , I am also having a Funbook TAB which was working fine till 29th of May 2014. Suddenly there started some problem with charging of device. I took the tab to the Micromax service (M/s Akhil Traders , G1 Yashwant Plaza I

Fraudulent auction of gold ornaments pledged with HDFC for gold loan

I am writing this mail to bring to your notice the unfair auction of the gold jewellery pledged by me. We had taken a gold loan for Rs 996500 (G.L. Index No.- 565601, Loan A/c No.- 1087260412R10001) on 26/4/12 through your Maidagin road Branch, Varanasi. we had been paying interest in between and

I got cheated by MYROZGAAR.COM and i lost Rs27000/- through my debit card. please help me to return my money.

I am from a poor family. They said me that i will get a call from the multinational and national company and only 1650/- is needed to pay. so i take the credit card and enter my details, make payment of 1st 1650/-. They said said to click on several links, and i clicked, it was for the payment of

Sudha travels t nagar / Misbehaviour by Driver /Worst Worst Fraud Travels Not Safe

Hi all, Friends i booked sudha Travels T nagar chennai for chennai to pattulottai Bus. The services is very worst. Rather then booking in Sudha travels t nagar. We can book goverment bus. Very worst travels. The Driver is a worst guy always speaking bad words . They are not giving respect

I never seen fraud like 100 best buy, i have decided to go court against 100 best buy to close this website for forever

I have ordered of 6 Items on on 14 Feb 2014. items name is Koutons shirt of 5 sets -1 No Koutons paint set of 3 -1 No Rio Black Watch- 1 No Sun Glass- 1 No Kouton Jeans- 1no 1 Men trouser- 1 No I gave payment through from my own account of Rs 3769/-.

I ordered "Casio Edifice EF 535BK 1AV All Black" [Order number : 27715530513244] from on April 3rd 2014. I got a deliv

Satellite technology .

Some satellite company has need solution for repairs and maintenance . The satellite is chasing and locked up focus on me this sat. Records av and mistakingly misdoingly does Mad sad bad relational data tranferringly harasses including me and all over the circumstance of its own area of sub

Honda City

Ring road honda dwarka has been telling lies about city delivery. I was supposed to get the delivery tomorrow. I have sold my old car. Loan has been processed and now I am being told that there is no car available. He now wants me to change my choice of color to meet his target for the month. Whats

AJS Honda - showroom service

Complaint:   Thank you for your not warm and not welcoming service at the AJS Honda showroom , Nadiad. I krunal Upadhyay son of rita upadhyay had two different occasions where i felt there is no respect and welcoming prospect from your company for your valuable custom

Infibeam Scam

I had ordered “Sony Neotank Speakers” from . Once I received the speakers I realised it is too big for my house and I wished to return it in exchange for something else. I kept the package unopened. The FAQ read “In case, you've ordered something incorrectly and

OVERSEAS JOBS for MBA/PGDM Fresher's / Experienced by OBIBS

Hi,   I have received an overseas job offer from OBIBS ( through Mr. Sumit Rana ( As per the conversation he told me that there are openings in Citi Bank Singapore for v

Datawind Ubislate Tablet - Delay in Resolving The Problem

Hi Myself Abhishek Dua, i want to register my complaint regarding Datawind Tablet. From day 1 i am suffering from this tablet battery problem, hanging problem etc. I went to service centre,they got lodge my complaint for replacing the device. First time they give new device after 1 month. bu

Defective piece of Smart Tab X2 (Calling Mobile Table PC with voice calling)

Sir : Sir/Madam:   My wife  had booked Smart Tab X2 (Calling Mobile Table PC with voice calling)  from of STAR CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd., vide Order No.20140124052950 & vide your bill No.201401250004 dated 25.01.14 (Docket No.I13000021480) recei

Internet Connectivity issue Cheated with a defective Moto G

I purchased Moto G on 15th may 2014.. and I got it delivered on 19thMay 2014 from Flipkart. When I opened the box whole screen card washaving scratches(I think we don't get scratches in a new phone), andwhen I switched it on it worked fine for 3 day

no reverse pickup

sir      I have ordered catwalk sandal from snapdeal on 24-4-2014 unfortunatly i dont like the quality of product. i have called snapdeal call centre several times but everytime time same assurance that reverse pickup will be made within 48 hours . Its been more then month

Order Not Received ( Online shopping)

Sir, This is to Complaint against that, I have not received the order which i done on 19.05.2014 through online and paid amount of Rs.1000/- via net banking , Got the mail that it was dispatched on 22.5.14 and will deliver before 25.5.14. The airway bill which given was wrong.

for call detail

i want to my call detail of this phone no. 8545888476


Hi sir I have order Combo (Fila Sunshine Red Crew Neck T-Shirt With iFelix Black Mens Watch (Iflx-001)) but i got some local brand t-shirt and damaged watch so i have complainted to them after one month they sent / Mify Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I've ordered 4 Products of Ray Ban Sunglasses, Received one yesterday, I've inquired before the placing order that the products are original Ray-Ban, however the product delivered is a copy & not the Original Ray-Ban. This is very much disappointed & I need to return this product &a

Tata Docomo

Hello my name is Nitin my tata docomo number is 9535500005. I have activated the 3g internet pack of 175rs for 1gb through ussd code *141# on 27th may 2014 morning And my balance has got deducted but I have not received the Mb by end of the day. And when I contaced the customercare and supervisor

Mobile Hand set-S4

I have ordered a mobile hand set through your web site,I got the duplicate imobile hand set named S-4 on 24/05/2014. It is priced for INR.9999/-, I think it is not even worth for 1500/-.Ultimately I got cheated by this web site. Kindly get back my money from these people as soon as possible.

Insult From GoDaddy and Support Team

Dear CEO or who ever listens to, I have bought couple of domain names from GoDaddy. Today i noticed that the one of my site is not working including its

Fraud and Fake

Here is my experience.. Please.. READ THIS BEFORE YOU SHOP Ref Id: Kaun/135502 This all thing started about an year ago.. I have ordered a Samsung Galaxy Express from KAUNSA on 17/06/2013. After waiting for a long time I realised that I have been cheated. So I contacted the customer care. They sa

incoming & out going call details

hello sir i m ranulata palei my number is 9175588798.i want to know call history my cellnumber. .Can u give me the details from 15.05.2014 to till date of my uninor no ,pls send call details my email id .

I had ordered one appliance from, the said appliance was not delivered to me in time. I have called their customer support 3-4 times but they fail to sort out the issue. I would never suggest anyone to order from this site.


Hi want to aware readers about web sites like 100bestbuy,com. They have the policy to trap new customers every time by some unbelievable offers, that is not possible, you will be replied the saman is out of stock, and take some money from you, which they convert to credit points. You w

Green Bricks Vashi is Fraud & Fake company

Green Bricks Vashi is Fraud & Fake companyPlz dont trust they r fraud,Dont invest in land, they r fraud & FakeTHE BIGGEST CHEATS & MOST PATHETIC SERVICE PROVIDER  Total fraud company. No service guarantee.Green Bricks Vashi is Fraud & Fake company Green Bric


  Dear sir/madam, I am  already this complaint forced Previously (  20 days back ) in your organization . i tried call to Mr.Sharma (Roozgar team member,  mobile no; 9560302297 ) but he is not lifting my call, when i complainted against ROOZGAAR after 7 d

Analog Insulation Tester

Hi Team, I purchased Insulation Tester via INB Emtex Engineering Pvt. Ltd on 10-05-2014 but still am not received my product and amount. Kindly help with me how i claim my money. This not my complaint i need my money or my product kindly help. my order ID 9257  TO TRANSFE

FLIPKART - NON DELIVERY of the product

POOR & PATHETIC SERVICE LEVELS OF FLIPKART. THEY ARE TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL, and FOOL THEIR CUSTOMERS. This is in reference to my ORDER No. OD40514163374 placed on 14-May-14, which was supposed to be delivered latest by 19-May-14. However, the product is still not delivered till 21-Ma

Hi, I have puchased a Jacket from and that was Rs.2195+149 courier fee. I asked them the terms and conditions for replacement before purchaseing. They said they have hassel free replacement policy and no where in their terms and conditions say that the customer has to pa

Voltas AC platina

Reliance Digital 6-11 and 6-11/1, Vijaya Sai Towers, Opp BJP office (Vivek Nagar, Kukatpally). I bought voltas split 1 ton AC from them. The technician who came to install it had no knowledge , resulting in making some minor breaks to open the Unit. Next time the technician used force to open the in

delay in delivery

I had a local batmitton tournament on 18th may 2014,i don't have shoe so i decided to purchase a pair of shoes from snapdeal.I have ordered a good shoe for my tournament,they mailed and made sms that my shoe will be delivered on or before 15th may2014.I was extremely happy amd excited of playing

car accident

Dear Sir, In reference to the trilling mail, not any respose from company please advice Thanks 7838653820 Fraud

Ref ID:2994080929938217Booked on: 13 Apr 2014Payment madeNo delivery of product or update from's endFirst of all it takes atleast 10 mins to get connected to an executive. Each such executive is acting foolish, not sure if they re

Voltas vertis platina 1 ton AC

The technicians voltas provide had no knowledge about this product. Twice my indoor unit was broken by there technicians, the door unit and the drain tray area. These technicians do more harm then servicing the AC. They do not know how to maintain the cooling pressure also. They engage different ag

Vodafone voucher is damaged

I Have purchase Rs.50 Paper Recharge Card But by mistake the code got damaged during scrathing the card. Please Give Me Secret Pin Of This Card On My E-mail ID. my email id is Serial No. Of Recharge Card:180314388495 Plz send me pin no as soon as possible... 



indian railway reservation clerk

i went for reservation to near reservation counter which is present in head post office of markapur-523316,prakasam district,Andhra is opened from 10.00 to 12.00(24 hrs time).Since tatkal tickets were issuing so,i waited, to finish tatkal tickets.when i went at the counter and i


Dear Sirs, I am a premium customer of Idea Cellular and paying almost Rs.3500 every month. I have two numbers with me. 9765560700 and 9765560800. Recently I shifted from Pune to Chennai. I want to change the tariff plan. I first went to your website and tried to change the plan. But your websit

Samsung Mobile


Suggested Smoking Etiquettes For Electronic Cigarette Smokers

Due to the degree of freedom being allowed on electronic cigarette smoker whether they are using those types with e smart e cig or not, the exercise of smoking with a smokeless gadget can be prone to abuse.  Thus, it is wise to inform buyers of MJTech e-cigars and other related products to e

No service preovided inspite of taking Rs 1000 first for registration and then Rs. 2500 for resume writing

Initially Rs. 1000 was taken from me for registration. After a week, Rs. 2,500 were taken for resume writing saying that this Rs. 2,500 is refundable within a weeks time as this is a security money taken, now almost a month has passed and neither any service is provided nor money is refunded.&nbs

Voltas Window AC 1.5 ton

Voltas must be manufacturing a good product but is backed by Disgusting and Dreadful service. i called up the customer care on 29th April for servicing, was assured to receive the call and same day and the visit by the technician within 24 hrs. No call and neither a visit by the technicia

Counterfeit Products sold on

I received a Hugo Boss Red for Men 150 ML today, May 16, 2014, which was not original, the seller E Age World on Snapdeal is palming off counterfeit perfumes by falsely claiming that they are originals. This review is in public interest and a warning to buyers who intend to purchase on Snapdeal. online shopping

I order one Acer Tablet by paying Rs 9999 in the month of April 2014 and it’s delivered the wrong item (I-ball tablet) which is worth 0f Rs 6999 (MRP price) and after receiving wrong part when, I contact to 100bestbuy customer care. They suggested, Return this by courier to 100bestbuy and t

voltas AC; faulty rpoduct, bad service

WORST after sales service. Issue with the product: AC not cooling properly. Its still under warranty (compressor warranty). Minor ISSUES with the service from compan

unable to disconnect postpaid photon connection

I, Shreyasi Dutta, have a TATA DOCOMO photon postpaid connection (mobile number 9230024216), alternate contact number 9333690957. I went to the following TATA service center to convert my connection postpaid to prepaid -Kankurgachi Address 2 : 


We brought a Lg Double Door refrigerator in last week of february 2014. After two months (in the month of April) we call the customer service of LG and lodged a complaint Our complaint no - RNA140512032890. They sent their people t

Tata Docomo Not Migrating from Post Paid to Pre Paid 8148175001

Hi ,I am Manoj, My Mobile Number is 8148175001. I get the request from Docomo to migrate from Post Paid to Pre Paid on May 10th, My request number is 414285319. After getting, i submitted all the necessary docoments in Tata Docomo Store - Thoraipakkam. Still there is no mi



Tata Docomo

Hi ,I am Manoj, My Mobile Number is 8148175001. I got the request from Docomo to migrate from Post Paid to Pre Paid on May 10th, My request number is 414285319. After getting, i submitted all the necessary docoments in Tata Docomo Store - Thoraipakkam. Still there is no mi

xelectron projector

My name is Pavan.I had bought a projector from your company. the visuals what you had show in your website is entirely different from the product.The worst picture clarity cannot even read the letters totally very munch unsatisfied with your product. i want my money b


Dear , i have ordered for 1 one pairs of shoes of converse (ORDER-2090952093), but i reality i got ,chines shoes same CONVERGEE one number smaller ,i ordered for 11 size but i got 10, MOST IMPORTED MRP ON IT ,IS 325 RS, AND THEY CHARGED ME 1099 YOU JUST CHEATED WITH ME.NOW I WA

Defected BottonCamera(

I was ordered ButtonCamera on site, they delivered product at right place, but the product is defected, i was informed to their customer care for replaced product, but they didnt any response to me, they just avoid me and always cut my phone, and giving any kind of stu



I ordered the product (Davidoff Cool Water 125ml perfume worth 1541 INR) on 26th April on Paid the money through credit card. The initial dispatch day was 28th April, which was changed to 1st May. Today, it has been more than 15 days since ordering, the product has not been shipped.

Faulty product(:Laptop)

On May 1st 2014 I ordered Asus Laptop from snapdeal. I received it after 4 days but the laptop come up with wrong operating system. On packet DOS operating system was writting with other computer specification. While on laptop Ubentu Operating system was installed. I made a complaing and laptop w

not response from samsung mobile

i buy a new samsung galaxy s5 phone,,,, on new phone samsung give 5000 offer in 72 hours... but im not received that offer.... many time i call the samsung cutomer care.. but no response please solve my problm thanks

kaunsa cheet innocent people

i given order aginst my order no.16666684130653 & pay through my credit card ammount 459/-on on 16-4-2014 but till i not received my order or refund pl. help Anil Sharma 9418456859 - Very Poor Customer Support

This is very disheartening to say that, guys are not working under professional ethics. They had created your own ethics and i.e to frustrate the customers and play with their monies.  I had made an online purchase order on April 25, 2014, at that time you had mentioned in your we

Mobile Packet Seal was broken

Hi, I ordered Gionee e7 mobile and Received it March 04,2014 ,order #3003075869. I found the Seal was broken and there was no stamp on the warranty card as well .So i complaint about it through mail with all the screen shots On 3/6/2014 5:49 PM and Complaint # 1303563.So

MAXWORTH INFO TECH Online Part time job Scam

this incompany introduce themselves as one of the leading online part time job providing company. they charge you account activation fee for various projects like: Mobile Number copy and paste job - 1500 Rs. E mail Id copy and paste job - 3500 Rs. Online Trading Pr

LG Ac Service Complaint

Sir/Madam, I had my AC serviced by LG (Mr. Asad Saifi). Before servicing the technician checked the AC thoroughly and told me that the AC is OK and it is cooling properly- only servicing is required. After the servicing my AC did not work properly. . When I complained about

Fraud Company in Gaziabad

I was victimised to fraud by telecalling,they(IMPACT SOLUTIONS, Gaziabad) said that calling from visa credit card company and as I used to shopping using debit cards so they offer me a package for that they need some details then another person call me and said that they give me this pakage for f


Bhubaneswar Real Estate Cheating cases on rise. Beware of the fraudsters & Builders & Mafias before buying Property!

Bhubaneswar Real Estate Cheating cases on rise. Beware of the fraudsters & Builders & Mafias before buying Property!

S C M Aundh Pune is worst SAP Training Institute

S C M Aundh Pune is worst SAP Training InstituteI had completed the SAP course fom S C M Aundh Pune. But they are not providing any placement assistance. They are least bothered about your placements. Once you enrolled they will start to show their real colors, till that time they will

Infibeam refuses to replace/refund defective product.

Hi, I purchased a Ambrane power bank P1000 model on 5th of april 2014 from This was delivered to me on 22nd April and was found defective. I opted for a return and the same was organized by Infibeam. I got the replacement product on 9th May 2014 and found that they have ship

Matte Screen Scratch Guard Protector for Motorola Moto G XT1033 XT1032

Dear sir,  my friend purchase a  "Matte Screen Scratch Guard Protector for Motorola Moto G XT1033 XT1032 " (291094417140) that seller on last 29-Apr-14. I dont  have received this product for still date please help me. i got

Unwanted Deduction of amount 237 from TATA DOCOMO Cellular Service

Hi Team,   This is kiran kumar, i am using TATA DOCOMO 3G service from years(smart life plan 251 approx 1.5 Years). It is with very sad to say, TATA DOCOMO is the very worst service provider, though i am having 3G data left, an amount of 237rs (Ref. ID- KA/213757)

I ordered a wrist watch which was delivered much later that the expected date of delivery. The product I recieved was a defected piece. On complaining, the customer support team asked me to send back the product through courier so that they may replace my order with another piece.

Pathetic service from service centere on samsung product under warranty

I have dropped the followign mail to many serior peole of the co. including their H.O. Not even a single person cared to respond or took action. Never faced such a poor response. Really very disapointed. Respected Sir, With deep regret and concern I'm writing this mail to your goodself

Unncessary Balance Deduction

Hello Sir/Madam, I am having 9033655216 tata docomo number, since last 2 days i am facing the problem of un-necessary balane deduction. Even though I am having 6 mb. Data usage remaining. I have activated 3g internet on 05/05/2014 My balance was 643 Rs  on 05

Skill Mart Thane Fake SAP center

Skill Mart Thane Fake SAP centerSkill Mart Thane Fake SAP center Skill Mart Thane Fake SAP centerDont Join Skill Mart Thane. they foolig students no placements here only fake commitmentsis the most fraud sap training institute. they are only behind your money and nothing else. they are

Harrasmetn Customer

i orderd "TP-Link 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ADSL2+ Router",paid ammount 1194/- from in 25th april,2014,,and they give the shipping date was 1st may, the web


Product not receive order no.100007741 order date-08.02.2014 payment mode-ebs payment payment amt.6267 phone no.180030001177 invoice no.100002668 product name-samsung galaxy t

ibs bespoke solution

dejavu order not receive order no.100007741 order date-08.02.2014 payment mode-ebs payment payment amt.6267 order name-samsung galaxy trends

jayalakhshmi hyundai attapur hyderabad

Sir I bought a new eon dlite plus on 6/4/2014  2 days back in the name of my wife sameena Begum wile delivery itself I got the problem of engine malfunction light on I told the dealer abhishek he said its minor problem I will rectify but wile driving to home I was jetting and skipping and ag

indiatodayshopping offer fraud

Hi,   my name is Gopalakrishna, I got call from indiatodayshopping(7428253734)- they were saying about some offer where I need to deposit 35,000 to get below articles, I did not believe them and contacted the # provided in their site(9313358707-simran) who has confirmed the o

delay of tata docomo authorised person to give noc

respected sir,                   i am mr. Biren Patel. i m use servise. my cell no. 8460890036. delay of your authorised person my sim card was blocked no. as above. and i m a one professonal person so many demages created to sim problem,

about account opening

 I have visited in the SBI branch at boipariguda dist :koraput ,odisha four times in the last two month to open a saving account .but the officer incharge had denied to open the same. when i ask the reason he told me that our branc is in short of staffs.if new staffs join in our branch then

Product not dispatched by deja Vu Tends Site

Dear Sir/Mam, I made a order on 24th of Feb 2014 for Sony Micro Vault Tiny Pen Drive 16GB on Site DEJA VU TRENDS. The order no is ->100012420, & i made payment of Rs 650/- through credit card. But Till now they have not dispatched product & even not refunded my money. T



Voltas AC not working

Hi All I bought a Voltas window Ac on 27-May-2014. And get it installation done on 1-May-2014. But till that day i'm able to use to it. It's temperature is getting fluctuated by itself. i'd set it's temperature at 25 but it keep on swinging between 24 to 32, that's really frustating.

non refund of security money mtnl delhi

I surrendered my telephone no 01125322988 on 17th Aug 2013 along with instrument, routers adapter and paid lasted bill copy at Najaf Garh Delhi. Security deposit of RS 3000 was promised to be refunded within 15 days time.   But till now

VEINMARK.COM - Online Scam for Part Time jobs

Beware of online scam (CyberAds & TeleAds). They are No.1 fraud company well organized cheaters. I am one of the recent victim of Veinmark fraud. I paid Rs.6100/- for CyberAds work and they provided the training work in 12 hrs. But after completion of the work they cheated m

Voltas Split Ac service under warranty

My split ac is under warranty .It is not cooling since 2/5/14. I had reqested them for its service ( req no 14050207953 dated 2/5/14) .Today is 7/5/14 and nither any service man visitted my place nor I had received any call from their side . I had called voltas customer care atleast 10 times in t

Wall Mount Power Fire place Fire places Guide

If you are looking to purchase the flare wall-mounted electric hearth then you need make a choice out of your available choices alone. If you need to think about credibility and also useful capability you would then desire to choose of a classic fire electric powered hearth. They search thus practic

Delay in order dispatching

I have made an order, the details of the same by (with which i am satisfied) is as below. Order No - S80273256, Order Amount - 999.0, Payment Mode - netbanking, Ordered Date - 2014-03-27,18:07:06, Order Status - CONFIRMED, Product Name Quantity - Woodland Shoes &a

manashosting good hosting company

I've been with manashosting   for very few years now. This hosting company should be a model for all others - they are well worth my time writing. Starting from their super kind and patience  support, moving on to their 100% up time, knowledge, documented he


Dear All, I’m registering my complaint against KAROOBAAR for cheating me for overseas Job Placement.  A person called me from KAROOBAAR named as Mr.ROHIT  said that “We are providing  jobs for that you needs to pay through net banking by choosing Job Fla

WHAAKY (5 Newfeel Shoes) Order # S80302523

I have ordered the product S80302523 on 9th Apr'14 product cost is Rs.999, i have cancel my order,  i been waiting for more than 27 days,so for i didn't get any confirmation mail or response from them. plase get refund amount from them. : They take orders but never delivers it!! it Bhaap or Baap.anyway. I had a very bad experience with them. Ordered an item 1 months back. Thay have not shipped the item yet! Can you believe it? Yes it is true.they still live in stone age and they have sent the item on a bullock cart

Bad item supplied by

Item was supplied with false specifications, which was found out in 4 months time after usage. Snapdeal has just brushed aside my complaint by saying the Trustpay guarantee is only 7 days. I have been duped of Rs2499/-. My order no. was

Ferrari Remote Car with Ben-10 & Angry Birds Fxmakeover (QTY:1) order no 13210707/ SHOPCLUES

I book order from shopclues. com on 22 apr 14. my order detail is "Ferrari Remote Car with Ben-10 & Angry Birds Fxmakeover  (QTY:1) order no 13210707" but till date i not get item. The website is not showing any update, When i call to customer care 4 times but every time then told to me


I had bought an AC LSA5EW5V split from Hypercity as they were liquidating electronics section they offered a discount upto 40% on the said AC. The AC was delivered in December 2013 and was installed by Wasim (8108655917). The AC already had cooling issue and hence a complain was raised. The techn

Fraud by Right Choice Home Shop

Dear Sir/Madam, I was contacted over my Mobile phone by Right Choice Home Shop company representative named Anjali Sharma, Puja Varma, Rahul, Rohit repeatedly in last couple of months and made me transect for about 1,10,000/- INR for the promised prize money of 4,50,000/- INR. I havenot r


Dear Sir,    I have bought a Dell Laptop (Express Service tag 33023384893) 18/03/2014, and this product's warranty is expiring on 17/04/2014,&n

Pathetic Service from Samsung Home Appliances

Hi, I have bought a refrigerator of Samsung Model no. RT32CDLB1 in 2012, since last month I have been facing some problem in cooling, so complained to Samsung Service center, in 3rd complain their local representative called me for service. He came and repaired the same but it wasn't work


I have made a request for the servicing of my Voltas 1 tonn AC (request no14050102985) on 1st May'2014.I bought the AC last year and this is the first service request. I was told that i will receive a call from the technician within 24 working hours, however there is no update till date. The serv

Complaint against


I ordered a Micromax A116 from them on 10th May 2013, which they could deliver as promised, hence I had to cancel this and since then I am running behind them for the refund. They lie saying there is some technical issue on the gateway hence, unable to return and need 15 days to solve this. When

Fraud online shopping website

I would like to complain against the online shopping website . As this website is completely fraud one and

whirlpool 3d cool climate control 2014 model

i have purchased a whirlpool 3d cool climate control A.C FROM KHOSLA ELECTRONIC AZADGARH BRANCH ,KOLKATA ON 21/4/2014.I got the A.C INSTALLED ON 23/4/2014.after 2 days only the a.c started giving coolingg.i lodged a complaint with customer care ,they send an engineer who inspected th

Voltas AC Instalation

I buyed an AC of Voltas Brand on 23rd of April from Croma Retail. It got delivered at my address on 25th of April. I requested an installation request on 26th of April which was acknowledged by Voltas and I was told that AC will be installed in 24 hours. AC has still not been installed after 9 ca

Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy name is E-math technology proprietor Mruthyunjaya Hiremath institute in Vijayanagar Bangalore near Maruthi Mandir I visited there and met that person about matlab project to done with, talked so nicely about registration rs 2000 , phase wise balance payment after that i paid r

APEX Online Training Institute - BIG FRAUD

APEX ONLINE TRAINING INSTITUTE IS A VERY BIG FRAUD TRAINING INSTITUTE.. It is in Hyderabad and there are 2 cheaters in by name RAJ AND KISHORE... All students need to action against them Be careful with this institute..     APEX ONLINE TRAINING INSTITUTE

Very Poor Service quality from Tata Croma

I bought 1.5 Ton Split Croma AC from Tata Croma on 6-Oct-2012 with 3 years extended warranty. Since the time I bought it, cooling is not at all effective and I started complaining again this summer 19_April-14 onwards. Last year i.e in 2013 I had given similar complaint in June/Ju

Products not delivered;ordered & paid on 3/4/2014 with

I had ordered for Koutons Assorted Full sleeve shirts;size 44 on April3,2014 and the payment was made on the same day through net banking. However till date I had not received the product. When I contacted the customer care,I was informed that the product is not in stock and to wait.Few days afte

News Paper Ad not published and money not refundedi have account with to give newspaper advertisement. i have given 4 order till now from which in 3 orders they have done mistakes. they took publication order and didn't published my 2 advert

i have account with to give newspaper advertisement. i have given 4 order till now from which in 3 orders they have done mistakes. they took publication order and

Tata window AC 1.5

Hi my name is shubham srivastava i purchased tata window ac last year it worked fine for almost 1 year when my warranty was about to finish, a technician (sahil) came for final servicing and problem started just after the servicing. I have lodged complaints 5 times and techinician have visited fr Fraud company

This is w.r.t. above mentioned Order ID, I did purchase a mobile set from on 5th March which is expected to received by me on 20th March, but after so much follow-ups & calls, I received it on 27th March. When I open the courier, the product I received is totally differe



International Job from Triloknath International & Travels at vadodara

Triloknath International & Travels at vadodara is fraud company owned by Shailesh Prajapati.   He asked me to pay 1lac 50 thousand for canada temproary visa however i refused for visa after applying because offer letter from TRUMECH Canada was fraud. Please guys do not in

Ordered products not yet delivered after online payment

I had ordered 5 Koutons assorted full sleeve shirts of size -44 on 3-04-2014 and payment made online on the same day for Rs.1190/-. When the customer care was contacted after one week,I was informed that there is little delay due to non availability of stock though it was displayed as on stock at

Wrong Shirts Sent

100  site people are cheaters. They show online something else and send something else. After that they stop taking your calls and stop replying on mails. I have wasted my money and lost complete trust on online shopping. I would advise not to trust on them.I had orde

Vodafone recharge


online shopping in

Dear sir, I made a order no S80314441in on 14/04/2014 for purchase of 1 formal shirt with 2 free denim jeans for Rs.599/- by credit card payment. But till now the order is not dispatched & no body is responding over phone & in emails. the address ia

100 best buy is a fraud company

My friend & I ordered Black Berry shirt combo on 8-Apr -14., on my friend's delivery ofproduct we observed that it was a dublicate Black Berry shirt  I immediately called up and asked for cancellation and refund  (Ref No. 29806652). They said they will process the re


Dear sir/madam, I am (Personal Information Removed).I got a call from Aapka Roozgaar Services pvt. Ltd. on date-25/10/2013 whose phone no. +911206191600, +91927870131 . At first he talk me your resume have selected some top company’s i.e.-Havells, BHEL . Your interview will be two pro

Ortel Broadband

ORTEL  is a broad-band service provider in Odisha-Jharkhand-West-Bengal circle. But Its Service in odisha is very poor. If you install a 1 mbps connection , you wont speed more den 80 kbps. Its 580 Kb speed is slower then 2G . & Its price in odisha is pretty high.


I had purchase a fridge from Homeshop 18 agst order no 940261459 on Dtd 13/03/2014. There is Godrej GP Power Bank Worth Rs. 1300 free in offer which is not delivered with fridge. I have complained

I was cheated by

I placed an order forOakley radar range U. S. Team Sunglasses Blue frame worth Rs -999 /- on 08 Apr2014 order number 24472319757102 from and paid the money through netbanking   and they specified deliverydata 23/04/2014 but I got n

Home Shop 18

I was purchase some sarees & jewelry from Home Shop 18 on 05-01-2014. Due to find not satisfy they return all items to them on 10-01-2014 by First Flight Courier delivered on 13-01-2014. In total six items they take action on three but remaining three items no action taking


i participated in soney xperia z1s contest. they asked to pay me as cash on delivery for the additional products a vox player and 50%cash back offer. they said that they will call me on 26th or 27th of april 2014. but they didnt call me and if i called them there is no response. th

Duplicate products delivered by ebay

Hi Team,I recently did online shopping for cosmetics with They delivered duplicate products to me. I raised aclaim request for the same and they are not refunding my money from last 1 month. Please help me. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

call detail

Respected sir / madam, I want to know the outgoing and incoming calls details of my no. 8273005101. I request you sir for last Four months from janaury 2014 to april 2014. Please as early as possible sir / madam. kindly give me details my e-mail id Regards

Online Shopping payment done but product yet not receive

Dear Sir / MadamI'm having to say this with great grief that i have been cheated byonline Shopping by , Company Name :- NATURALINFOSYSTEM PRIVATE LTD. WZ-13C/1, PANKHA ROAD, SAGARPUR DELHI,(JA

Snapdeal Online purchase

On April 13th and 15th this year  I had placed orders to purchase one coffee table  and telephone stand. Payment was made through credit card.   Till today the items are not received.   I would like to have refund of the amount  on

second time courier not receive

my docket no. is 362171676 and i did not getting the item that are shipped by my insitute this is second time also this problem create no one on dot customer care help me how can any one iresponsible how much time for getting my item because insitute have not send this item in thrice and this is

VOLTAS 1.5 Tonn split AC

voltas is a very very dirty company.very bad service they have. i have purchased a 1.5 tonn split AC and it has a manufacturing deffect. i have purchased it before 2months and since that day its noy working. service providers are very bad. they dont know how to talk to a customer. i have wasted m


Sapnaonline I have placed an order on 19-Apr-2014, for a book that was available and can be shipped in 3-4 business day. Even after 10 days, customer care is telling book is requested to the publisher for reprint.   So beware of such online seller, that take the order

Meritnation study material

Meritnation promises to deliver the study materiel within 15 days. Beware of that as I have not received it,  it is not shipped even after 20 days. Be careful and do not get into the trap onf their sales person telling that study material will be received in 15 days.

Abusive and Vulgar phone calls

I am receiving vulgar phone calls in my landline number since many days. Today i got its cal; at sharp 4:30 pm. The number being displayed was 00700100. Please trace it and help us...

Call Details

Dear Sir,   My name is Ayaan singh. I am from Patna. from 1 week i am getting waiting on  my sons  mobile number. But he is telling me lie, So, pls help in getting truth. Please send me all the missed calls,

100bestbuy for Nokia Lumia1020

Dear Sir, I had paid Rs. 599/- on 23/01/2014 to 100bestbuy for Nokia Lumia1020 Contest Coupon then after next day i have receiv

uninor mobile no.

9170102338 Ye mere waif ka number h muhje is no. Ki puri detail jan na h incoming outgoing aur msg plz help me  plz send in my email id.

1.5 ton Gold 3s red (Vol-sac)

tata- voltas, 3rd class company in india. Bad sevice, Faulty manufactured AC, Wastage of money, I m facing problems from 2 years, no solution, mental harasshment, cheap customer care centre and services,I REQUSET THE PEOPLE OF INDIA........PLZ DONT BUY VOLTAS AC, I WASTED MY MONEY ,TIME. I GO

tata voltas ac 1.5 gold 3s (vol-sac)

 Tata Volats AC is just wastage of money. It does not cool your home but increases the temperature of the customers. When you buy tata voltas ac , mental haraashment begin right there and your childern get sick due to faulty manufactured AC from company. I bought 1.5 ton Gold 3s red (Vol-sac

dealer not sending mechanic

The air conditioner is not working . The seller has been reported about it and has been asked to send a mechanic ALOT of times.But the dealer is not at all responding .He always says that he will end a mechanic the next day but he never does. Extremely irresponsible behaviour . Very disapp

Rediff Shopping

I ordered "two large white t shirts of john cooper" and a "large grey batman vintage t shirt". Firstly, they sent my single order number 9488882 in two different packages with different air way bill numbers, on different days. They sent me 3 white t shirts of dead poor quality of company named "S

online servises

I order place to GarbOnn india on 06/04/2014 and pay also online till i can't got this item ,i trying to contact this compay's mobile no. but no any response then i send emails 3 time no any reply from this company  what can i do please help  

bank -

Dear Sir, one of mail has come in my email id it is true or false i am given mail details nder below by anita mishra ETAILS UNDERBELOW Reserve Bank of India (RBI Delhi) Central Office, No, 6 Sansad Marg, Janpath, New Delhi. H.O 110001-India. Telex: 09331Credit/RBI. RBI Payment file:

Worst Retailer in India - Homeshop18

Homeshop18 should simply get out of the retail business before someone buys them out and adopts their pathetic workforce. A company such as this won't even last a day in a country like US, but sadly in India, it's chalta hai. My father sadly made the first and l


I bought Lenovo a516 (order ID: 1962793813 | Order Placed on : 2014-04-16 16:17:31),, delivered on 23/4/2014. i was very shocked that the phone is ''USED-DAMAGED PHONE', the LCD Display not working and the Battery already attached inside the phone and the user manual is missing and there is DOA c

status pending from 4 months

dear sir/madam,            FILE NO-BN1067246894313,DOB-04/08/1991, NAME -RAJAN KUMAR I have applied passport on 8th october 2013,all the police verification is completed,as I have nagaland residencial address,police verification,speci

Bad Battery

Hi All This is premnath from chennai i purchased Nokia Asha 206  for the month of feburary 2014. From the date purchased the mobile from the date onwards battery i charge it will shows fully charged but very few minutes it will go for low battery. So i want to resolve this issue.


I was purchase some goods from Home Shop 18. Due to find not satisfy they return all items to them. In total six items they take action on three but remaining three items no action taking after contact several time on phone & by emails.

poor after sales service

Ref: Purchase ID – 12757373, Order ID – 21883801 Product – Yepme Sports Shoes – YPWFOOT4011, black, 4 (P-foot-60240726062) Dear Concerned, I received the above product on 18.03.14. However, the shoes received of “size 4” are small and does not fi

jacket worth Rs3000 still not delivered

i had purchased a jacket worth RS 3000 from site but it has been 2 months still that product has not been delivered. when i try to reach them through mail,they tell me it has been shipped...but when i enquire from the courier agency,they say the item has not been shipped at all....

RBI DElhi , foreign exchange money transfer department

dear sir , my name is D.Murad and yesterday i received a call from aswini RBIdepartment ,Delhi, of foriegn fund transfer fee of RS.10200/- to be pay andget 500000 b.ponds will winneing prize. so please kindly tell it is atrue   today

I have ordered sandals in on 4th April 2014. My order number is YBH5412654. I got one product delivered within 2 or 3 days with product code: POSSESSION LP J97148. Those are Reebok sandals. After checking the product, those sandals doesn't fit to my foot. So, I created a return order &n

my transaction was completed in IRCTC, but i didnt get my pnr no. how can i get pnr no

<p>I did booking through IRCTC app in my phone by using SBI debit card and my transation was completed and i got my transation id too but i didnt get pnr no. now how can i get pnr no plz say</p>

bigdata is the worst centre ever, saravanan doesnt know anything . he does't have knowledege at all. they are f***ng money eaters . playing in others life . cheating cheating cheating

I have purchased ticket from mumbai to guwahati,but the ticket in confirmed status but on PNR section it is rejected and my money is debited from my account .but now they are not going give me my money back.there callcenters are not giving good respone.Today is 24 th day and till now i am not rec

Very bad service of LG service center Haridwar

I have given my AC for repairing at Hardwar service center on 10 Apr 2014. He told me that Coil of the AC will be replaced. I have waited for 10 days, but still service center person is saying that it will take more 10 days to get new coil. So today i asked to r

Complaint against Sterling Tree Magnum (India) ltd

Dear Sir,  I invested in sterling magnum India ltd Chennai for 2 teak trees value of Rs. 19755.00 investment was on 31/3/1992 serial no. s002288, certificate no. T1713 (name of the owner – K. Dhandapani) Maturity Date: 30/3/2012. Since then I have tr

Sterling Tree Magnum

I have purchased 1 Teak tree worth RS.1275.00 from Sterling Tree Magnum on 17-07-93. The application no. is 19255, certificate no. is C4474. Maturity date is 16-07-2013 which has been over and I have not received any communication from the promoter.

Iphone 5s True clone Battery problem.

I have ordered a Iphone 5s true clone mobile hand sets from on 31st march'14.through online shopping (cedit card payment). the value of the set was almost Rs.12000.00. As per terms and condition it should be deleverd within 7 to 10 days. but i have received it after 17 days late. if &n

Regarding Samsung smart phone

I bought a samsung grand quattro mobile worth 16ooo and it is not working properly.   The problems faced are:   1>Battery drains very fast(Fully charged battery get drained within 3 hours) 2>Mobile gets heated even when not

Fake job promises from URGENT VACANCIES

Dear all,   Let me tell u people about the fraud happened with me committed by so called company name URGENT VACANCIES.  I have paid 25000rupees in total for jobs like in TATA.  Since day one I am getting fake promises from them. I am very up

Food quality

Hi Sir/Madam   I have a complain regarding food in Chaluvadi Women's Hostel Back lane of Cafe Nandini Madhapur, 500081 Hyderabad. They prepare the food in un-hygenic way with tank water and they dont wash vegetables before cooking. So manys time we found insec


hI Sir,I have recentely got a call from this number from mr anil from (Royal consultancy) (Contact no -08655155651 &amp; 08655155451) advising me that there is job offer in dubai duty free (Designation - retail sales associate ). Salary 4600 dhirams. There was telephonic interv

Tshirt order on CSK Store - 08 Apr 2013 - not shipped/refunded

Hi,   This is regarding the Order #: 753619402753. I had ordered for Product Name: Ladies POLO T-SHIRT EMBROIDERED LOGO (Item Name: CSK5-2012TS1L-L), Price: 549 on April 08, 2013. Its been told in the order confirma

Sarthak Deals

 On Saturday 19 April 2014, I received a call, they are going to send me a complementary discount card which can be used with my credit card to get 20% discount on every purchase and a holiday package. The service charge for which will be 6999/-. They further asked my card no. for confirmati

Tikona Broadband Service

Hello,I would like to register a complaint again Tikona Broadband service in Pune. This has been going on from past few months. They are the worst customer service that I have ever received. I was a customer for about 4 years now, and at last decided to leave the service. I had a

KAUNSA.COM, Order No: KA/249854/Y0QP251F ;  Order No: KA/249854/Y0QP251F   I have ORDERED a product (Nokia Lumia 520) in a on 13th Mar 2014. i paid the money using HDFC credit card and they have confirmed the product. they have given the expected delivery date that is 28th MAR 2014. T

iphone 5s true clone

Dear sir, i have purchase a mobile-iPhone 5s True Clone on last 31st march14. I have received that through DTDC courier against tracking code is x07401477 on 15.04.14. Now the problem is that after receiving the set i have charge the battery almost 10 hrs. When i was using the mobile yest

LG 1T AC Run around by Service Centre & Customer Care

Our LG 1ton airconditioner having a current AMC with LG's authorized Service Centre Comfort Point has had a series of problems right from the beginning. Earlier, the power supply unit needed to be replaced a few times. In the last few months, the cooling has come to a stop more than a three times

bad tyre company tie-up

To,       GM Quality Control        Honda City Car          Sir              I purchased a new honda c

amount not refunded

I booked the 2 flight tickets from Hyderabad to Tirupathi (Round Trip) for which an amount of Rs.3846.00 has been deducted from my account vide against booking reference No.ET 24672 Bookdate 01/04/2014.

complain regarding the reference no. TDS10360 (todayshoppings)

Respected Sir/Madam   I, Arvind Kumar Verma is writing the complaint regarding Today Shopping for the 2nd time. I had told Mr. Govind, executive at today shopping that my order should me delivered maximum till Mon

Real Gold Builders is a fraud/cheat company

I, Nupur Chandra am pained to write this complaint to you against the cheating/ fraud that has happened with me and my family. The builder and his partners (Real Gold Builders- Suresh Kumar Ahuja and Vandana Ahuja), the land owners (Ms. Kaushal Agarwal) (Rajendra Kumar Saluja) and the sal

Voltas AC

I have purchased a Voltas window ac and for free service I have requested on tollfree No on  11/04/2014 regarding the free service o fwindow AC Request No is 14041103216. but till today no one have contacted me. It is quite disappointing. Regards Anoop 09359

Cheat Case

I have purchased SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS Black mobile  from Ebay through One Life Digital seller. After we have received the phone within 2 days, we were facing problem as phone does not getting start. After facing such problem I started contacting this seller(chetan) for problem I am facing. T

Complaint regarding Order 1906218516

Hi ,  This is a Complaint regarding Order 1906218516  Placed On : 2014-04-04 11:44:09  Item :-  Newgy 2050 Table Tennis RobotThe order was placed on 4 April 2014 and was available on the Snapdeal website. I made the order successfully and the payment  of &nb

whakky brought 5 coutons pants 1099

Dear Sir, my name is biju mon.c last 4/04/14 i brought 1 offer pants from whakky online shoping till today they didn't send me the cloths as per their rools and regululation within 4 days they will ship the by i attached the full detai


ordered om 15 mar2014 still i didnt get ant info regarding my shipment...... they are not responding on my repeated request amont is 2997/-

Fluidic Verna

I bought Hyundai Fluid Verna on June 2012. During the first free Service they found some defects in Suspension and resolved it. The suspension of Verna is the worst one. I have driven many other cars and they are not comparable to the suspension of this car. Although its a sedan the poor suspensi

I have two complaints regarding the online shopping website 1) i have ordered some products on 2 feburary 2014 order number is 5303701 total amount of rupees 807 and wen i recieved that product , i have found the size problem and returned their product to them and they promised

Croma customer service

hello,I purchase a washing machine and a led TV from Surat.Invoice No.: SLF02A053030033725HDMI port of the LED TV is not working and register a complaint to croma on 6th April 2014. I was told that a technical person will visit the house within 3 days. But there is n


my order date is 4-3-2014 and order cancel date is 19-3-2014. today 29 days complete for order cancel. but I have not received payment.I have already purchased the product to other site. now i do not requirement for

Glen - Cooking range

The toughened glass on Glen Cooking range got burst with a loud sound all of a sudden.This happened on the 3th month of usage and it was not being used when this happened.Its clear that the parts used in glen are substandard.Tried to get in touch with customer care, but no respo

reliance company is fraud

Dear sir, i have recharged 42 rs plan so that i can use facebook etc on 07.07.2014. but this plan is not working.with this i have recharged 30 rs in mode of 10 rs flexy. company has deduct  my all amount of 30 rs. i complaind to custmer care&n

Slim And Lift Supreme ( with straps )

I have ordered product name SLIM N LIFT WITH STRAPS from website  ( though telephone . Sales person name is Vijay . I got the product on 9th march 2014 .

100 best buy is fraud

Dear sir, 100 best buy has cheated me throw a fake contest of samsung galaxy. this company has informed me that i have short listed among top peoples and now i have to pay 599 rs to be continue. after depo


i have want to dnd activated. but dnd being not activated

Wrong Policy of

I have purchased product from the website 100bestbuy but they have delivered my wrong products. I have return the same to company after several and phone call they have told me they cant refund money to the customer they only can give credits I think I will shop later from the credits, bu


Dear Sir, I had ordered a galaxy note III from order ID:KA/245059/XBGIE9Z2 on 6 Feb 2014. I received a handset on 14 Feb 2014 whose features were not as promised during the order placement.(Practically all the features are under rated). I has r

Complaint against SnapDeal

Dear Sir,          On 3rd April 2014 I placed an order for English Novel Titled "Room On The Roof" by Ruskin Bond. I paid them amount of INR 149/- (book cost) + INR 30/- as shipping charges. Order# 1902629708. They sent my book through  Firs

have purchaed Rs.20\- prepaid coupon, but it is damaged during scratching and not to read recharge code. My coupon Serial No. 001777011799- please mail me code at

have purchaed Rs.20\- prepaid coupon, but it is damaged during scratching and not to read recharge code. My coupon Serial No. 001777011799- please mail me code at

Xtreme sports ( FRAUD

Hi all,I had purchased a high end Puma wicket keeping gloves from this site worth Rs.5499 on April 5th 2014. My bank account shows the amount of Rs.5499 has been credited to their account.I haven't yet received the product. On checking the status online show


I have made a transaction on 13/02/2014 through pay u money whose payment id is 1062030. but recharge get failed due to some technical issue. I have written for refund so many times via e mail and also through via telephone to contact no. 0124-6624826. But the problem has not solv

7Eleven Arthashastra


SevenElevan Technology Fraud Company in TNagar, Chennai

Plz dont go to this Institute , they just cheating , brainwashing the student for money, They used to say that they are having Tie up with almost all the MNC in chennai, but they not even having a single tie up, even with Tea Shop too.


Hello sir, My name is mohan,i am from bangalore  facing problem from company :100bestbuy my compalint number :29388568 Register mobile number: 9916221529 when i was surfing my gmail

Right choice Homeshop

I would like to inform you that I have received a call from your representative and I have been asked that being a regular member of India today book club I have been nominated for a gift of either 1 32" Sony LED TV or a Laptop. Accordingly I have been asked to place my order on your website for

Urgent Vacancies

My compliant is against the, it’s a job portal, on 6th feb 2014 I got call from them they told me that, there is a company and they are interested in your profile and they told about the Urgent vacancies and told we are offering pay package according to your


YBH5351052 order number from 19/03/14 it is still in process   complaint number is ybcsa344453  which was registered on 7/04/14 no callback from till 14/04/14 . According to yebhi rules they will update status within 8 days which has been violated by yebhi, from past mor

voltas ac 1.5 ton

i purchase voltas ac 1.5 ton on dated 23/05/2013 from radhey corporation waghodia road vadodara gujrat bill no is wr-349 since starting iam facing many problom at present my ac is not working i complaint many times last complaint no is  14040603756 and also talk with voltas excutive many tim Fraud Website

100bestbuy sent me offer that if i recharge with Rs 50, they will recharge my number with rs 100, but after making the payment i didn't get any recharge on my number .. i have been calling them everyday and sending them mails regarding the same issue..since last 10 days but till now the issue has


Hi Sir I have purchased in 100bestbuy online shopping combo of 1 fila t shirt and if-lix men watch in Jan but i got my product after 10 days which was some local t shirt and damaged watch tat time i have complained in customer service later they collected that damaged product and

Sheeba furniture & interiros Sec 63 Noida

Sheeba furniture and Interior is big showroom in Sec 63 Noida. This is being operated by two brothere Ahsam Ali and Nisar Ali.  They deal in furniture/interior work/ and modular kitchens. I ordered two kitchens worth Rs 2.10 lacs around six months back and have paid them around 80% of t

Washing Machine After Sales service

Hello, I bought a videocon Digi Marine washing Machine on 21-12-2011 ,its serial number is 320709270132302321 and i was feeling some problem with drainage of water and then i registered a complaint on october-November 2013 but they just ignored it again and again . So i directly went to videoco



Very poor response by samsung Authorized service station

I have galaxy S II, i bought it two years back. I was facing charging problem in the handset. In January month, I approached the Samsung Authorized service station(Jai Sai Ram Electronics Services, Sector 31, Gurgaon) and got it repaired for Rs 1150(as the warranty has expired). They told that th a fraud company ditched me

Roozgar .com took Rs 25501/- for job offer but no job i received till date and no one is attending my call since then they received amount form me.  

Fraud & Fake Company

Its totally a fake company, they are charging the money by taking the name of big companies, but once i search the detail of the company no any link up was there.They are tried to cheated me but i saved myself so Kindly be aware by these kind of companies. They told me they refund

Complaint against tata docomo

I have been using Tata Docomo mobile service provider and my number is 9548999936 On 07.0.14 at 5:52 pm I had done a promotional recharge of Rs.15.In that recharge I have to recive Rs.15 talktime according to details of promotional card but tata docomo give me 100 mb 2g data & deduct my

Not Delivered Phone after making Booking amount

HI, There is a Person name Rahil chib from Jammu, mobile no.

My Email ID 3 times Winning Amount us dollars, payment not RBI bank


Voltas doing fraud in the name of warranty

 my complaint 14040700273 is pending from last 4 days and today somehow one of your technician visited at my place. The compressor is defective and your technician promised to collect the product in the evening to get it replaced,

Faulty Product Delivered by Nokia.

Brought a Nokia Lumia 1520 phone on 31st DEC'13 worth 45998.99 Rs/- Faced few issues in Mar'14 and handed over to Nokia Care center in Indranagar- Bangalore on 19th Mar'14 and received my mobile back on 9th Apr'14 and still the same problem exists apart from new problems are found. a fraud e-retailer luring customers by mis-selling and lucky draw contests! Worst customer service and not paying refund too

I urge people check before you pay anything online to any site...check safety features reviews and legitimacy of the site before you loose your hard earned money. Their offers and Discounts can make hole in your pockets. I read, is accused of delivering sub-standard o

Faulty Product Delivered by Online shopping company the

Sir, I would like to register a complaint for the delivery of faulty product by the Order and product details are as follows:   Order ID: 8735656 Products:  (1) 12V DC Car Vacuum Cleaner  (2) Heavy Duty Air Compressor Order D

ONIDA: Once You Buy a Product & Be Envy of ONIDA.

Dear Sir, We bought the 2 nos. ONIDA SPLIT ACs on 31 Mar-13 from Adishwar Electro World, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. They promise us better service from  the dealer side not from the Onida Company (ONIDA is poor in after sale service) so on their wards I finally purchase. They

100bestbuy - fraud

 hi my mobile number : 9092840066..  i have ordered for shirts,100best buy have dispatched only, Used shirts(second hand shirts & faulty one).They are totally cheating. I have returned the product from my own expense . Now they not refunding my mo

I have ordered a panel to Sony ericsson 530I model phone from

I have ordered a panel to Sony ericsson 530I model phone from on March'8th by paying the amount Rs.380 with my Debit Card. (Order No.11803769) After some days on 22nd March'2014, I have received an another product from them which Order No.10984111 packed


REMINDER 2  I have payed (1685.4/- & 505.62/-) Date-26/12/2013 in ROZGAR .COM. They were assure  to me that they will give me a job. but nobody respons me & no job. so I want return my money.   

non shipment of ordered good


100bestbuy (Suksh Technology Pvt.Ltd. Banglore)

Dear Sir/Madam,   I had ordered three kurties as attached catalog of kurties with attached file jpeg and Word with yellow,white and orange from 100bestbuy website on 27.03.2014. I had done 100% payment in advance with net banking.However when i recieved the ku

C1 585 palam vihar builder runaway ( Real Gold Builder Gurgaon)

  Rajesh Jindal  is to inform you about the cheating/fraud which happened with me on the pretext of construction of a Builder First Floor  (admeasuring 1250 sq. ft.) on plot no C1 585, Situated in Ansal Palam Vihar , Gurgaon (Haryana) measuring 215 sq. yds  

100bestbuy a fraud company

Hi, my name is Lokesh I live in Delhi and I ordered a product from for two denims on 31st march 2014 and I received a mail saying that I am gonna receive my product on 3rd April which I never received,I called them up on3rd and they said that I will receive it by 7th ,again I di



For Education Loan

For Sanctioning of Education Loan

complain regarding the reference no. TDS10360 (todayshoppings)

Sir I, Arvind Kumar Verma is writing this mail to inform you that I had placed an order whose merchant ref. no. is TDS10360 and EBS Payment Id is - 23723983 on dated 13th March 2014. According to my telephonic discussion with Ms. Esha, my order had to reach

doing very bad behavior by cashier

Sir, i bag to say that,my bank a/c 63024815453 sbi brach imli chock porsa disttric morena(m.p.).branch code:30433,ifsc code:sbi0030433.sir this bank cashier name is Mr.Deep yadav behavior  so ruidy & ego person.i request to you sir please action against mr.deep. thanks 

Aluminium Ladder Purchase from SNAPDEAL

Damaged product delivered and no solution provided for refund or replacement. I have ordered aluminium ladder under order 1778213752 dated 04.03.14 & received the same on 07.03.2014. But the product is received in damage condition. On the same day I raised a complaint with snapdeal

Deja Vu trends Not deliver the product

Dear Sir/Madam   I had ordered Samsung Galaxy Pro Star on 23 Feb’2014 through déjà vu tends.The cost of the product was 5641 INR. The product is not shipped till 4 March 2014 ( even after more than 40 days).  I had done regular follow

i had placed a order for watch. after 2 months that product had received by me when open that product i saw that product was wrong and duplicate(like Chinese product ) after that when i tried contact with customer then they had

Money refunded by in wrong account and now not returning it to me.

I purchased a shirt(order no : 10545242,order date :20 feb,item : roadster check red and white shirt) from MYNTRA but i didn't like it so i returned it back.After few days ,I got a message saying i got the refund(amount 1099 rs).But when i checke

complaint against snap

To, snap deal shop no 54 second floor sabharwal market gali tolia waali near pan mandi,sadar bazar delhi-110006     Dear sir, sub: complaint for against snap deal   sir i am purchases goldplaying c

Fab Furnish

i placed order on Fab furnish on 22 March 2014. My order NO is 200359635. Order delivery time is 16-19 days . I paid Rs-5593. After 3 days i call to customer care he says your order deliver under given period so don't worry then i sure but after 2-3 days i write to mail this regarding aswer same

SHOP CLUES.COM - Money taken, Order Not Delivered & Lost

I had Placed an Online Purchase Order with Shop on 1st April' 2014. The Money was given in Advance as the Order Did not have Cash on Delivery Service. From Day 1, when the Tracking Number for Blue Dart Courier was given the Tracking Number was Not Applicable or Found

Samsung Grand Handset Problem

Hi,I m using ur Samsung grand g i9082 and I'm facing hang problem since last 2month's ..Even I visited dombivali service center on 13march14 and they updated myhandset wid latest version 4.2.2 not sending my articles.

On 28th Feb. 2014 I booked a Lenovo A Series mobile and a Polo watch for Rs. 9,999/- through net banking. They promised to dispatch my articles within 7 days but after a period of over one month they have not dispatched my articles. In the mean time I contact with them in several times through ph

Reliance Broadband not doing anything about connection or refund.

Hi, I applied for a broadband connection from Reliance Broadband on 15-12-2013. After my application was proccessed by Reliance a person named Subbu called me and told he will check and let me know if its feasible to provide the connection. After 2 -3 days he called up and said its possib

honda amaze car



hello , meri complain sbi bank manesar (haryana) pincode no. - 122015 k manager ki khilaf h. unhone mujhe account open krane k liye ikk policy lene k liye force kiya , jo ki mene baad m phone krke sbi custmore care se pta kiya ki aisi koi po;icy n

Auctus Consulting fake and fraud institute

AUCTUS CONSULTING AND TRAINING which is based in noida sector-4 is a fraud and fake institute which lures students by making fake promises of placing them into good companies and charge 18000 for the hr course specifically ms swati mehra who is the counsellor there is a very cunning and a big che

Voltas AC Service bugging in this summer

I bought a voltas 1 ton AC on last May 2013. After installation it worked for couple of days and the cooling was insufficient. Then after a week the AC stoped working then we contaced the customer support and they complained it because of the voltage problem. But how I have another AC installed i

Fraud Organization "intecco technical services private limited"

Hello,         This is Rasheed, I want to inform and want complaint against the FRAUD Company "intecco technical services private limited" which is a Registered Company of (Uttar Pradesh,India). This Company hr takes the Money From the Candidat


Dear sir/madam, I ordered one product from deja-vu trend(order 100015286) online shoping website on 5th march 2014 but i do not recive the product on time i have waited upto 26 march 2014 but still there website is showing the status processing only. so i called the cust

Mobile recharge-Airtel

I did a recharge of 215 from on my airtel mobile no 8826652188 around 11.50 am. ichecked it on the airtel site and also easy recharge site which said that it will give 1000 airtel local minutes for Rs 215.but i got only 700 minutes. on talking to customer care they said the

Samsung mobile -100bestbuy

I have registered with 100bestbuy for two Samsung Mobile and paid Rs.1198/- through HDFC Debit Card on 09-07-2013. The Transaction code was 319008810256. Despite vigorous followup, the company or customer care or so called payment gateway is not responding. Although 9 months have laps

Call history

Respected sir / madam, I want to know the outgoing and incoming calls also the SMS details of my no. 9122103833. I request you sir for last three months from january 2014 to march 2014. Please as early as possible sir / madam.

dejavu trends scam

I have ordered micro-max phone (Order #100012359 :: Invoice 100004107). Initially they promised they will send product with 4-5 working days. But for a month they didn’t do that that they don’t even have product. Meaning they are selling something on discounts which they don’t e

ragazza in chat annunci di donne cerca uomo

Manufacturer clean get pleasure from practical experience Participate in Season Enjoy season is crucial for all pet dogs. He demands toward shout however it is needless. Faster or later on our period will be up. The leash is connected in direction of it, and any time strolling a doggy, it will ca (Did not receive the order or money)

Hi, I ordered T-shirts from site through online on 14-FEB-14, they collected money on the same day. now the date is 02-APR-14 still i did not get T-Shirts. I called to customer care support for 100bestbuy, they are not providing correct information. finally i send a mails t


REMINDER 1   I have payed (1685.4/- & 505.62/-) Date-26/12/2013 in ROZGAR .COM. They were assure  to me that they will give me a job. but nobody respons me & no job. so I want return my money  



DTDC Has Stolen My stuff

awb no v16434268 It has some electronics and most important stuffs for me it has send from Bhopal and need to arrive at Delhi but since 8 days it has not been arrived and when I enquired they are trying to force me that I had received the same but when I forcedly denie

Against Mayfair Group Real Estate Developer in Kolkata

Respected SIR, Greetings. On behalf of the residents of Mayfair Paradise, 2085 Nayabaad, Garia, ( Near Garia 1 B Busstand, Tarun Sangha Club) Kolkata 700094, of A Block , I am writing this e-mail for your kind concern AND SEEKING FOR YOUR KIND HELP AND GUIDANCE. We have purchased new flats fr

No fee receipt is given

Sir,I want to inform you and the UP Board Secretary Mr. Basudev Yadav. That in Mahatma Gandhi Inter College their is no receipt of Fee given to any student belonging to English Medium. When Guardian said this to Principal, he become angry and put the student or guardian o

Castamer reprasentative abousing me & cut the with out solving my problem

I was call in c.c. With ishu of internet problems & there your representative abuseing me & after he discannecting my call and afer 10 mint he return call me on his privet no. And abuseing me and also block my no. 8962428600 i can't call to castmer care to register my complent i think to choose


dearsir                                                                                   &n

Sai mens hostel - Illegal & Corruption in Hostel Business.

Sai mens hostel( Hno: 16-2-227/32/26), Sardar patel nagar, side by Lok satta party office, Hyderabad=No Registration, Illegal & Corruption in Hostel Business. No Registration, Illegal & Corruption in Hostel Business. Ravi the Owner takes Rs. 3500/

voltas split ac

To Voltas Admintration,   I just wanted to bring to your kind notice that how much bad is your after sales service. I have a Voltas split ac installed on my shop unfortunately while cleaning the mesh part which is made up of plastic gets broken and several times i mad

Servo Stabilizer

I had purchased a servo stabilizer from Hindustan Control Systems Delhi through their Chennai office contact person Mr.Aditya Sharma. The company technician while installing found it was not working and hence he cut and soldered some wires. There were a few more defects. The technician (not quali

DEJAVUTRENDS - Sony Xperia mobile product delayed for a month.

Hi,   I had ordered a sony Xperia E Dual sim mobile from on March 5th 2014. The amount of around 8000 INR was immediately taken from my account. But I dint receive the product from them. The order number is 100015155. Then I keep on calling their toll free nu

N9ine Media Pvt. Ltd. (A fraud Company)

Dear All, This is to inform you guys that N9ine Media Pvt. Ltd. based in A-6, Noida sec-4 is a complete fraud company, company started on 9th Dec 2013, without any offer letter to it's  20 t0 15 employess, and


STM STERLING TREE MAGNUM (INDIA)LTD. “Divyaa”8A, Murrays Gate Road, Alwarpet, Madras 600 018. Purchase value of each Teak Tree:Rs. 1775 Date of joining; 12/10/1995  Date of maturity: 11/10/2015 Quantity of Teak Timber guaranteed per tree invested:

ragazza in chat annunci di donne cerca uomo

Manufacturer clean get pleasure from practical experience Participate in Season Enjoy season is crucial for all pet dogs. He demands toward shout however it is needless. Faster or later on our period will be up. The leash is connected in direction of it, and any time strolling a doggy, it will ca

100best buy froud company

Hello sir. In 2013  apr.  100best buy sent me mail for grait lucky draw. 699 rs. Like  a If you win this lucky draw company give note 2 only in 699 rs. But you don't than company take in your account as a balance. But whenever I tray to open my account in 100best buy . Ther

Honda Amaze (Diesel) - Honda selling defective cars and forcing to get the engine repaired

I recently bought Honda Amaze (Diesel) and on the very first service we got to know that there was Diesel Leakage and Engine oil leakage. After unscrewing engine area 2 times, the team concluded that the leakage of engine oil is from head gaskit and they will REPAIR it.Also, there was l

I am purchases kutons shirts 38 rs.1295 but all the shirts all other company and differnt size

I am purchas kutons shirts 5 pic. size-38 no. in rupees-1295 but all are shirts differnt size and differnt company all the shirts have manufacturing diffects they says all the shirts are formal but some shirts are printed disizned shirts with very sharp colour plz. help me ........


Hello,         my self puneet upadhyay i have purchase the product by 5combo kuoton shirt order no is-29417642.but i have received diffrent colour and diffrent stuff.i have return the product by dtdc courier & cargo ltd. cn



As per  advertise showed as contest to win phone, Asked for 599 that will be returned to my account. but it credited in shopping wallet in website. customer representative said that i can purchase at that amount while when i tried that only 1/4 amount of credit limit used..that they are c

To The Concerning Authority   I had ordered a morphy richards sandwich maker from through cash on delivery methid. I received a defective piece and I had returned the order. My order no. ws 1667854258

Subscription of Reader's Digest 2013 for a year

Hi,   I did a payment for a year subscription of Reader's Digest magazine on May 27th 2013 and its almost a month and i havent received a single copy of the subscription.   I have emailed and called the india today Reader's digest to check why i have miss

Bhubaneswar Real Estate

Presently Maximum real estate company specifically in Bhubaneswar, orissa are doing fraud business as we know some of those companies are: Citicon Engineers orissa Ltd; oricon Engineers pvt. ltd; Barunai real estate; Maa Shakti realcom; Dhaneswar real estate and some m


I have payed (1685.4/- & 505.62/-) Date-26/12/2013 in ROOZGAR .COM. They were assure  to me that they will give me a job. but nobody respons me & no job. so I want return my money  as soon as possible.       Thank you

Disgusted with Honda Service and their pathetic customer care

Hi, Can sombedy help me with contact details of some top brass at Honda India and Japan? I am really disgusted with their product and service. Sharing my communication with them: Dated: 13th Mar'13 Hi,   I am a recent owner of Hond

balance deducted in tata docomo

BALANCE DEDUCTED FOR FAKE REASONS Dear Sir,I have been using Tata Docomo mobile service provider and my number is 8604765703. On 024.03.14 the VAS Service of astrology was auto activated on my

100 best buy Cheating me

I ordred combo pack of 5 sbell full sleeves men assorted Shirts in 100 best buy web site on 09 march 2014. I made payment for Rs. 1349/- through net banking. the web site confirm my payment and they told the product will reach me 8 to 9 working days. But still i am not receive my order. I mailed - When My QC Report will Reach Me?

In the 1st week of November I applied, through a UP Based Home Job Provider,’s website, for Offline Data Entry Job.Within 4-5 days they called me over my given Mobile Number and took a Telephonic Interview. The person who talked with me told me his name was ROSHAN. The per


I made onilne payment to Rs 5999 and RS 1492 on 8th February 2014 for the following:- A) one Vox 7inch tab withone free Reebok watch (worth RS 3800). B) 4nos D&Y shirts. But hundredbestbuy has only delivereditem no (A) with out the free watch!!!! and the item no (B) has not bee

JPA solutions ,Please Don't Join for Big Data Training

Hi, I will not refer jpa solutions Velachery to learn Hadoop Training. I totally not Satisfied with Big data Training learned from jpa solutions. I paid 20k for my training including admin and development. They said we will give real time training. They keep on changing trainers f

Product has not deliverd

Order: OQKMEJMMP placed on 2014-03-18 12:18:34 Payment: billdesk   ReferenceProduct

infibeam watch this link irdered milton casserols...when i got it it was in smaller size .n white colour not show in images while orderin

std pack no working to sim offer/ tata docomo

Sir  i inform to you i perchage your tata docomo sim Sim offer to 20paisa std and local calls rate one month but tarrife is not work i say to  sim vender but he say to me you call to custemer care .i am calling to custercare but  your customercare service is not av cheated

Hi Sir/Madam,Today while browsing internet(22/3/2014) my wife saw ad which says, "its  not fake company is giving samsung S3 at Rs. 599". We immediately paid money through credit card. Soon after I paid money within 10 minutes I got a call from company from number +91

Club Indiaa

Pls find the complaints raised on club indiaa fraud company.person named as prashanth and only lady named priya is most cluprit behinde this fraudlent who is still leaving in this world by cheating the public, I want to keep every one to beaware if any approaches you saying club indiaa do not hes

refund my money back

Dear sir I have recharge at 7:28 am from your site by sbi netbanking amount of rs 350 . But i got nothing and 350 rs deduct in my account.  So please refund my money.  my transfer id is 32391186671 .

JOB Assurance/Urgent Vaccancies

Dear Sir, During the first week of Feb 2014 I received a call from Urgent regarding a job vaccancy in MRF Company, Visakhapatnam. For that I just had to pay nominal fee of Rs, 2360. After about one hour conversation that there wont be any more payment, as I was awar is fake

this is fake and it has taken my money and they are not refunding it

Buy Reebok Sports Shoes & Get Track Suit FREE /

Dear Sir, I have placed an order on for Reebok Sports Shoes on 22 Feb 2014. As per the details available on their website that Item will be shipped with 08 (eight) working days from the date of Order. My Order No. is S80199862 and Oreder amount is Rs. 949. I also forwar

Maruti WagnoR Tyre

Hello,My name is Vishal Vyas. I live in Rajkot city of Gujarat state. I am very old customer of Maruti Suzuki company. First, I had Maruti 800 with vehicle no. GJ 3 AB 1565. I also have Maruti Zen. Then I bought Maruti a fraud online shopping website

Hi,   Please visit link. this is a link created by someone for the poeple who are suffering from this online shopping website. There are 1000's of people who have paid a good amount of money to purchase however as this company is a fraud company t

product is not delivered

I have order Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T211 tablet through online shopping at website on 9 march 2014 using my credit card. I paid Rs.-13785.64/-. order no is 100016253. now they are not delivered the product or even after cancelled the order they are not ready for refund also. 

Give Detail of my Uninor number

Respected sir / madam, I want to know the outgoing and incoming calls details of my no. 7383758584. I request you sir for last three months from December 2013 to Feb 2014. Please as early as possible sir / madam.

Concerning empower network.

At the moment the whole planet is certainly one where one may get the success one particular would like by only generating several efforts and employ to the maximum magnitude each and every offered prospect. Nowadays finding out some things is not a issue whatsoever because of the massive amount of

Deja Vu Trends not deliver my product.

Dear Madam / Sir,   I am apurba dutta work at Borivali west Mumbai, I have ordered one samsung mobile from Deja Vu Trends Online shopping site as on 19.02.14. After one Month i am not getting my product & they dont pickup their Customer Support No. My Shopping Amount isRs

TATA Docomo cheated Rs 450/-

I am Aseem and using Tata Docomo GSM service for past 3 years this is 2nd time when they have deducted my amount. On  I was on a 3G data plan and on (06/03/2014) afternoon my balance was approx. 450, but it all got deducted in a second. I spoke to customer service but th

incoming and outgoin g call details

incoming and outgoing calls details with time details from 16/03/14 to 20/03/14.


i had booked my wife ticket chennai and back on 25/1/2014 the money has been debited from my account the refund referance is 207 the call centre inforemed it wii refunded by friday last it has not been done i have sent mail to team leader there is reponse to that too this how your compnany sits o

Cheating by Tata Teleservices Ltd.

I have used Tata Photon in year 2013 but from 22nd sept. 2013 it stopped working . I have made complaint against it and The said they will send the engineer. But nobody turned up. I again have complained about the same but this time by email as well as on the customer care too again i got



I want to get back my stolen mobile.

I am Ganga Raju son of Babu Rao.Today i.e 20-03-2014 while I am getting into bus at maitrivanam bus stand hyderabad, my mobile was stolen.The mobile of HTC,model is HTC desire 501 dual sim and its color is blue.The EMEI number is 357862050082579 and 357862050082587 dual mode mobile

Samsung Mobile

Dear Sir,  I purchased samsung mobile galay Y on april 2012. It was working fine but, suddenly switched off on dec'14. I went to service centre nr. Palm beah road, nerul, navi mumbai(02227715331) & submitted the phone on 8/12/14. They charged me rs.150/- for checking the device w is a fraud web site is a fraud web site  They are cheaters  This web site should be banned I have purchased a new g shock watch for 1499/- on 19/2/14 and I have paid for it and they have received tha money and they were about to deliver the product by 6/3/14 but till now


Dear Sir,            I`ve an online order a Milton Decant 1900 thermosteel flask in 19/12/2013 by 100bestbuy service. After long follow up (45 days) i recieved a item, which is change product. then i return back the item to the 1

Product: Mobile-HTC One SOrder No- KA/252233/L2ZGT0QDPayment Mode : Credit card EMI(Prepaid as no COD)purchased Date: 28th Feb 2014Delivery Date: 14th March 2014 Below things happened when I stared exploring mobile:1. Product description while selling and delivered product are not same - Sent wrong product and no return

Vacations Gateway

I received a call from a person who claimed to be a Mr. Rajeev. He offered me a holiday package for Rs.7799/-. He said if I accepted and paid IMMEDIATLY there was a special gift of a Laptop and mobile phone. They even went to the extent of asking me the colour choice of the laptop & mobile. T

On 14-01-2014 I received a call from TimesJobs that my resume has been shortlisted for the company 'Havells' and based on which I completed my 1st round interview with Havells over phone(call was arranged by TimesJobs representative). On 15-01-2014 I received a call from TimesJobs that I need to


  Central Office, No, 6 Sansad Marg, Janpath New Delhi. H.O 110001-India   Financial Regulation and Financial Inclusion – Working Together or at Cross-purposes:   Our ref: Cbn/Ohg/Oxd1/2014 Telex: 09331Cr heels

I ordered black wedge heels model (HWBSS) from the site..the order number is 3093204359 worth 1000 rs..i found it s damaged and i didin fit me..its too loose for me..i immediately calld them ..but i didin get any response from them.the seller s not picking the cals itself.and he s no

Snapdeal (Reverse Pick Up)

I ordered Abhishti Kurti on 12 Feb 2014 order number: 1700475240.  Product reached on 17 Feb'14. Due to size issue, I raised complaint next day and requested for reverse pick up

Snapdeal: Order not delivered.

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing with reference to my online shopping with Snap Deal I have ordered a product from the company website on 07th Feb 2014 which I have not received till date. As on 18th MArch

Snapdeal - Order not delivered 39 days as on 18-March, 2013.

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing with reference to my online shopping with Snap Deal I have ordered a product from the company website on 07th Feb 2014 which I have not received till dat

ICICI BANK - PLCC Acct closure fraud

Hi,Product Type : ICICI PLCC OTL ProductOTL Account No : 9401270168016009I see that there is a Cash-In-Select Loan account which is still active and accumulating interest and other charges for a very long time till date. F

Tata Docomo GSM regarding Recharge

Hello Sir, Greetings.   I am Heena Chauhan using Tata Docomo GSM Prepaid Service since last 2 years my number is  8149-431-856, this is for the first time I am facing this issue please have a look and try to resolve it . I recharge every month nearby 900 RS.

Shop Online in India on Allmemoirs for Personalized Shopping

I just can't wait to write about my useful shopping experience with I love to wear traditional sarees with embossed design or paintings. I was looking for some online shopping store in India where I can buy some sarees. Its a quite time taking process to search for such sarees on

100 best buy

i ordered a phone through 100 best buy online they send me a ifelix watch one pair after that there is no call from them .I paid Rs.950 to the courier boy. I want proper reply

I had purchased a cover for mobile through ebay.inon 17/02/2014, which was deffective. When informed the seller, he promised to exchange but nothing done till now. Please find the communication below which is self explainatory

I had ordered 2 litre Induction base cooker on 14th Feb 2014 online from kitchen1

Sir,  I purchased a KOUTONS SHIRTS OF 5 for Rs:1098(INR)

My outgoing call has been debarred by TATA DOCOMO

Dear Sir, This is sanjay kumar from karad,satara dist. I am a post paid user of Tata Docomo Mobile no. 8983065566 with UNLIMITED plan of RS.1299/- since last 6 to 8 months. Recently 8 days ago my mobile no. had been barred by TATA DOCOMO CO. while enquiring it is came to know that

tell me soon

Sir,      Most humbly I want to say u, few months before one englishman called me and said to me u have won two crore thirty five lakhs indian rupees and also a chevrolet car . now these days he is saying my DD is in the RBI new delhi..And he is saying me eight thousand

transfer account in RBI


Wrong Product delivered

Please do not trust any kind of commitment and shown product. They do not check it or follow any quality monitoring. They send inferior product and then send it back in as it is condition with all company logos and proper packing which is not possible after opening product.In case someone w


Dear Sir, I have online shoping on 20.02.2014 my ref No. 29155434 100bestbuy for Rs 1190 but still not deliver me my on line shoping 5 shirts. i have many time call him but all time his phone is busy so what can i do.  

Memory Card Mobile -

Hello Sir & Madam   I ordered a Transcend Memory Card 32 GB Class 10 Micro SD from Deja dated on 24 feb 2014, but still today i am not getting the shippment details from this merchant of my product. Kindly do any steps r

Open Fraud by HDFC to their customers

Hi,   My name is Lokesh Rai , I work in a call center based in DELHI NCR and hold a salary a/c in HDFC since 31st JAN 2013 whilst I opened the a/c with HDFC the banking advisors ,they never asked me to fill my a/c form myself instead they took my signature on the form and nev


Dear All,Two Years Ago I never have thought that I would be needing this kind of forum nor Did I Have the slightest Idea that I would be Ashamed to tell everyone that I am also Banking with HDFC.As it was the First card t

deliver my order is not responding or very late

respected sir,    i'm online order in at 7th feb 2014 and there is delivery time 10-12 days ( but not show on website) m daily mail to ebay after 12 days than i know delivery time 10-12 days, but today is 1 month 6 days but my product is not delivery ebay as me my p

IVR messages tells something else about special recharge and in real its different.

Hi, This is Ravi Alok, customer of Tata Docomo service (Sim No. 7207428668). yesterday I have recharged a special recharge of rs 24.oo as per the current IVR message this plan is applicable to local as well STD tata to tata. When i am using this to call tata std mobile then this plan is n

Enjoy the Super Sale ... Dog Sweaters at Posh Puppy Boutique

Warm up your self and your dog too, with exciting sale on dog sweaters - now at exciting low sale prices! Take advantage before the stock gets over! It might sound silly to some but your pet also requires clothing durin

Complaint for branch manager

Ac No:30718980004 NRE AC,Kattumannar Koil br. Dear sir, It is regretted to inform you that,your bank is rejected my valud signed cheque this morning without any reasons.As my father went to the ban

Daylight Robbery by Shiftthougt (Super Saver)

Case of Fraud and harassment by Canon India

Dear Sir, My name is Charanjeet Singh, Resident of Plot no -32, Navyug block, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi -110018 On 4th March 2014, i registered a complaint pertaining to the printing issue in my Canon Printer MG 4270, Serial Number: LSFA 01389, which i bought on 3rd March 2014 from a shop at Neh - A Fraud online shopping site


I had joined for SAP ABAP in JUNE 2013 at GENOAVATE IN LOWER PAREL(MUMBAI). I completed course in 1month, but still have not been placed. There r lots of students who had ben not given chance of placement from 6-7 months. Thier placement stratergy is very weak. They send around 40-50 students( 6- (Order No.8558920) - Price charged more than actual MRP of the product.

I have submitted an order at for a product through my order No.8558920  (namely Sparx Floaters - Olive SS416 - Size 9) for which MRP Rs.1098.00 was showing on website.  I have received the product on 12.03.2014 ((Invoice No.846497/DL/0000600/2013-2014 dated 10.03.2014) i

100BESTBUY.COM cheating

I order a product through Ref No: 28905621, they failed to deliver the product as mentioned, when I contact customer care said that the Item is out of stock and will be delivered within 2 days but, it could not happen. The worst thing is, when you call to the its customer c

Cheated at

I bought a Tarrington House Snap Lock Food Storage Containers (Set of 3), which stated: PAY ELSEWHERE: ₹1,899. YOU SAVE: ₹1,400 (74%). PAY: ₹499. Link: My Order #100

100 Best

I had placed an order for 05 Formal Kouton shirts from an online portal . The result was that I received 02 good quality shirts and 03 sub-standard absolutely unfit for practical use. Shirt size as specified by self was 42, however the order seems to have been processed as

Rediff Shopping Deliver Damage Product

  Dear Sir I have purched one " Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 Flip Cover Case with Free Screen Guard (White)" Order No. 9241086 which is delivered by 28 Feb 2014 at evening 7:30pm (apporx). Unfortunatioly i found it was damage at up




Dear Sir,   I have purchased XOLO Q1000 OPUS mobile through SNAPDEAL and same return to them but they are not refunded my money yet please note i have follow with them before week , i have lost my energy and time, requesting you please take strict action on them.My order numb

I feel cheated buy 100bestbuy contest offer and deal with them

Sir, I since November 30 -2013 this company make me fool. I participate a contest and paid a sum of amount Rs. 695 for subscibersheep  and 6595   for mobile phone contest. They send me offer e-mail. I never saw result declared by them on website. They sent me a t

Money not Refunded by

Dear Sir, I have register on last year for Samsung Galaxy bid of Rs. 599. As per details if not selected for bid full money will  refund to user. Now after one year they told th

Worst experience with Yepme

Sachin Kumar B I ordered for 2 shoes and the product got delivered to me as per the agreed time frame, 1 need to exchange the 2nd item as I have a size issue and the model doesn’t look like what I had ordered, I selected an alternate for a lesser value, now YEPME is not r

One day offer items alone not been shipped due to invalid address while there has been other 2 shipment sent successfully with same address

Ordered 3 items and order total as Rs.573 at 13-Feb-2014. In that they have provided a one day offer for "Drawing Books with Rs.1/-". So i have ordered 1 book. And they have given the maximum delivery date as "23rd Feb 2014". But i have received 2nd item on 25th Feb. After when i called for the r


Sir, 1.     Please refer your letter No JC375289N/SP/NER/T-10/OROP dated 26 Aug 2013 addresses to SBI Punchkula. 2.     Corrigendum PPO in respect of JC-375289n Nb Sub Mohan Singh issued vide your letter quoted above, has not been adjusted b is really Fraud Online Shopping Site – I order vide order no. 13780562   Combo Pack of 3 Koutons Straight fit Trousers Pack of 3 (Assorted Color) on 16 Feb 2013 and it’s delivered the wrong part on 06-03-2014 , after receiving wrong p

reliance DTH TV service

reliance dth services are worst.they are bad at customer services and customercare.they took high amount of money for poor quality.many distrubances  while watching

100 bestbuy-Euroline black electrical barbeque

I have ordered a Euroline Black Electrical Barbeque - Order ID 13660812 for Rs 1455 on 26th Jan 2014. Initially I got a mail on 12th February 2014 that the order is cancelled. I wrote to them that I had not cancelled the order and then I received a mail on 12th February 2014 that the order is bei



poor quality mobile from snapdeal

sir, Recently i had purchased a micromax X336 mobile ,order no. 1517722218, for Rs 2699  through snapdeal but found it was not in a  proper working condition. The bluedart courier service refused to send back this product.i feel cheated by snapdeal.I would like to get a refund f


I have payed (1685.4/- & 505.62/-) Date-26/12/2013 in ROZGAR .COM. They were assure  to me that they will give me a job. but nobody respons me & no job. so I want return my money  as soon as possible.     Thank you BILTU RAJAK 98

Bad Service of Flipkart

Booked XPERIA C on 4th March, the standard delivery mentioned 6th but still the product not yet shipped. From 5th to 8th the same status is showing that "the order is packed and ready to be shipped." Issue not resolved after calling the customer care. In case of COD, we can expert some dela

Dear Sir I have ordered a Flip cover for my phone On date 12-1-14 at via wikikart. My order number is 0403-2835701-8829955.After being contacted again & again there is no respone from shopper.Still no conformation about the delivery.

Purchse a watch refund the money

my ref no 28992070  RECEVIED ON 12 /2/2014 iwill pay rs 918  cod then ireturen the parcei 16/2/2014 by tracking no Z14413538 by dtdc couriur company was recevied the parcel on 19/2/2014 at 2030 pm isend the mail 21st feb  and 1st march 2014 itold the comany refund my money 918

Asus Vivobook f202e ct148

I ordered a laptop from Deja-Vu trends on 31st of Jan. Before that i spoke to one of their customer care executives (ROHAN) regarding the delivery. I was assured to deliver the product in 5-6 days. After 5 days when i checked my status is was showing processing. After speaking to their re

Cheated by

Hello Team, I have made a purchase of mobile battery from which was delivered to me on 9th Feb 2014. On receiving i found that the battery was not NEW but in USED state. I raised the return request with the very same day but till date even after doing regular f

not yet recieved the product / bagittoday

I purchased from Bagittoday on feb12. and as per their ad I should recieve the order in 5 working days. but I didn't.. I  recieved one call from bagittoday but the line was not clear. and I send a mail on 17th feb regarding this ..and I got reply on 21st feb that i should get it in 4-5days..

I want to file Police Complaint Against for froud

Dear Indian Consumer Complaints Board, I would like to file police complaint against the internet froud made by Please inform me how could i process the filing of complaint against such a froud websites. How could we seal their business and put them behind the bars? what a



Tata docomo online recharge cheating.

Hi Sir, This is Siva kumar from Andhra pradesh (Hyderabad) having docomo mobile No. 8712927252. I have seen and recharged 86 Rs plan in tata docomo online recharge website today (around 10 AM on 06-03-2014). It is showing "Local mobile calls @ 1p/ 2secs. STD mobile calls @ 1p/ 2secs cheat online shopping

Nov 2013 paidRs600/- for varun brand pressure cooker,company did not supply and after many calls issued a voucher for Rs.600/-. Feb 2014 using voucher plus Rs.149/- I ordered a pair of shoes from them. They promised to deliver on 25th February 14. They gave tracking no. Which was not validated by r

Non Delivery of Book from

I have ordered a Maths Book on 18 Jan 2014 from online showing availlable on 18 jan 2014 .I have paid from Netbanking, I didnot got my ordered book, ordered for my son who is going to write exam of 9nth standard starting from 10.03.2014.Sir, my son has b

Greens Technologies training center

Friends please, please, please don’t go greens technologies(they are doing fascist job ). yesterday i attended demo class in greens technologies. that time my course sql DBA trainer is not come. so they are voluntarily suggested to attend the SQL and pl/sql demo class . i asked some questio

Samsung mobile

Dear sir......            plz some help me..........i surfing last one week  i was purchase Samsung galaxy grand 1-1-2014 now date 6-3-2014 but issue is still not accessories hand set not working properly i had g

Snapdeal has delivered poor quality product

Order ID 1665004030complaint number 4997250unusable poor quality product delivered.request for refund has been accepted by SnapDeal and intimated about reverse pickup, however there is no pickup arranged and no response to followup emails.

Mismatch of Subject in the admit card of UP Board High School Examination-2014

Sir, With refrence to the above mentioned subject i want to draw your attention. I had filled registration form form the UP Board High School Examination-2014 with one of the subject as MATHEMATICS, but unfortunately in my admit card there is HOME SCIENCE printed.......... Please tell me sir what

60 days salary not given .

I have worked this company for the last 4 months,  and they didn't pay me my salary for the last two months and the Chairman Name : Shivashanker annaiah. the worst cheep person that i have seen in my life, refused to pay my SALARY.Shivashamkar and Gayathri this are owner of Prakruthi Technol

Product Not Received Yet & Not even Refund the credited amount

Sir,  I had been booked sandels  on 27.01.14 , till now its not received me,the order confirmation from the concern is attached herewith for the verification.     Dear 

uninor mobile +919122211912

Der     Sir          plese give me outgoing & incoming call detail of my mobil no-+919122211912 dated 15/01/2014          to 05/03/2014 of avobe no of uninor mobile.        such no

Goods not received while payment has been done

My name is Rohit. i have made an order on on 01-02-2014 and my order no. is 10342. its been more than a month that i have not received my product as yet. i have made numerous mails to the sellkart team but got no reply from their side. kindly register my comlaint and see that such we

Fraud by Property Guru Noida

The company has asked me to invest inpre-launch property and promised handsome returns on investment. I haveinvested Rs 5 lakh with them and paid the money through cheque in Apr 2013.They have not issued any receipt making excuses. After seeing for few monthsthat nothing i

100BESTBUY.COM cheating

I order a product through Ref No: 29128715, they failed to deliver the product as mentioned, when I contact customer care said that the Item is out of stock and will be delivered within 3 day tut, it could not happen. Finally I requested to cancel my order and return the money Rs.

Thanking SAP Minds for getting me placed

Hi All. My self shilpa BE graduate from bangalore. I joined SAP Minds in 2013 December for SAP Bi, i had no hopes since i was jobless from 2012, this organization gave me break with there quality way of training and made me to get placed in Digital GlobalSoft Ltd. I liked the way we st

Order No.29268045 of the customer care promised me that they will send the replacement card od bluedart courier for reverse pick up incase if i dont like the product i can send back the product from any of bluedart courier which is nearby to my locality but i have not received the

No product received and refund not done since 20 days

I bought valentine day offer on the 26 of january from of 2944 and paid extra 380 on 12feb. as they asked for it. however the half of the parcel was not delivered and rest of the parcel received on 17th feb which was of no use. when asked refund from the very same day

sony xperia m dual purple/deja vu trends


Samsung Trend S7392 online product physical damage.

I booked Samsung trend on 28th feb 2014 and received on 1st march 2014 evening. When I tried to put my sim it was not detecting sim card 1 slot. I called to customer care by night itself. They promised to call back but did not turn up. And I called them. They asked me to contact near by service c

gold loan statement

R/Sir, I am take a gold loan my loan a/c no. 1433150512B00002, GL Index no. 786435 of amount Rs. 75200 on dt. 15-05-2012. I require of Interest statment for ITR. I am many time go to Hisar Jindal Chowk branch of Interest details but he is not provid


product not delivered in time & also not refunding the amount

I ordered Canvas Doodle 2 A240 for Rs. 12,271/- vide Order Number 100005262 (SKU: Canvas Doodle 2 A240), dated 21-01-2014 and did not received the product after completion of 1 week and on making the call they told that the product is not available and I asked for refund of the money.  Till& - contest - cheating

Dear Sir   I wish to state the following information about   I created my profile for a contest in this site during the month of January and paid Rs.699/- for participating in that contest. But while registering I have misspelled my mobile

Complaint against 100Bestbuy

I have the amount of Rs.8598 as credits in 100Bestbuy account. But they are not allowing me to use the credit  amount. I complained them several times. When I complained them, the following was their reply: 

Damden Solarium

  I am a customer of Damden Solarium, Mysore. I am surprised by an article inserted by a person called as Akshata Suvarna. In fact I have called Mr. Dennis, (one of the Promoter of Damden Properties) a known friend for the last 20 years. There is no one called Akshat Suvarna

Cheating in Free Gifts

Hi I purchased mobile from same shop and they providedme free gifts with every purchase and when i checked that gift i knew that they are defected s o went to that shop again and ask him to change so they told that it is free gift and we are not responsible for that. when i told him atlea

ShopClues Is Cheating Refund - - Madurai - Valli Gunabalan

Hello , I ordered a  Sky Insomnia Dual sim calling Android tablet+leather cover and extra 2 batteries for my cart from (ShopClues order #9627485 & order date-23 Dec 2013). When it arrived on Jan 2,2014, I came to know that it was wrong color & missing ac


Dear sir, plz tell me my uninor no incoming and outgoing. Call list due. To 15/2/2014 to 2/3/2014


Dear sir, plz tell me my uninor no incoming and outgoing. Call list due. To 15/2/2014 to 2/3/2014

100bestbuy Koutons shirts.

I order a pack of koutons shirts worth rs 999 in the month of Jan 2014 and it’s delivered the wrong shirt of party wear which was against the advertisment shown whci i asked them to replace which  they said will pick up in 15 days but even after a month they are not picking up shirts o


I had placed an order no. 5204515 on 26.01.2014 for an amount of Rs. 685.00. On 29.01.2014 when I phoned YEPME to check up status of my order, I was told that my order has been cancelled since the item for which my order was accepted by


I had placed an order no. 5204515 on 26.01.2014 for an amount of Rs. 685.00. On 29.01.2014 when I phoned YEPME to check up status of my order, I was told that my order has been cancelled since the item for which my order was accepted by

Dejavu Trends is a fraud online retailer

This is a big fraud company. They vanish after order is placed with payment. Phone calls are not responded and office address in Mumbai also looks to be a dummy. I wonder why they have still not vanished in crowd and continue to advertise and take new orders. I had placed my order 100005527 on 22

Worst service - XOLO Ref/ Work order No: 310000234817

Hello - CAN ANYONE HELP ME??? I would like to bring to your notice about a worst post sales service experience with XOLO. I bought a phone 10 months before - XOLO X900 worth Rs. 15000.00. In start of using this product itself i had lots of problem with respect to display; however the same

Fraud seller Faulty Products - Do Not Buy AGAIN

Dear Sir, I had ordered (Order No,: 11278055) a mobile phone (Micromax Make - Model No.- Micromax X351, Price - 1709) on 16 Feb 2014, 08:21 PM and paid Rs 1709 using credit card. This order was shipped via Blue Dart with tracking number 69071006852. I received the product on 20 Feb 2014

GlobleSkyShop has cheated in delivering products

I am utkal Murodiya and got cheated by the executives from Globle Sky Shop company They have cheated me by not refunding 8000 RS/- The executives are smart and will try to convince you to buy combo offer and assure you gua

100 best buy is a very fraud commapny

Hello My name is nikhil thakre . I have purchased shoes from 100 best buy .com and they delivered me worst quality shoes. i have return this shoes and placed request to return my money.but they didnt do it after a lot telephonic conversation with customer support execative they deposited

100bestbuy26/902 C1,SREEPURI apartments,K. R. Panicker Road Govindapuram P O, Mini byepass road Kozhikode Pin Code: 673016 Phone: 9400912088

I had ordered for a combo of Lee and wrangler jeans for Rs1966 which was paid with credit card on 29th dec 2013. But we received wrong product which is Allen solly jeans Jan 8th 2014. So we returned the same to the address through The professional couriers Calicut mentioned on 10-1-14

100 Best


Cash Back offer Status.

Hi, I Rakesh Sharma, resident of Jaipur ( Rajasthan) brought samsung glaxy duos phone from Mangalam Samsung Store ( Gupta International Building, M.I. Road, Jaipur.) in 0% Down payment interest scheme. I opted for 12 EMI from ICICI Bank credit card.  I have not recieved the c


I place a order in ,my order no is 100009821  i place this order 10 days before ,still now they are send the product i call to customer care and raise query regarding this but no proper response for me,this site is cheating the customer in site they put

Online purchase from

I Particapate in Apple Iphone5 online contest from this website 2year back with 1000rs.After that they credited 1000 point in my account in website. They have not display any Contest result.  I purchase mobile from this website worth of 2027 by using credit point of 1000 and paid 102


i want to the call details this number 7870151098 out going call incmng call & sms details 15.02.14 to 26.02.14 pls send me my email

iciciltd bonds

i am the bond holder no 07708-429 vide certificate no 3490 having no of bonds 01 (one) in the name of love bhatia it seems to that the maturity of this bond is on 28/02/2011 but i m not in recipt of the payment till date so u r requested to pls let me know the foralities to get the maturity payme

Parcel - Abstraction of contents

I have sent the parcel sealed with stiched white cloth from Bangalore to Dehradun on 18/01/2014. When received at Dehradun the parcel box was tampered, the stiched cloth was cut and pasted with sallow tapes. The content that were missing from the box are 2 Sarris, one T-Shirt and sphatik shivling

samsung mobiles

hi my self sidhesh hule, i bought samsung trend 7392 ime=no=358870052986134  ,purchase new samsung on 25 december 2013 after 10 days facing much problem with my phone i visit service center orbit bapunagar ahmedabad,,,they told me that they have to replace the mother board,,,as i told them t

100bestbuy ==>

Dear All, This is lakshmikanth from chennai.My reference no is : 28210180 I have Ordered Koutouns full sleeve shirt 5 Pack for Rs 1000 (described in picture) on Dec 20 - 2013 but received half sleeve with various brand shirts all unusable shirts (not even one shirt could be used)

Backup and synchronize files and folders for free with FreeFileSync

FreeFileSync's strength is in how easy it is to setup a backup task that synchronizes your private files and folders from a local hard drive to your backup medium. First you select left and right directories, one source, the other target, then press the compare button. FreeFileSync will show an e


It was purchased " Victor 2.4 Rotating Screen 12 Mega Pixel Camcorder VC-09 with Samsung Grand contest coupon " for Rs.3999.00 on 13th feb 2014 and its reference No.29062986 / Order No.13764177,but yesterday i received watch on same reference no which i didn't order/like.Some thi

Dear Concern, I want to complain against the fraudulent services of the online shopping portal I had placed my order on 11th of Feb with ref. no.29032213 and i was assured that the product will be delivered to me within the same week but now its been 15 days &

Reliance BIG TV dth recharge complaint

I had a connection with Reliance DTH for the past 3 years. This year i had go for TATA sky and i had not paid for Reliance DTH. Today one person from Coimbatore and sound like a Gunda. He told that if i had not paid monthly dues within Tomorrow the Reliance set top box will be taken back by them.

Micromax Canvas Magnus a 117 ( Blue colour ) / Snapdeal

I have got a mobile of Micromax Canvas Magnus a 117 ( Blue colour ) mobile from Snapdeal under order no. : 1709651752, but there's a typing problem. I am not able to type word " R ". I have already addressed the above problem to Snapdeal but no action seems to be taken on it. They have simply reg

defective product

product got to me by best buy company are very much defective and they are cheater and cheats people this way i had loss of rupees 1108  

New Honda city launched with a manufacturing Fault...!!

I have bought a new honda city on 22-1-2014. it is the top most model. after 20 days i got a problem in my honda car steering  when i was driving it on highway. I contacted my honda car dealer and send my car to its service ce


wrong product delivery from

: Dear Manjesh Kumar,To confirm the order please give misscall to 080 67730110 For more details please check SMS sent to your phone andif already Confirmed please ign

I have ordered of 6 Items on on 14 Feb 2014. items name is Koutons shirt of 5 sets -1 No Koutons paint set of 3 -1 No Rio Black Watch- 1 No Sun Glass- 1 No Kouton Jeans- 1no 1 Men trouser- 1 No I gave payment through O

100best is a cheat

Dear Sir, My Order no. is 29084605 &  Tracking Number is 59310778886  I had place a order for 5 kouton shirt But i have not received Kouton shirt but sub standard & 3rd class shirts, i request to please refun

SNAPDEAL Harassment for return money 6033

SNAPDEAL has sent me the wrong product and i have asked for return of the money they have been harassing me from last 7 days.1)They asked for pictures and i sent them.2)They asked for some Currier number and given to them3)Now they are saying that their technical team needs to check and con

tata docomo 3g service

i have activated tata docomo 3g inter net package of 153 rs.but when i connect it will  not connect until i switch off and on my mobile and if it connected then it will disconnect after some time if compalin about it the company says it regular procedure if their service that it will disconn

sterling Teek tree fraud

Hai,    Iam Arunachalam,in 1992 i join the scheme of sterling teek tree .I had paid the amount of Rs.975.00/tree,the scheme has been expired in2012, but i haven't get any response from the company, please send any information about this and take any action about this com

samsung galaxy

ihave participated in contest in of last month by samsung galaxy and also somedays later ihave  got courier and also have cod but ihave not got phone for 100bestbuy custamer

Damden Solarium Mysore has no legal approval

We have booked a flat on 19th August by paying 2 Lakh rupees and 50,000 wire transfer in the below location residential apartments [4 building of 7 stories each] being constructed by "Damden Properties" which is named as _"DamdenSolarium" _ on the Plot #36 and 37 situated at Hebbal industr

Snap deal

My order No 1229908861. This has reference to the above mentioned order, the refund against the above order against which all the bedsheets were returned has not been received till date. although I have written numerable no of times. The products had been returned o

TATA DOCOMO Network problem

Sir, Last night automatically network from my phone disappeared. My cell is reading the sim card Bbut there is no network . And its one whole day that there is no network in my cell phone. I went other places also but there also no network is coming. Please help as soon as possible.

Samsung Service Centre Damaged My Phone

I had visited Tagore Garden Service Centre( Meher Communications) in first week of Nov. regarding my phone having charging problem. the charging problem was resolved after that i started having wifi and bluetooth problems i visited the service center again on 20th dec where they updated my

purchase issue

i am registered customer ur firm( 100bestbuy) .i have got credit points but couldnot purchase anything. for help i call 3 times ur helpdesk but not resolved my issue.pls help me for my purchasing my mobile no is 0786019408 my email id -

TSG Breeze printed cotton t-shirts combo of 3 with a scarf order num 1658519884 - 2236356840

I had purchased above product from snapdeal. I did not like the product and sent them an email for cancellation on 11th feb 2014 when it was under money back gurantee. They did not respond to my email and stated that now gurantee does not apply.  They had problems with the vendor so


There is person name VIKRAM SINGH alias (VIKRAM ATAR SINGH) who claims to offer maids services. His adhar card number is xxxx xxxx 4820, having bank saving account in SBI, WANOWRIE account number is xxxxxxx1930 and his PAN number is xxxxxx067L. He has got multipl

Snapdeal Product Not ReceivedProduct Not Received

I have placed a bulk order for purchase of sarees at no cost on 12.02.2014, offer given by snapdeal. My order was placed they confirmed me by mail but till date i have not receivede my product, now snapdeal says my order was not placed due to their technical fault and the order will be cancelled.



Mobile marketing within San Diego, Ca

Right after the launch of the original iPhone and now the iPad, the internet has shifted from the desk top Personal computers and Mac pcs to a totally new group of products: the mobile phones. In the so called post PC era a great deal of the net traffic is created by the cell phones. The big issue i


Respected            Sir, I know my call details of my no.- 8924827365 My email id - please mail me soon thanking YOU

My complaint is against  They provide work at home jobs. On website or on a telephonic conversation with (91- 8285186791) Sidhartha, he never said that first you type the content, then send to the given email-id nor any such information is given on the website too. H

fraud practice of cheating by

This is complete fraud & unethical way to run this website where you lure people to buy attractive product via lottery. I have invested Rs.599 in similar scheme & now that money has gone. Earlier I was told that I can buy product worth Rs.599 (will get credit points) from website

I did not get refund money by

Recharge is not successfull

I  have recharged through SBI OXIPAY Netbanking on 20/02/2014 for Reliance GSM Topup Recharge on mobile number  9590470490  

Beware of Imperium Technology Solutions fake company

samsung mobile gt s7392

my samsung mobile not working,searivce center not responce for one week my phone is full warrenty,searivce center dindigul jeeve  times and mobiles no responce for my mobile searivce

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---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Bhanu Srivastava Date: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 11:40 AM Subject: Complain To:, Dear Sir/Mam, My self Bhanu Prakash Srivastava. I have so many problems with your team. from A/C depart, Team Leader Mr.Rohit and t

Purchase of Trees - No Return received

I am registered as nominee in respect of investment made by my father, Late Mr.Narayandas Chanamal Batra under Child Millionaire Teakquity Plan in Sterling Tree Magnum (India) Ltd. The Investment of Rs. 20,000 is as per details in Certificate No. is M306 for 16 Trees on 30th April, 199


I had mailed many times to listen@tatadocomo,,but no use,i am really feb up of this company.This issue is wrong activation of number ,To whom so ever It may concern to, I am writing with frustration and disappointment . I

The necessity to realize the each corpus form

The service of 3ColoursRule. com is established in The United Kingdom as well as is considered to be a design consultant company for specially females. They comprehend that discovering a girl corpus structures is truly extremely critical. Each time woman understands her corpus format she have the ab

Select your own style by body shape

The business of 3 Colours Rule is primarily based in The London area and furthermore definitely is a design consultancy company meant for specifically all women. They focus on the signification of woman corpus shape. Being familiar with her body form lets her comprehend the designs which match her m

Frauds being done by online portal - 100bestbuy

I applied for 100bestbuy online shopping contest Galaxy Note Lucky Draw as per their advertisement on internet. Contest was to pay Rs 399/- for said lucky draw and either you win or money will be refunded back. The amount was debited from my credit card account on 05/10/2012. After t


i booked a product (Nokia Lumia 525) order no:100008489 from on 12/02/2014. they said it will take 4-5days for shipment but i didnot receive the item till today i.e,19/02/2014 and now when i called them, they said it will take more 3-4days. and the worst customer care experience

for winning parcel ( two crore thirty five lakhs & one chevrolet car )

Sir,      Most humbly I want to say u, few months before one englishman called me and said to me u have won two crore thirty five lakhs indian rupees and also a chevrolet car . now these days he is saying my DD is in the RBI new delhi..And he is saying me eight thousan



Vodafone - Deficiency, lack of transparency and dishonesty in service As I am not satisfied with the Reply received from the Nodal officer, I would like

Intex FM, IT-188 Suf not working

I have Intex FM, IT-188 SUF, after 3 month i got my FM back from Service center but still it's not working. when i call to customer care they told me to go back in service center. i am tired from Intex Products this one is my last intex product that i ahve purchased, in the future i will not purc


I had Bought INTEX AQUA i7 in August 2013. Whenever i play music it keeps on hanging again and again .i had also visited the intex service center for the complain of the mobile handset. they took one month to repair the product .After the reparing or Replacement of the product i am facing the sam

use of account

sir i had created account on 100 but now i had changed my mobile no. 9419883654 to 8826054497. due to this i m unable to use my account. in this account i have Rs. 444. my email id is .   i request u that due

Haryana Gramin Bank Rohtak FDs - Improperly Disimbursed

Dear Sir / Madam,1) My mother Mrs Rajrani w/o Late Sh Dilbagh Singh r/o DLF Colony, Rohtak, Haryana, unfortunately expired in Sep 2011 leaving behind one son and two daughters. 2) She held 2 Fixed Deposit FDs i) FD no. 80563100049031 of Rs 2,42,684/- (before maturity amount) ii) FD no. 31049

Indiatimes shoping : Defective mobile is not being replaced

Hi, I ordered Micromax mobile X264 by using Indiatimes shopping website. I received product on time but mobile camera was defective. So as per customer care I visi


sir, i try to purchase an item from shop hunk through timesOfMoney.but my item didnt get booked. and my amount got debited. pls do the needful urgently.the information i got that am giving below     A Database Error Occurred

Dear Sir. I have recently booked 2 pairs of Rayban sunglasses from this sight on 13 Feb 14 vide order number KA/249428/6B84NZLU. Although the payment has been made, I have still not recieved the order and the customer care service is not responding when I try call their number 0120-483500

Product not shipped-Deja-Vu Trends

Hi,   I had ordered a mobile handset - Samsung Sduos 2 on 20 th jan 2014 by DEJA vu TRENDS. But till date I have not recievd my product. Customer care does'nt take the call. they have a ticket raise system which is of no use. I raised the ticket they close it always by sayinh



Refund: Forgery and Embezzlement of Funds

I would like to draw your attention towards this matter of concern that I have paid two separate amounts of Rs. 3999/- and Rs. 8999/- respectively from my Axis Bank Visa Debit Card on 25th of January, 2014 in 100bestbuy contest named Samsung Galaxy Grand with free Victor Camcorder 100%

Ventura Securities - Share Trading account

        I, P.Reenaa w/o M.Prawin, aged 37, residing in Chennai, Opened an demat account at Ventura securities, and i was asked to deposit Rs100000/- to get the benefits of low brokerage, multibagger tips, and they had various schemes to expliod peoples hard earned money. I

Online Shopping business portals

Hello,. Sir / Madam,.     I, M.Prawin, age 38, doing online business as, at 32/4, Konnur High Road, Ayanavaram, Chennai- 600023, Tamil nadu – India, registered as a merchant at i sold around 15 products through their website, customers who p

Voltas AC complaint

Wate is flowing from Split AC inner unit.  This is a persistant problem right from the day one. I have purchased this AC 1 Ton AC two years back from coimbatore dealer.......

Hanging problem with Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082

I have bought a Samsung galaxy grand duos i9082(IMEI No. 355886050158131) on 27th April 2013 from Sachin Electronics E-31 , Milap Nagar , Uttam Nagar, New delhi-110059 .Within the period of 10 months i had to visit the service center 2times for various problem and to

Shocking experience; wrong information provided by flipkart (Moto g launch day combo offer)

To start with I am not at all a happy customer of Flipkart. I ordered Moto g on 6th feb 2014 (launch day) at around 12:44 PM. There were some launch day offers available with this product and one was regarding 70% discount with related Moto g accessories (back cover/ flip cover). I tri Order number: KA/244514/GAYO7M0Q

I bought a  Galaxy Note III 6 Inch 2 GB RAM from this website

give me on wrong product

i have buy a como of 3 chinos on 100best buy on line company ...he give me a wrong product i have call on a comapny coustomer care num and send a mail but no reply to company pls saport change my product and deliverd me a right product

Refund of Rs. 9,719.00 from 100 Best Buy

My complaint I had placed an order Prestige Tru Edge 6 Pc set (99579) through 100Bestbuy on 24th April 2013, and we have not recd. the item still in-spite of continuous follow up, but still there is no whereabouts of our order which was confirmed by the company on e-mail, phone that it has been dis

Samsung Galaxy Grand problem

I bought Samsung Grand mobile in July 2013. From the outset, the phone's battery has been a problem. The standby time is hardly 20 hours, which is a real concern. I approached Service Center and they claim the battery is designed to be like that. Samsung has recently joined Grand 2, with

Cheating my money by

I ordered  the material more over 2 months. Still am not receiving any material. So kindly revert back my debited amount and 599 samsung scheme status amount revert back to my accountnew ref no:27430796order No is :12809463 fraud online shopping website

I have seen one ad in fa